Customs Officers Entrance 2021-2022 Concours Douanes camerounais MINFOPRA to recruit personnel


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  1. Atono Yannick Eke says:

    hello sir/ma please I wish to know the required documents for the concours.

  2. Fon Boris Nyuykighan says:

    Pls sir I wish to know the various document needed in the file and the deadline to deposit them in yaounde 682221779

  3. Fon Boris Nyuykighan says:

    Wish to know the the document needed in the file sir and equally the deadline

  4. Neh Tendoh nesla says:

    Please I wish to know when they are lunching custom entrance of name is Neh Tendoh Nesla please contact me 673333410

  5. Njualem Brice says:

    Pls I will love to be enlightened on the concour throughy WhatsApp 682811604

  6. Efuetanjoh moral-thalia says:

    Pls am interested in this concours and will like to be enlighten it on it through my contact if possible
    680447050 whatsapp

  7. Abanda Samuel says:

    Hello sir/ma, I wish to know when the custom concourse will be launch, Whatsapp number 237676647422

  8. Beryl Sandra says:

    Gd evening sir pls would like to enroll on to customs pls when will it be lauched and what are the necessary documents pls contact on whatsapp when it’s launched 681353209

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