20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023 | Easiest high paying jobs With Examples

20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023 | Easiest high paying jobs With Examples

20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023 | With Examples. Finding easy jobs that pay well is a common goal when it comes to career aspirations. an easy job is one that is reasonably low-stress and that many people find fun. That can make the work feel manageable and enjoyable. kamerpower.com

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Choosing a career path is a complicated decision that affects the rest of your life. Most people want a position that isn’t extremely difficult but still brings in a high salary.

Top 20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023 | With Examples

What are the Highest Paying Easy Jobs?

  • Personal Shopper Jobs
  • Insurance Specialist Jobs
  • Personal Trainer Jobs.
  • Massage Therapist Jobs
  • Librarian Jobs
  • Loan Officer Jobs
  • Respiratory Therapist Jobs
  • Voice Actor Jobs.
  • Freelance Photographer Jobs.
  • Food Writer Jobs.
  • Fashion Designer Jobs
  • Graphic Designer Jobs
  • Flight Attendant Jobs
  • Electrician Jobs.

If you’re beginning in your career or making a change in fields, it’s helpful to know which opportunities offer the greatest earning potential. While your income will likely increase throughout your career, starting with a good-paying job is an ideal place to begin.

The best way to discover easy, high-paying jobs that might be right for you is to focus on your strongest interests, and things you are passionate about. Remember that your definition of “easy” may differ greatly from others. There is really no such thing as an objectively easy job.”Easy” depends on each person’s preferences and experiences. For one person, the easiest job may involve few responsibilities, whereas, for another person, it may involve many important tasks and activities.

20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023 | Easiest high paying jobs With Examples

Is there a job that pays you to do nothing?

No, there isn’t a job that pays you to do nothing. Even jobs classified as “unskilled labor” require employees to perform tasks and have specific skills.

Which engineering jobs are the easiest?

The easiest engineering jobs are the ones that come naturally to you. However, civil engineering or environmental engineering may be easier than other related fields regarding education and the complexity of tasks.

What is the easiest most paid job?

Optometrist, Flight Attendant, Dog Walker, Toll Booth Attendant, Massage Therapist, House Sitter, Personal Trainer, Librarian.

Best Easiest Jobs That Pays Well: 20 Easiest high paying jobs

1. Personal trainer – Average Annual Salary: $38,000

Assisting someone in the strenuous journey towards improving their health and fitness is a gift that continues to serve them for years. A personal trainer gets to know their clients and their physical abilities and devises a personalized plan for fitness success. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma, but earning a higher degree in a related study helps earn a higher paycheck. 

2. Graphic designer – Average Annual Salary: $45,000

Graphic design is an excellent job for people passionate about creative endeavors but want this skill to be practical in a professional context. They design the media and graphics for various products and industries. The field of graphic design requires more provable skills rather than educational qualifications. Usually, a strong portfolio and experience with designing software are much preferred to a candidate with an extensive academic profile.

3. Radiologic Technologist – Median yearly pay: $74,880

To be sure, taking medical x-rays for a living requires a specialized set of skills, an understanding of human anatomy, and a willingness to follow essential safety protocols. However, once trained and experienced, many radiologic techs develop confidence and a sense of mastery that make their workdays feel relatively easy and satisfying.

4. House Sitter – $25,944 a year

If you’re looking for easy high paying jobs, don’t discount house sitter. Your main responsibility is simply to be present, ensuring a home doesn’t sit empty.

5. Manager trainee – National average salary: $46,051 per year

A management trainee follows a manager, supervisor or executive to learn about their daily duties and activities. Those in this role are training with this advanced professional to guide a team of employees effectively. They may assist with tasks like developing company policies and deciding on sales, marketing and operational tactics.

6. Marketing associate – National average salary: $49,779 per year

A marketing associate is an entry-level marketing professional. Also called a marketing administrative assistant or an assistant account executive, a marketing associate supports the efforts of marketing managers or directors. They assist marketing teams or related departments with planning and completing projects.

7. Paralegal – National average salary: $54,538 per year

A paralegal works for a law office and performs administrative and research tasks for attorneys. They’re responsible for case research, client interviews and assisting in preparing courtroom presentations. They may also draft and file legal documents, and help attorneys during hearings or trials.

8. Firefighter – National average salary: $51,723 per year

Firefighting is a strenuous, yet rewarding job that often only requires a high school diploma. Training in emergency services can make you a more appealing candidate as this profession’s duties often include providing basic medical attention to injured individuals.

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9. Flight attendant – Average Annual Salary: $37,000

For job-seekers who are interested in an occupation in the air but don’t want to commit to the years of schooling it takes to become a pilot, becoming a flight attendant is a lucrative career possibility. While flight attendants are responsible for passengers’ comfort on board by providing food and drink service, their job also involves maintaining safety on board.

10. Optometrist – $115,520 a year

Yes, you do typically need a doctorate to become an optometrist, which means committing to quite a bit of schooling. But, once you’re done training and have your license, this can easily qualify as one of the easiest high paying jobs around. Mainly, optometry work is easy because it’s straightforward. You determine a patient’s vision prescriptions, diagnose and treat certain eye diseases, and address eye injuries.

11. Welder – Median yearly pay: $53,040

Maybe more than any other trade, welding tends to feel easy once you’ve mastered the core skills. Certainly, some types of welding are known to be more difficult to learn than others. But becoming a metal welder is a terrific option if you enjoy working with your hands and seeing tangible results every day.

12. Software or Interactive Media Developer – Median yearly pay: $79,997

Although many people don’t view this career as super easy, some professionals in this field do. They find it easy because it utilizes their natural strengths: patience, a passion for learning, and a penchant for solving problems, arranging things in a logical order, and making things as efficient as possible. Computer programming can feel easy once you have a comfortable grasp of the programming languages you most enjoy using.

13. Toll Booth Attendant -Median yearly pay: $28,401

When it comes to simplicity, it’s hard to beat toll booth attendant. You’ll spend your time taking payments from passing vehicles and raising a gate to let them through. It really couldn’t be more straightforward.

14. Garbage or Recycling Collector – Median yearly pay: $52,000

This occupation is also known to be surprisingly easy and satisfying once you’ve learned the ropes. Blue-collar positions related to a city’s public works department are often jobs that require no experience. The job of collecting garbage or recyclables is frequently one of the best positions to pursue if you want to earn good pay but don’t have many other skills yet. That said, having a license to drive large trucks can make you an especially attractive candidate. 

15. Information technology (IT) technician – Average salary: $64,237 per year

An IT tech diagnose computer and network problems, monitors computer systems, installs and upgrades software and hardware and performs tests on computers and other equipment. They may also handle maintenance requests and technology demos for employees or clients.

16. Sales representative – Average salary: $69,259 per year

A sales representative is responsible for selling products and services to prospects and existing customers through tactics such as cold calling, email and on-site appointments. They may perform product demos, answer questions and concerns and assist customers throughout the purchase process.

17. Electrician – Average Annual Salary: $49,000

People don’t realize how much they rely on the lighting systems in their homes and workplaces until they stop working. That’s where a local electrician steps in to save the day. Their job is to maintain the functioning of commercial and residential electrical, lighting, and wiring systems.

Beyond a high school diploma, individuals interested in becoming electricians need to attend a vocational school to complete a licensing course. Once these requirements are met, an electrician apprenticeship of anywhere from 3-5 years is necessary.

18. Librarian – $59,050 a year

Book lovers may adore the idea of working at a library. The job focuses a lot on organizing, ensuring materials are in their proper place, and that, if anyone checks an item out, it’s recorded correctly. However, you may also get to help with events, which can be a fun change of pace.

19. Freelance photographer – Average Annual Salary: $52,305

Achieving a position as a freelance photographer is a dream for many hopeful amateurs with a camera. Their job includes discussing photographygoals with clients, shooting within these guidelines, and editing the results for the best outcome. A degree of some level in a photography-related subject helps build the knowledge that a freelance photographer needs, but it is not required.

20. Tour Guide – $27,600 a year

If you love your city or a specific educational destination – like a museum – and have wisdom to impart on visitors, working as a tour guide is a solid choice. When it comes to fun jobs that pay well, this can definitely qualify. You’ll spend your day having conversations with visitors, showing them the coolest stuff possible.

What is the easiest job to break into with no experience or relevant education?

The two easiest jobs to get into with no experience or relevant education are the personal shopper and flight attendant roles. Both require a high school diploma or college degree and regularly hire candidates with little to no experience.

Flight Attendant:

Flight attendants check on and provide services to flight passengers. Besides needing a bit of customer service know-how, it’s easy to become a flight attendant, even without experience. Plus, you get the perk of traveling to all kinds of new places. Flight attendants typically need 1 or 2 years of experience in a service occupation before getting their first job as a flight attendant.

Personal Shopper:

As one of the Easy Jobs That Pay Well, Personal shoppers speak to clients about what exactly they want to streamline the shopping process. They often lend a hand n every step, from recommending the best products to tracking the item until it’s at your front door. Besides keeping up with clients and finding the best products, this job is rather relaxed and sociable.


20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2023 | Easiest high paying jobs With Examples

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