Customs Officers Entrance 2020-2021 Concours Douanes camerounais MINFOPRA to recruit personnel


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  1. Eta Akum says:

    Greetings, please i wish to know when the entrance exam for custom officers will be launched, Thanks

  2. Tanue Basil Ngati says:

    please sir i wish to know when the custom officer concour will be launced for 2019-2020 am very interested this is my phone number 680169563.

  3. Christabel kinyuy says:

    Hello Sir/Madam pls wat are the requirements for custom and wen is the latest date for the concour 2019/2020

  4. Nkainmbi Charles says:

    Good day sir/ madam which to know when the custom concours will be launched for the 2019/2020 secession. My contact: 653482490 and my E-mail is [email protected]

  5. Acha Naphtalin says:

    Goodday sir/madam.i wish to know when the custom concours will be is my contact number and WhatsApp number

  6. Banjo Bernadine nyuydine says:

    Ma/sir I wish to know the date the custom concours will be written am interested please. Thanks

  7. kaki golda says:

    wish to know more about the concour
    WhatsApp 673517619

  8. Biaktebuin Hanson mibuin says:

    Can I apply online

  9. Mabel says:

    Please i need the requirement for the Cost on concour and the latest date for submission-my number 675242897

  10. dob says:

    Hello sir…I wish to know when entrance exams for custom will be launched. Please here is my cmy whatsap contact for any updates 680047027

  11. Ngong Alexis says:

    Greetings mr/mrs, sir; please when will the custom concour been launched, and please what are the neccesary requirements for this concour, please i will be happy to be informed when the concour is launched. Please that is my number. 682884608


    Greetings sir/madam please I wish to know the requirements and latest date for the CUSTOM CONCOUR my number is 672061760

  13. Epoh lucy says:

    Greetings sir/madame I wish to fine out when the custom concour for 2019 will be launched 672458112

  14. WOMEI LEONEL says:

    Good evening dear sir/madam please I will like to know when the costum concur will be launched and the requirement needed.i am very interested.671635271

  15. Wesong Philomine says:

    Greetings Ma/Sir please wish to know more about the custom entrance exam am interested thanks so much. Here is my contact 678551236

  16. Wesong Philomine says:

    Hello Ma/sir greetings please wish to know more about the custom entrance exam am interested thank you 678551236 here is my contact

  17. ndi Terence says:

    Hello,wish to ask more details on the concour 670028225 WhatsApp

  18. Bey lambi says:

    Here is my contact 651624573, add me up in your WhatsApp group for undatss. God bless you!

  19. wirsiy chrispin akikea says:

    Hello sir/madam
    I wish to know when the custom concour for 2019/2020 will be launched. 653070495

  20. Lenga Serge Ego says:

    Greetings Sir/madam. Please I wish to know the date for the launched of the Concur. 654714998

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