Best Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021

Best Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021

Best Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021. With fast track classes, you can finish your college degree quickly online. Campus-based degrees programs are usually 16-weeks long, but the fastest online degree programs have classes that are just 6 months long.

Check out our fast degree program guide to see how you can finish your degree more quickly. Earning your Bachelors’s degree in 6 months allows you the flexibility to attend classes and do your assignments and get over them within 6 months’ time.

Top Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021-2022

List of Colleges and Universities offering 6-months Bachelor Degrees

  • California Baptist University
  • Northeastern University
  • Rasmussen College
  • Mercy College
  • California Baptist University
  • Herzing University
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville.
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Kaplan University.

Best Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021

Can you get a degree in 6 months?

Earning a bachelor’s degree in the United States typically takes four years if you attend a traditional college or university. While it is possible to complete a bachelor’s degree in under the typical four years, there is virtually no way to whittle that time frame down to just 6 months.

Can you get a bachelor’s degree completely online?

At the bachelor’s degree level, most of Midway’s online programs are within the field of education. But students can also earn online bachelor’s degrees in business, marketing, criminal justice, psychology and healthcare administration.

What is an accelerated bachelor’s degree?

An accelerated bachelor’s degree program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree on a faster schedule. Students learn the same material in a shorter time period, making these types of programs highly intensive.

What is the fastest way to get a bachelor’s degree?

Take More Classes, Get Credit for Your Practical Experiences. Enroll in a Fast-Track Program.

Institutions offering 6-months Bachelor Degrees 

1. California Baptist University

How long it takes to complete these degrees varies from 6 months and above, depending on the course of study. For example, you can obtain your accounting bachelor’s degree in about 6-36 months. However, it will only take 6-16 months to earn your undergraduate degree in Public Health. Degree Programs are:

2. Northeastern University

Northeastern University has some ongoing 6-months bachelors degrees. It is another school that offers several majors in its easy certificate programs. Of course, the time it requires to complete one of the programs depends mostly on the subject itself. To earn your Bachelor’s degree programs in 6 months to 18 months, then you must be enrolled in the field of Science in Health Management to achieve that.

  • Degree(s): Multiple Accelerated Easy Certificate Programs.

3. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific offers short-term Courses in Health Sciences, both online and at the campus in about 6 months. While you will learn courses like anatomy, chemistry, even statistics, in these 6 months certificate programs, you are also required to take bible courses. You can get through with either of these programs in as 6-12 months. The Tied with Kaplan University in Azusa Pacifica presents the fastest 6-month Bachelor University.

  • Degree(s): Easy Certificate programs of Arts in Health Sciences.

4. Herzing University

The Herzing University is a fast university where undergraduate students can become artists within 6 months by earning a bachelors of Science in Design and related studies. In this online, fast program you can have your bachelors degree in 6 months minimum and 16 months in maximum.

  • Degree(s): 6 month certificate programs in Science and Design Studies

5. Mercy College

At Mercy College, you are opportune to earn your bachelor’s degree in 6 months. During this course, you will be equipped to evaluate ethical issues, as well as learn how to construct and offer information to other employees in the best way.

  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.

6. Rasmussen College

In Rasmussen College, the problem is not in the time but in the fee. This is another college that offers short-term courses in many different majors to those students seeking to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in 6 months. Different majors in this case also depict different program lengths. However, many of these 6-months bachelor degrees for International Students only take about the aforementioned length of time, and a maximum of 18 months to complete.

  • Health and Wellness Online Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Degree(s): Multiple 6 months Certificate Programs.

7. Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers no of the fastest degree programs that will allow you to obtain your undergraduate of Applied Science in the field of Fire Science in just 6 months to 1year. In this 6-months bachelor degrees for International Students, you will grasp about fire codes, in addition to learning firefighting. This degree is globally sort after if you are seeking to become a firefighter or want to help in fire emergency related situations. 

  • Degree(s): 6-month bachelor degree in Applied Science in Fire Science

8. Florida State College at Jacksonville

If you haven’t chosen which carrier route you’d like to take, you can obtain short-term Courses and bachelors degrees of Arts in General Education at FSCJ. The time frame is 6 months minimum, and 12-18 months, depending on which credits you already have including how they can be transferred. In this program, you will learn about tons of different subjects including science, psychology, economics, humanities and more. 

  • Degree(s): Easy certificate programs in Arts and General Education.

Online degree programs offer 5 week, 6 week, 7-weeks or 8 week online classes:

  • Emergency Management.
  • English.
  • Environmental Policy
  • Finance
  • Fire Science
  • Forensics / CSI
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology.
  • Public Administration
  • Business Administration.
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education & Teaching
  • Health Science
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology.
  • Legal Studies.
  • Liberal Arts.

15 Fast Online Degrees & Programs 2021

1. Business Degrees Online

Entrepreneurs, marketing majors, and soon-to-be business executives typically get their start with a business administration degree. Online baccalaureate degree programs in business administration challenge students to be analytical decision-makers who can turn problems around with creative solutions.

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2. Criminal Justice Degrees Online

When you study criminal justice, there are a world of opportunities in legal fields, law enforcement, psychology, and cybersecurity. Online degree programs are so diverse that many programs allow you to specialize in studies that quickly prep you for a number of in-demand careers after graduation.

3. Computer Science Degrees Online

For those who want to quickly get into a technology field, computer science online degree programs may be one of the best ways to go. Forbes actually reported that computer science graduates go on to make the most right out of college with an average of $59,000 per year.

4. Accounting Degrees Online

Every business needs an accounting team or at least a go-to accountant who can sort out the numbers and pay vendors on-time. For those who want to work with money and help companies spot opportunities and problems, an accounting degree could be the top online program for you.

5. Emergency Management Online Degrees

Emergency management is often listed under a public administration degree. However, earning a bachelor’s degree in emergency management could be useful if you plan to work in government, community, or medical-related fields.

6. Environmental Policy Online Degrees

Environmental policy degrees focus on the relationship between private and public agencies involving protecting society and the environment. Quick online degrees in this field have courses related to sustainability and facing environmental challenges. These degree programs typically require 120 credits depending on the university and the specialization that you select.

List of Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021-2022

7. English Online Degrees

While it may seem like a broad degree, online English degree programs allow you to explore literature, learn creative writing, study philosophy, and even learn about films and screenwriting.

8. Finance Degrees Online

Every business needs those who are skilled in finance, including accountants, planners, analysts, and managers. Online finance degree programs give you some leeway in specializing for the career you want, but all business degree students learn the same basic business core curriculum before specializing in a given field.

9. Fire Science Degrees Online

Firefighters go into fire science online degrees to jump into higher positions and earn larger salaries. A bachelor’s degree in fire science allows you to learn about emergency management, hazard detection, and coordinated response. It’s also about learning the new technology related to fire prevention and suppression. Firefighters work closely with law enforcement, so you’ll have courses in legal studies and investigation as well.

10. Healthcare Administration Degrees Online

The medical field has always needed skilled doctors and nurses to take care of patients, but there are a number of jobs available for administrators and managers in healthcare. With new technology, the field has expanded even more requiring new specialists and skills for the latest medical advancements.

11. Health Science Degrees Online

Online health science degrees are perfect for those who want a career in the healthcare field. While you can use your bachelor degree to get ahead in both clinical and non-clinical settings, most bachelor degree earners go on to master’s programs for occupational therapy, chiropractor studies, healthcare informatics, athletics, nursing, and other healthcare roles.

12. Forensics / CSI Degrees Online

Have you ever wanted to work a crime scene? Do you like working on puzzles? Do you have an analytical personality? Working in forensics and crime scene investigation may be the right path for you. This bachelor of science degree in forensics can also take you into cybersecurity and network defense as well, depending on your specialization.

13. Information Technology Degrees Online

The IT field is quickly expanding. While it used to be a role for network administrators and computer engineers, it now includes web developers and even web designers. The information technology field is quite broad, so it’s important to pick a specific online degree that is perfect for your interests. For example, if you’re interested in programming, then you would want to select software development or a programming specialization.

14. Human Services Degrees Online

Online human service degrees mainly center around social work and community services, such as administrative roles and criminal justice positions. Social work is one of the 10 majors that can help change the world, and many in this field take on these roles because they want to make the world better. The curriculum focuses on ethics, research, and theory.

15. Psychology Degrees Online

Psychology degree programs provide students with a knowledge of sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, and psychology theories. Students will understand different neuropsychology theories, developmental psychology, and behavioral sciences.

Best Accredited 6-months Bachelor Degrees for International Students 2021

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