9 Best Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account and To Cash

9 Best Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account and To Cash

9 Best Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account and To Cash. There are a bunch of different ways to get your Visa gift card balance converted to cash. In a few cases, they’ll let you end up with actual cash in your hand. kamerpower.com

What is a Visa Gift Card and its Various Types?

A Visa gift card is a prepaid card loaded with a specific amount of money for the purpose of multiple purchases for as long as funds remains in the card, and for the benefit of controlling sending. Two types of Card exist which are Prepaid Debit Card and Prepaid Credit Card.

9 Best Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account - How-To

How to transfer a Visa gift card to a bank account?

You can transfer money from a prepaid card to your bank account indirectly by trying some of the following options:

  • Add the card to your PayPal or Venmo account and transfer the balance to your own account.
  • Get money for a voucher issued by a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk and then deposit it into your account.
  • Choose an app or website to sell your gift card to that pays you through direct deposit, letting you then use the selling price as a way to transfer the Visa gift card to your bank account.
  • Use the card to buy a money order, with the value of this then placed in your account.

Another way of transfer to bank account can be found below, this time using MoneyGram.

Step by Step Ways to Transfer a Visa Gift Card to a Bank Account?

00:03 3 minutes.

MoneyGram can be used for visa gift card to Bank account transfer. You can transfer money from a prepaid card to your bank account indirectly by trying some of the following options:

  1. Sign up to create an account at MoneyGram

    Once you open the MoneyGram website, click the ‘Sign up’ button, fill in your email address, provide a strong password and sign up. Go to your email and verify that you’ve successfully created an account.

  2. Click ‘Send Money’ at the MoneyGram website

    At the top menu bar of the website, click the ‘Send money’ icon and it would take you to a page where you are required to fill in the payment details. Make sure you link visa gift card to bank account you are sending the money to.

  3. Fill in Bank Details

    You will be taken to a page where you’d fill in your bank details after sending the payment information. Here you’d enter; Receiver’s Name, Address, Card information. After entering these information, click ‘Next’ and your money transfer would be processed. You have now transferred money from your visa gift card to bank account.

Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account Venmo.

You can transfer visa gift cards to a bank account using Venmo. Venmo is somewhat similar to PayPal and you can put your card balance in your Venmo account.

Get started with transfer by;

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  1. Downloading the Venmo app
  2. Open a Venmo account for yourself
  3. You’d see the ‘Add gift card’ option. Click on it.
  4. Put in your payment and bank details and send. And your transfer would be done.

Transfer Money from Gift Card to Bank Account Paypal

The transfer can be easily done by adding your card to your PayPal account and transfer the balance to your own account because Paypal allows you add prepaid cards, including Visa gift cards to your Paypal wallet.

Here is a step by step guide on how the transfer can be achieved through Paypal:

  • Create a PayPal account and if you already have one, just login to your Paypal account.
  • Select the ‘wallet’ option at the top of the page.
  • You’d see a ‘Link a Card or Bank’ option at the left side. Click it and continue.
  • When you get to the point where PayPal asks you for the relevant information, add your Visa gift card details. Then click ‘Link Card’.

Other Ways to Convert Visa Gift Card to Cash

Sell your Visa gift card through an app

Another option is to sell your Visa gift card on various apps that will buy it from you in order to resell it. While this can be a quick way to convert your Visa gift cards to cash, the fees are really steep so this should probably only be your last option if the others aren’t possible for some reason.

Pay your bills with your Visa gift card

Using your gift card to pay a bill is exactly the same as converting your Visa gift cards to cash – although you’ll never actually get to see the money.

Use Visa gift card to buy a money order

Stores like Walmart as well as certain grocery stores will let you buy money orders using your Visa gift card. That said, the availability of this can vary, so check if this is an option in your area. But once you’ve done this, the money order can then be deposited into your bank account to be used as straight up cash.

Convert your Visa gift card to cash by selling it to a website

There are plenty of websites that will pay cash for your Visa gift card. If your gift card is digital, then the process can be instantaneous. But even if you have a physical card, some websites will pay for your postage to send them the card, so you won’t end up losing any money on that front.

Use your Visa gift card to buy other merchants’ gift cards

If there’s a particular store you shop at that doesn’t accept your Visa gift card for purchases, you can use this card to buy a gift card from the store where you want to buy something. And if you look online, you can sometimes find these for sale for up to 20% off – meaning you’re getting 20% of the Visa gift card balance for free.

This could include stores like Amazon, Walmart or even Starbucks if you were planning to convert your Visa gift cards to cash simply to get a caffeine hit.

A Visa gift card can be used to do the following:

  • Shopping spree
  • Purchase products and services both online and offline.
    Send money to family.
  • Help spend money on a budget.
  • A perfect gift for friends
  • Pay for trips
  • Control reckless spending.

9 Best Ways to Transfer Visa Gift Card to Bank Account and To Cash

Can you turn a Visa gift card into PayPal?

Can I use prepaid gift cards to make a purchase using PayPal? Yes. Anywhere in the U.S. where PayPal is accepted you can use prepaid gift cards that have a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover® logo on it.

Can you deposit Visa gift cards into venmo?

Venmo allow credit, debit and prepaid, network branded (e.g. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) cards registered under your name to be added to Venmo.

Can you withdraw money from a Visa debit gift card?

The recipient can use a Visa gift card to make a purchase in stores, online or over the phone in the same way that regular credit cards are used as stated above.


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