2019-2020 Calendar for entrance examination Cameroon institutions of State Universities 2019-2020 academic year.


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134 Responses

  1. Palle Ngwese says:

    Please I will like to know when ENS and ENSET will be launch most especially Bamenda, kumba and Yaounde

  2. Keng Louise says:

    Please I wish to know the requirements for nursing and the latest date for submission.

  3. Zuleya laouni says:

    Please I will like to be notified when the. Concourse for state nursing will be launched and the requirements

  4. Titalanga Claudine says:

    Pls for current updates concerning launched concourse

  5. Ncha Cintia Tabi says:

    Greetings, please I wish to know when the concours for government nursing will be launched and the requirements needed to sit for the exams.Thank you

  6. Ntiwah Agnes says:

    Please I wish to know when the ENS concour of 2019 will be launch and the requirements.

  7. Cami Veric says:

    I wish to be updated on when ENSET kumba entrance will take place, and the requirements for entering into year 3 of first cycle.

  8. simbolynchina says:

    pls when is the date for ENS to be written in Douala and what’s the requirements pls

  9. Brenda says:

    Please I need to know the date when nursing concour will be launched

  10. DELPHINE says:

    please I need to know the date when nursing concourse will be lunched in my email

  11. achu says:

    Please I need to be posted when concour for veterinary doctor will be launch in my e-mail address

  12. Fokeng fomo chastine pauliasky says:

    I wish to do master in microbiology in UB please help me how to apply

  13. Njume Grace says:

    Pliz I wish to be update if Enset kumba have been launched

  14. Elvis ategwa says:

    Most say a word of appreciation first for the date of the exams, but the starting date for the submission of the documents is not mention please try to indicate it because we have barely one month to seat for this exams (ENSET) and order exams as well. regions Bamenda,Kumba ,Douala, etc

  15. Ntah Richard Abia says:

    I want to do nursing in ub…. But don’t know how to go a bout it… Help please

  16. Sylvie says:

    Requirements for each concourse please

  17. Valery n says:

    Requirements for each concour please????

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