Customs Officers Entrance 2021-2022 Concours Douanes camerounais MINFOPRA to recruit personnel


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  1. Anna bella says:

    Sir/madam when are they launching custom and where can i go in for the classes in bamenda and what is required of me


    Writing to find out when the custom concur for this academy year will be launched my WhatsApp number:674412199


    Please sir/ I wish to know when custom concur for this academy year will be launched

  4. Tangwing Beltus says:

    Please sir/madam,
    I am writing to find out when the 2021-2022 custom concours will be launch.
    Email address:[email protected]

  5. Melisa Mangwe says:

    Please l wish to go in for the custom concour this academic year, can you update with dates please

  6. Tambe Betrand Eyong says:

    greetings sir/madam please when will they launched custom concour 652446930 my watsapp [email protected] this is my emmail

  7. Tambe Betrand Eyong says:

    Tambe Betrand Eyong

  8. Tangiefung Marvelous Benedictus says:

    Please what are the requirements to be able to take part in the exams and what are the procedures to follow and the places available. Also the qualifications required.

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