CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Douala – Cameroon


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  1. Tayong Serratu says:

    Good evening Sir/Madam, i am interested in this program and wish to know its cost. Thank you

  2. Elizabeth Lisinge says:

    Hello sir/Madame would love to know about the fees and when I can start full training

  3. Elizabeth Lisinge says:

    Hello please I would like to know about the fees for the flight attendant school and where it is situated currently want to pay n know when I can start with the training

  4. Yila Roy says:

    Hi, I’m a GCE Advanced level holder. would love to know the tuition fees for ATPL training and the minimum academic requirement and also how I can apply for the Training.

  5. Onana Ndzié Joram says:

    Good morning,I am a GCE A-level holder and I need to know if I can be a professional pilot through your academy and the costs of training.please Email me please

  6. Lumière biho Françoise says:

    Good evening Sir/Madame , i’m an Advanced level holder and i will like to know all the procedure and costs of training as an air hostess please through my email please

  7. Ndemebau Breech says:

    Good afternoon sir,I am called Ndemebau Breech from limbe Cameroon and I wish to be an air hostess please I want you to enlighten me on how to do,thanks and please waiting for a reply

  8. Becky mojoko mbela says:

    Hello good evening to you sir/madame. Am a graduate from the University of Buea. I studied political science and public administration under the faculty of social and management sciences. But my desire is to be a flight attendant. I will like to know the procedure to enroll, and everything concerning your Aviation academy. Thank you and I am looking forward to your response.

  9. Sentis tenguh says:

    Pls sir/madam I’m interested and wish to know the requirement needed for entry, the fees an the length of training. To be a flight attendance I’m an advanced level holder


    J’aimerais recevoir par mon email toutes les offres d’emploi disponibles.

  11. Adriel Koum says:

    That’s a dream.

  12. Adriel Koum says:

    I will be very happy if you can contact me for details thanks.

  13. ashley says:

    Pls I am interested how can I apply and how long does it take to be trained, am an advanced level holder,how is the fees too

  14. Pelagie Ngie Ful says:

    I wish to ask how i can apply to train as an airhotess.

  15. Tamuton Mistynora says:

    How do i apply for this training

  16. Rhoda Akale says:

    please i am really very intrested in being a flight attendant and i so wish to find out the cost of training and entry requirements into your prestigious institution

  17. Bongas says:

    Interesting service for everyone intending to air hostess
    , pennsy .cm

  18. caroline says:

    BSr.Suis caroline.Jai besoin d’un numero de telephone pour vous contacter car jaimerai savoir la procedure a suivre pour une formation dhotesse de l’air.Merci

  19. birshu sidonie says:

    I love this and will be glad to be Attend it

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