Customs Officers Entrance 2020-2021 Concours Douanes camerounais MINFOPRA to recruit personnel


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  1. Akongnwi cyrine says:

    Pls when is the custom concour coming up in the 2020/2021 session

  2. Jeneser yeluma says:

    Gudmornx sir/madam pls I wish to find out abt the custom concours n taxation concours when is going to be launched and its requirements. My whatapp num 651150401

  3. Nji valery Anwi says:

    Good morning sir/madam
    Please i wish to know when it will be launched
    Here is my whatsapp number ;#673800114

  4. Ngando jonas says:

    Please I want to know when the entrance exam will be launch

  5. Aldrin Nima says:

    Good morning sir/ mrs, please I wish to know wen the concour is launched. Because am interested in it. My WhatsApp number. 676773420

  6. Zoker brenda says:

    Hello madam/sir. jst pls wish you to hint me about custom.cus am interested in it and ready to go in for.and also can i pls have the following requirements needed.hear is my watsap number;673609310

  7. Mbanwei ferdinand Tembeng says:

    I wish to know the date for the launching of customs concours for the year 2020/2021.thanks

  8. Mbatu Anita says:

    Please let me know when the customs concour will be launched
    Tell: 677235157

  9. Tifuh Elisabeth says:

    Good day sir/madam please I wish to know the modalities to write the custom entrance examination 2020/2021 this is my WhatsApp number.677031413

  10. Nchinda Jerome sunday says:

    Good day sir/madame I wish to no when the next custom concour will be launch, this is my whatsap number 673573590

  11. Mundi Karen says:

    Please Sir/Madam please let me know when the registration are out and the modalities of the custom entrance 2020/2021

  12. Jean Claude Dika says:

    Good morning sir/Madam l wish to know thé modalities of the custom concour. Here is my WhatsApp number 693339512 for more updates


    Hi day sir/madam I wish to know the modalities of the custom concour thanks i will be waiting for your reply my e mail address is [email protected]

  14. Nyamye Shirifatu veyelemu says:

    With due respect Madam/sir I really wish to know when this custom concourse will be launched. Here is my WhatsApp number f 654742164 for more updates

  15. Mesack Micile Dendem says:

    Warm greetings to you sir/madam i really have great passion to work as a custom officer and since childhood it has always been my dream, i just wish to know when the concour will be launch ant to know the requirements i will need to process my documents. Thanks very much looking anxiously forward to hear from you,,, my contacts 678672069/655776038

  16. Newoh martha says:

    Please sir/madam I wish to know more about the concour I’m very much interested an hw to go about it.659458558

  17. Akwe Yolande says:

    Please sir/madam I wish to know more about the concour..whatsApp 671824692

  18. Akwe Yolande says:

    Please sir/madam I wish to know more about the concour

  19. Alcira Fombo says:

    I Fombo Alcira, pls am interested in pls whish to know when the concour will be launched as 653245769 my contact

  20. Hongwe Calice says:

    Goodday Sir/Mrs, please i have so much dreamt of this profession and i wish to know if there is any entrance exam which i will like to take part in it. Thank you

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