Customs Officers Entrance 2020-2021 Concours Douanes camerounais MINFOPRA to recruit personnel


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  1. Chiwah Ngwe says:

    Greeting ma or sir wish to know when the custom concour will be launch

  2. Bentini Nwaha Bisong says:

    Good day sir/madam. Please I will like to have more knowledge about the custom concours for this year. I will be very greatful if you can contact me. For I love this job.675427944

  3. luciene kibuh says:

    Greetings Sir/madame
    I wish to know the date of the next costum officer entrance, and the requirements for the entrance examination.

    Thank you

  4. Itoe brine says:

    Greetings pls sir/madam I wish to verify the necessary documents required for the custom concour and the latest date for the deposition of documents

  5. jaff bernard says:

    hello sir/madam. i wish to know the modalities of the custom entrance 2019/2020. WhatsApp +237671116840. Gmail is [email protected]
    thanks and waiting on your reply

  6. Njikam venisa says:

    I have always admired this profession and I really need to know when it will be launched.

  7. lambi shieh javis kemuneke says:

    good day sir/ I heard the concour for costom has been launched I wish to find out the deadline for the registration and also the requirements

  8. Akem Mabel says:

    Good evening sir/madam, wish to know the various requirements to seat for the concourse and the latest date of submission. Will also be very grateful of any information regarding any concourse to be launched. My email address is [email protected] or phone numver672121712. Thank you

  9. Amemba Sandra neh says:

    Please when is are we to begin to start depositing the documents and the last date .. please Sir You can also reach me through my number if possible 652069155

  10. Lueong Ivo says:

    Hello sir/madame please I wished to know when the upcoming costom concour will be launched in Cameroon. Thanks for reading and here is my handsets number 680520970

  11. Akongnwi cyrine says:

    Please when next is the custom recruitment coming up in Cameroon 674145542

  12. Tangunu Oscar Chwiengshie says:

    Please, is custom exam out

  13. Ngum GLADYS Ngwa says:

    Greetings house of honor, custom personnel’s I am Ngum Gladys Ngwa with all due respect Sir/Madam, I wish to know when the custom concur will be lunched and the date line for candidates to compile. It will be of great joy if reached through 653,26,87,02

  14. Ngum GLADYS says:

    Good morning Sir/Madam I am Ngum Gladys Ngwa pleasure I will like to know when custom concur will be lunched thanks for I will be very happy to get your reply 653268702

  15. Agbor Nelson Ayuk says:

    Dear Sir/Ma,
    Good day. I wish to enquire when the registration for this concour will start, Am very interested and happy to be one of your candidate, thanks.

  16. Njah martha ching says:

    Hello sir/madame please when will the custom entrace be lunched I have a lot of passion for this profession I will be greatful if u can contact me for the date and requirements thanks 653851054 is my contact


    MBATU Anita
    Hello sir/ madam please I am interested in the position concour.

  18. Fongheh Violet Ngweh says:

    Good day Sir/madam, please I wish to know when the upcoming custom concour will be launched this year 2019/2020. I wish to take part in the next custom concour. I have so much passion for it, thanks. My contact 678399520


    Greetings house of honourable costume personels, please wish to know when the costume concour will be launched.Am anxious to have it,my local numbers 654714244, 669044454. Thanks,my pleasure to you big Cameroonian workers at all time.

  20. Mukete Allen says:

    Hello sir/ madam please I wish to know when the concour be launched so that I can apply

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