Concours Health personel Cameroon 2019-2020: MINSANTE Examination into public and private Health Institutions.


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  1. Tim Clovis says:

    Good day sir/madam, i would like to find out the procedure required to get a transfer from one school to another, i am a level two medical laboratory student in the Catholic School of Health Sciences Shisong and the current crisis especially in Kumbo makes it really difficult for me to attend classes fully coupled with other factors like the high fees which am currently finding it difficult to catch up with.
    any help will be really appreciated. thannks in advance

  2. Ndengwe Gladys Ntube says:

    I wish to know when concourse for state registered nurse 2019 will is lunched. Also to know the age limit for this.

    • Kuh Godlove Kubeh says:

      Please I will like to know when the state registered nursing entrance examination for 2019 will be launched and the closing date.

  3. Motia gayel Esubu says:

    Hello,I wish to ask how to apply for a transfer I am a second year student in shisong but can’t go to school because of the crisis there pls

  4. Rex Toko says:

    hello, I wish to know what steps are required with reference to transfers of SRN students from level I to II and how many times is the transfer been done per year?

  5. Mbong Elvis ehoh says:

    Please how do I get my results ??

  6. Tanyingha cynthia says:

    Required field

  7. D snow says:

    please what are the criteria for registering for Senior laboratory Technician

  8. ndip nadesh says:

    Pls what is the fees for the nursing public school in limbe

  9. ndip nadesh says:

    Pls how much is the fees 4 the public nursing school in limbe

  10. Tseninyuy Ronald Tonka says:

    Hello good evening or when ever this reach you Sir/Madam! please I wish to find out which Government University in Cameroon is offering Masters Degree in Anaesthesia?? I just completed a BSc in Nursing/Midwifery and I wish to proceed with Masters in Anaesthesia. thanks in advance.

  11. Agborta sylvie Eyong says:

    please when will they sit for the state register nursing and midwivery concour for the 2017 accedemic year?,and has the registration ended already for both concours?

  12. Clinton says:

    Good morning, pls when will the registration end?

  13. EYONG PEARLSON says:

    Please what are the criteria for the registration of the concours and when do the registration takes place please???

  14. ntoh lewis says:

    Good morning or afternoon Sir/Madam respectively to the time my words reaches you. Actually i heard from one of friend they launch state nursing in Cameroon and wish to inquire for the circular. please Sir/Madam. Thank you for your concerns God bless. take care and have a nice day

  15. kum julius mbuh says:

    Please when will the registration start.

  16. Banin Julliet says:

    I am banin Julliet wish to ask where the recruitment exams to public service for nurse will be written in yaounde

  17. yeba doris tita says:

    Hi am yeba doris a post graduat from training school for state registered nurses bamenda seeking for job vacancy and can work in any hospital

  18. BOKWE says:

    I Queen am in ub, graduating as a medical laboratory Scientist this acadmic year and i want admission into 4th year of medicine in 2017/18. kindly advice on what to do. thanks.

  19. fouadjue adele alicia says:

    please for my result medical laboratory technician MINSANTE CAMEROON of august 13 2017

  20. Mofe says:

    Hey good day all, just wanting to know when the nursing results for 2016-2017 will be out. its been two months today and all other concour results are out.

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