20 Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry | Transportation Services Job Description

20 Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry | Transportation Services Job Description

20 Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry | Transportation Services Job Description. A career in transportation can be across many diverse areas. This is so because transportation is a vast industry. It includes transportation of people, goods, and materials from one place to another across land, sea, or air. Kamerpower.com

The transportation sector is packed with a wide range of careers that make the transport industry complete. Some of them are truck drivers, epic roles for water transportation workers, transportation analysts, logistics personnel, inventory managers, supply chain manager, and transportation planner. 

20 Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry | Transportation Services Job Description - Is Transportation Services A Good Career Path

Transportation service is one of the most important parts of the United States economy. Transportation is a very wide-reaching industry, meaning that there are myriad career options. However, the majority of the jobs in this industry require similar traits.

Certification Requirements For A Career In Transportation

  • Marine Transportation: For a specialization in transportation via ship.
  • Engineering: This can send you on the path to any of the engineering jobs. If you want to specialize, you can also do that.
  • Transportation and Materials Moving: If you want to be focused on the logical side of transportation.
  • Physics: This can work for almost any engineering job as well, but also for transportation in general. It all comes down to motion, which is physics.
  • Aeronautics: If you want to be an airplane engineer or aerospace engineer.

20 Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry | Transportation Services Job Description

Is transportation services a good career path?

Yes, transportation services is a good career path. Transportation services are anything involved with the movement of goods or people from one location to another. Transportation is completely necessary to our economy and lives, meaning that demand will stay high. And while vehicles are getting more heavily computerized, there’s no proof that the need for a human operator will disappear any time in the near future.

What Do People Working In Transportation Services Do?

People working in transportation services work to build, maintain, and transport goods and people in an efficient and pleasant way. Transportation services are always in motion. Our economy relies heavily on its success.

What can I do with transport and logistics?

These are the possible careers you could pursue with a degree in transportation and logistics: Analyst, Logistics Engineer, Inventory Manager, Supply-Chain Manager, Consultant, Customer Service, Purchasing Manager, International Logistics Manager.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry?

1. Train Engineer

The “engineer” in train engineer has more to do with the old idea of an engineer, as in, one in charge of an engine. Train engineers pilot trains. Average Annual Salary is $79,000.

2. Airworthiness Safety Inspector

Before an airplane is cleared to take off, it has to be checked for airworthiness. An airworthiness safety inspector makes sure that the plane has been properly maintained, as well as checks the function of the systems. Average Annual Salary is $55,000.

3. Air Traffic Controller

This is one of several positions that ensure the safety of air travel. Air traffic controllers are responsible for keeping track of air traffic and guiding pilots to areas where they won’t collide with another plane. Average Annual Salary is $60,000.

4. Airplane Engineer

Airplane engineers work on the construction of airplanes. They have to be familiar with materials, and aerodynamics, as well as stay up to date with changes in computing and technology. Like all engineering, it’s a very detail-oriented job with a strong emphasis on practicality.

5. Traffic Engineer

A traffic engineer is responsible for making sure that traffic in an area can flow freely. They help determine where new roads should be built and if they need to be built – and decide things such as the interval of traffic lights. As one of the best paying jobs in transportation industry, the Average Annual Salary is 79,000.

6. Transportation Engineer

Also known as a civil engineer, this type of engineering is focused on roadways, bridges, and other structures necessary for the transportation. Transportation engineers need to be familiar with different materials as well as the landscape and climate of the area that they’re planning to build on. Average Annual Salary is $65,000.

7. Helicopter Pilot

A helicopter pilot has to go through intensive flight training and pass a test in order to obtain a license, much like an airplane pilot. Pilots can be expected to fly helicopters to transport passengers or cargo, airlift people to medical facilities, or operate a news chopper. Average Annual Salary is $100,000.

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8. Supply Chain Analyst

This is a heavily mathematical and cerebral position. It requires monitoring the supply chain of an organization. Duties include monitoring the pricing and demand of the supplies in order to get a good price, as well as keeping an eye on the logistical side of supply. Average Annual Salary is $65,000.

9. Aircraft Mechanic

This is a highly skilled position that requires a lot of training. Airplane mechanics troubleshoot and fix airplanes, as well as make sure that they’re fit to fly. This can vary from little crop dusters to commercial airplanes made by Boeing or Airbus. Average Annual Salary is $53,000.

10. Airplane Pilot

As one of the best paying jobs in transportation industry, the pilot is in charge of the plane. In a commercial aircraft, there’s typically a first officer and another pilot – to help with duties and fly the plane, if necessary. Both pilots can transport any number of things, be it passengers, goods, mail, raw materials, or even livestock. Average Annual Salary is $108,000.

11. Deckhand

Most of being a deckhand involve manual labor. But if you like ships and the sea, then it’s a good way to start in either the merchant marine or as a crew member on a yacht. Average Annual Salary is $40,000.

12. Courier

This is a job that has a great deal of variance in pay and hours depending on what type of courier you choose to be. Some deliver food, others legal documents. If you’re licensed and properly trained, couriers will even move valuables, such as gems or other precious items. Average Annual Salary is $36,000.

13. Bus Driver

Bus drivers are an important part of the economy and transportation system. This can range from driving a long-distance bus, such as a Greyhound, to one that’s chartered, to a city bus or even a school bus. All bus drivers must be licensed to drive one as well as have a safe driving record. Average Annual Salary is $37,000.

14. Marine Underwriter

If you like numbers, this could be a job for you. Marine underwriters work for insurance companies, looking into insuring ships and boats. There are many types of underwriters, depending on what type of insurance the company offers, all of which calculate risk and decide how much to charge for insurance. Average Annual Salary is $54,000.

15. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are trained professionals that are responsible for passenger safety and compliance on an airplane. They have to be familiar with safety regulations and protocols, as well as the proper response in an emergency. Average Annual Salary is $30,000.

16. Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers, also known as cab drivers or cabbies, operate a vehicle with the purpose of ferrying passengers. Drivers have to have a good driving record, as well as be properly licensed to drive a cab. Pay is strictly based on how many customers you get, meaning that looking for fairs isn’t an insignificant part of the job. Average Annual Salary is $33,000.

17. Logistics Associate

Logistics Associate is also one of the best paying jobs in transportation industry. Someone working in logistics is responsible for dealing with goods going in and out of an area, such as a warehouse. They deal with deliveries, the storage of goods, as well as inspection to make sure that what was received was correct. Average Annual Salary is $35,000.

18. Subway Train Operator

A subway train operator drives a subway train. It’s similar to being a bus driver in the sense that you drive the same route daily, transporting passengers to where they need to go. It has an average annual salary of $39,000.

19. Car Detailer

They have to be familiar with different types of cleaning solutions, so they know what to use on the different parts of the car. It doesn’t require special education, and the vast majority include on-the-job training. They also get tips. Average Annual Salary is $26,000.

20. Commercial Airplane Pilot

These are professional pilots flying commercial planes from one destination to another. Their job is to ensure that the cargo or the passengers are safe and control the aircraft and the passengers. It is also important to note that all airline pilots are commercial pilots. However, not all commercial pilots are airline pilots.

21. Dispatcher

A dispatcher’s responsibilities involve getting goods or passengers from one place to another through coordination. In addition, they act as a liaison between different people and departments.

20 Best Paying Jobs In Transportation Industry | Transportation Services Job Description

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