Concours National Higher Polytechnic Institute University of Bamenda 2021-2022 first year first cycle


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27 Responses

  1. Gerald says:

    Hello sir I do not have ordinary level english in the first year, can i still write it back and came and register

  2. Ngu Claude says:

    Please I don’t have maths O/L or A/L but I want to register the concur for petroleum engineering then rewrite it when I pass. is it possible??

  3. Ngu Claude says:

    Is it possible for me to register the concur without O/L or A/L maths then rewrite it when I pass the concur

  4. chesi wanji says:

    How can they be saying online registrations are already halted? When there was a communicate to show that it was still the 21st of October because I felt that we still have a lot of time to register online even when I payed my entrance frais on the tenth of September. Not normal sir

  5. Dilane says:

    I didn’t hv maths or physics bt am an electrical student had my trade subjects with O/L n A/L English

  6. Andigema fabrice says:

    Please am fabrice when will the 2020/2021 concour be launch

  7. mbandam says:

    please sir I had maths , computer science and English and French , o/l
    is it possible for an A4 student to study networking?

  8. Ansi says:

    Pleasee where is it going to be written in Yaounde

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