China scholarship council 2021 – Chinese government scholarship 2021-2022

China scholarship council 2021 – Chinese government scholarship 2021-2022.

China scholarship council 2021 – Chinese government scholarship 2021-2022. Study in China on Chinese government scholarships:- (CGS) CSC Scholarships are awarded by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) to international students in Chinese universities affiliated with CSC.

There are more than 274 Chinese universities offering scholarships for international students every year in China. These scholarships are awarded to students through agencies like:

Chinese scholarship council 2022-2023 CSC chinese government scholarship 2021-22

  • Chinese government scholarships through University.
  • The Chinese embassy in other countries, which have diplomatic relations with China.

China scholarship council (CSC Scholarships) online application system or admission process is started from December to April every year (generally). But the Last date to apply in different University is different for China Scholarships. CSC Scholarships online application is very important for scholarships applicant.

Study in China on MOFCOM Scholarships also offered by China Scholarship Council through Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between China and other countries as well as to develop talents for developing countries.

China scholarship council CSC Results

The Chinese government scholarship result are announced till the end of July according to china scholarship council (CSC China ) policy. Successful students join universities from the start of September. 

Chinese government scholarship application form

Students can prepare their application material and submit to university directly. As per embassy application is concerned, embassy generally receives applications in other countries via the Higher Education Institute.  Scholarship via embassy is also called “Bilateral Program”. Chinese government scholarships

CGS application procedure is very simple and students can prepare their application easily Student don’t need to consult and pay money to any agent/consultant. If someone claims so, he is fake and doing illegal activity. 

General Procedure to Apply for China scholarship council 2021-2022

How do I apply for the 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship?

Step 1:  Find Some good university having your department and is affiliated with CGS.

Step 2:  Contact with Professor of the university and request him/her to accept you as a student. Having acceptance from the professor will increase your chances of scholarship and this isn’t too tough.

When he is agree to Accept you then send him Supervisor Request Letter or Acceptance letter format.

Step 3: Fill a CSC Online Application Form through Chinese Government Scholarship login Link for CSC Online Registration Form through CSC student login:

There are three Scholarship Categories:

  • CSC Scholarship Category A (Select it if you apply through Chinese Embassy).
    • Note that according to new Chinese scholarship council Policy you can apply in 2 University through China Embassy.
  • CSC Scholarship Category B (Select it if you apply via University).
    • according to new Chinese scholarship council Policy you can apply in 3 University through Category Type B.
  • CSC Scholarship Category C (Select it if you apply through other sources).

Step 4: Complete “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” form and also attach required reports with this Medical Form which is also called Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

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Step 5: Take the print and complete the list of the following Documents.

After Chinese government scholarship online application and another requirement, you have to Find the address of the University International Students Office and send documents to university after attaching with the printed form through some good courier service e.g., DHL (using their student package) etc.

And you can mention on one page you are applying for CSC Scholarships under China Scholarship Council.

Visa for studies in China:

When you got select you need visa for china. The chinese visa application form can be downloaded from the download section. The tourist visa for china is very simple to get for developed countries.

You may find some chinese visa service which will help your case boost. Before filling china visa application online you need read china visa requirements because of there many visa categories.

Different type of visas have different requirements Like china z visa requirements and china X visa requirements are different. You can apply for Chinese Visa in Chinese embassy at your country.

China scholarship council 2021 – Chinese government scholarship 2021-2022


How do I apply for the 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship?

The 2020/2021 Chinese Government Scholarship Application is now open for application. Online application ( should be submitted no later than February 19 , 2021. – be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, and be in good health. You can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) more than one university at the same time. Just you need to make sure to fill separate CSC Scholarship online application forms for every university. 

What is the CSC China Scholarship Council Scholarship?

CSC Scholarship is offered by the Chinese Scholarship Council, which is also called and known as Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS). Chinese Scholarship Council offering fully funded Scholarship under Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) program to study bachelor degree programs, master degree programs, and doctoral degree programs in Chinese Universities.

Is Chinese language or IELTS, TOFEL is required for a Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)?

NO! In China, 99% Universities don’t need IELTS or TOEFL if your Mothertongue is English or language of

instruction was English during your last study at your country. You can get an English language proficiency certificate from your previous university, and it will work. There are many universities they have the language of instruction Chinese only, but they are offering one-year Chinese language under CSC scholarships, you don’t need to apply separately, the university will do for you all, and I think its kind opportunity to learn the Chinese language. If you are the concern with thesis it entirely depends on your professor, they usually agree to write the thesis in English, so you don’t have to worry about this.
Is there any list of Chinese Universities without application Fee?

There are some Chinese Universities they don’t have application fee at all, and there are some universities they have the fee, but in case you are applying for CSC scholarship under Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program, they will not charge you. There are some universities after CSC notification you can submit the application fee. An Updated list of Chinese Universities without application fee was published on our site, which can help you to apply for a Chinese Government Scholarship without paying the application fee.

What are CSC Scholarships Category and Type A, Type B and Type C?

There are main three China Scholarships categories. – CSC Scholarship Category A (Select it if you apply via Embassy). – CSC Scholarship Category B (Select it if you apply to University). – CSC Scholarship Category C (Select it if you apply via other sources).

What are your chances to win a Chinese Government Scholarship?

If you grades in the study are higher than average and you have a clear and novel research proposal or study plan, then you have high chances of being selected for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which is offered by CSC in any of the 273 Chinese University which is recognized with Chinese Scholarship Council. There are many cases happens in Chinese Universities we have seen students with high grades often were rejected because they did not write a research proposal or study plan. Therefore, you should write plagiarism free by yourself with your own words as well as you could get the idea from the mentioned sample in the download section. We also seen the average student successfully won fully funded Chinese Scholarships just because of their complete listed documentation and well-researched and nicely written study plan or research proposal with clear thoughts.

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