15 Cheapest Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students 2021

15 Cheapest Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students 2021

15 Cheapest Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students 2021. Developed countries offer cheap or free tuition universities and colleges for international students just like Germany, Norway, Europe, and Saudi Arabia and Canada. Below is the list of the Cheapest Colleges in Ottawa for International Students. kamerpower.com

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, lying on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario. Ottawa borders Gatineau and Quebec cities. As the political and technological center of Canada, with a high standard of living, Ottawa attracts a significant number of international students, as well as tourists and foreign business people. Choose from a wide range of disciplines, at all degree level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.) at top Canadian universities.

15 Cheapest Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students in 2021

Why Should I Study in Canada?

Canada is one of the top destinations for international students from around the globe. It has earned this spot not only because of affordable tuition fees, cultural assimilation, and low overall expenses but also because of the superior quality of education being imparted through Canadian universities.

Below is a list of affordable Colleges in Ottawa for International Students 2021

  • University of Ottawa.
  • Saint Paul University.
  • Telfer School of Management.
  • Dominican University College.
  • Herzing College.
  • Everest University.
  • Carleton University.
  • Algonquin College.
  • Augustine College.
  • Collège La Cité.
  • Algonquin Careers Academy.
  • Ottawa Ladies’ College.
  • Willis College.

15 Cheapest Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students 2021

Which is the cheapest college in Canada for international students?

Looking for a college with competitive tuition fees? Algonquin College should be on your list of cheapest colleges in Canada for international students. Many students from oversea countries budget about $12,000 yearly for tuition and books. However, tuition fee is about $4,527 for a term and $9,054 per year.

Which is the cheapest college in Canada?

Cheapest Undergraduate Degree– Brandon University offers the most affordable undergraduate degree in Canada. It cost approximately $6,000 a year to study there.

Is Ottawa good for international students?

Ottawa is one of the best student-friendly cities of the world, which has a lively and diverse student environment. The city is celebrated for its winter sports, like skiing and skating. If you are looking for jobs in Canada, then Ottawa is the best city in Canada for work.

Best Colleges & Universities in Ottawa for International Students in 2021 | Courses, Fees & Admissions

Generally, education is affordable in Canada not free. Most universities and colleges in Canada charge tuition fees from locals and foreign students.

1. Algonquin College

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of the Affordable Colleges in Ottawa, Canada. It was founded in 1967 as a public university. Algonquin College offers many courses at a very affordable cost. Here are studying about 18,000 students.

2. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is located in Ottawa, Canada. It was founded in 1848. The University of Ottawa is one of the most Cheapest Colleges in Ottawa for International Students who want to study Canada. The school accommodates about 40,712 students. A wide range of affordable courses are available.

3. Saint Paul University

Saint Paul University is a bilingual Catholic Pontifical university federated with the University of Ottawa since 1965. It is located on Main Street in Canada’s capital city: Ottawa, Ontario. Fully bilingual, it offers instruction in the Country both official languages: French and English.

4. Dominican University College

The Dominican University College is a bilingual Roman Catholic university in Ottawa, Ontario. It offers an affordable undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Its strong academic areas are philosophy, history, and theology.

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5. Willis College

The Willis College Ottawa Campus provides employer-led business, technology, and healthcare programs and diplomas. Our centrally located Ottawa college location is perfect for students who want to be in the heart of downtown, while still in a tight-knit career college campus.

6. Carleton University

Carleton University is based in the public sector. It was listed among the best and cheapest colleges in Canada. The university offers more than 65 programs on various topics. Over 26,000 students study here. Carleton University specializes in engineering, business management, and humanities.

7. Collège La Cité

Collège La Cité is the largest French-language college in Ontario. Founded in 1989 in Ottawa (with a satellite campus in Hawkesbury and a business office in Toronto). And also, it offers more than 90 programs to some 5,000 full-time students from Ontario, other parts of Canada, and foreign countries.

8. Telfer School of Management

Telfer School of Management is a business school located at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The school is named in honor of one university alumnus, Ian Telfer, who made a significant donation to the University of Ottawa. It is also known as one of the affordable Colleges in Ottawa for International Students

9. Algonquin Careers Academy

Algonquin Careers Academy is a leading provider of career training diploma, certificate, and continuing education programs in Mississauga and Ottawa, Ontario. Since 1981 Algonquin Careers Academy has been changing lives by providing our students with high quality, industry-specific, career training.

10. Ottawa Ladies’ College

The Ottawa Ladies’ College was a non-denominational Ottawa educational institution founded in 1869 for the purpose of providing quality education to women. The private school operated on First Avenue in The Glebe from 1914 to 1942. The college is one of the Cheapest Colleges in Ottawa for international students. The purpose of the college was the improvement of women’s education. Grade levels were grade 1 to post-secondary. 

11. Herzing College

Herzing College is committed to providing a career-focused, convenient, and caring education that fosters student success both academically and professionally. For our international students, this means that we treat you as part of the Herzing family, and we help you step-by-step in your journey to earn your diploma and realize your career goals.

12. Everest University

Everest University offer hands-on training with professional, qualified instructors in a friendly, welcoming campus environment. They will get you job-ready so you can learn and then earn sooner than you thought possible! Our curriculum is up-to-date, fun and taught in a smaller classroom to optimize your learning experience and ensure you graduate with the confidence to jump into the job market. The college is one of the Cheapest Colleges in Ottawa for International Students.

How much money do I need to study in Canada?

Canada offers educational services at a very affordable rate. However, to study in Canada, you will need between C$20,000 and C$30,000 annually to cover tuition. If you become a beneficiary of a fully-funded scholarship, you will not pay a dime to attend college on Canada. Click the button below to find more scholarship opportunities available for international students.


To conclude, the list provided of affordable Colleges in Ottawa for International Students offers high-quality education covering undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs with affordable tuition. Also, professional degrees such as MBA and Medical doctors are not been left out.

15 Cheapest Best Colleges in Ottawa for International Students 2021

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