Concours Recruitment corps of Revenue Services (Customs) MINFOPRA 2020-2021


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  1. Bih Emilie says:

    Please how can one take part in the custom entrance concour 2020/2021 and what are the necessary requirements

  2. Tangunu Oscar Chwiengshie says:

    Please, is custom entrance exam out. Thanks for contacting me on +237 6 53 42 62 44

  3. Neyou Joël says:

    Hello est-c’e que le résultat du concours de la douane pour la session 2019-2020 est deja publier ?
    Merci de me tenir informer
    Mon contact est le 693741351

  4. Kuate Alex says:

    Please i wish to know the modalities and dates of the entrance thanks for taken into considération

  5. Comfort says:

    Sir please like to know when the exams will be launched

  6. Gangdia Jude ndango Nteh says:

    Good evening please I wish to know when the Cameroon 2019/2020 customs concour will be launch.


    Good evening I wish to know when the Cameroon 2019/2020 custom concour will be lunch. Thanks for prompt reply

  8. Ngoupeyou Tankeu judithflore says:

    Good evening sir, please I wish to inquire when will they launched the custom exam thanks..

  9. Abeza claris says:

    Good day sir,please I wish to inquire when the custom entrance exam would be lunched .Thanks

  10. Patrick says:

    Same here

  11. Mildred mbech says:

    please i wish to inquire when custom entrance exam will be lunched?

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