Emma Willard School Acceptance Rate 2021 | Programs, Scholarships, Admission, Tuition

Emma Willard School Acceptance Rate 2021 | Programs, Scholarships, Admission, Tuition

Emma Willard School Acceptance Rate 2021 | Programs, Scholarships, Admission, Tuition. What today’s students need most from their high school experience is to prepare them for college, careers, and civic life. Emma Willard School is a place to discover what it means to be the best. kamerpower.com

Application Process at Emma Willard School New York

If using the Emma Willard School application, you will need to create a myEmma username and password. Click on the Apply button anywhere on the site and follow these directions:

  1. Select the blue “Create Account” link to create a myEmma username and password.
  2. After entering your basic information, select the “Create Account” button.
    • Our system may recognize you by your email address!
    • If the system recognizes your email address, your email address will be highlighted in red after you press submit.
    • If this occurs, select the “Forgot Login?” button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address to receive an automatic reply containing your myEmma username and password.
    • Once you receive a myEmma username and password you will have access to complete the online application, monitor your progress through the admissions process and learn more about Emma Willard School.

Emma Willard School Acceptance Rate 2021 - Admission, Programs, Scholarships, Tuition

International Applicants at Emma Willard School NY

International students are an integral part of the Emma Willard community.

What is the acceptance rate for Emma Willard?

The acceptance rate of Emma Willard School is 36% for every academic session.

I am a US citizen living abroad, am I an international student?

No. US citizens are considered domestic applicants.

Is Emma Willard a good school?

The first women’s higher education institution in the United States, it was founded by women’s rights advocate Emma Willard in 1814 (as the Troy Female Seminary). As of 2019, it had an endowment of $105,569,594. In 2018, the school was ranked by The Post-Standard as the #1 private school in Upstate New York.

When is the international application deadline?

January 15

Are international students eligible to receive financial aid?

Yes. We require all international students seeking financial aid to complete the international student financial aid profile form and submit it with the PFS.

More About Emma Willard School in New York

Founded in 1814, Emma Willard is one of the oldest boarding schools for girls in the United States.

Emma Willard School is located at Troy, New York
Address: 285 Pawling Ave, Troy, NY 12180, United States

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Since its inception, the student body has included girls from all over the world. The school’s founder, Emma Hart Willard, enrolled girls from France, England, Scotland, the West Indies, Greece, and Turkey.

Accreditation of Emma Willard School

Emma Willard is accredited by the New York State Association of Independent School. They are affiliated to:

  • The New York State Association of Independent Schools.
  • 1st Fair Trade High School in the United States.
  • The Association of Boarding Schools.
  • The National Association of Independent Schools.
  • National Coalition of Girls’ Schools.

Emma Willard School Scholarships & Financial Aid

All scholarships awarded by Emma Willard School are awarded based on financial need and availability of funds. There are no awards based on merit. Many of these awards are awarded, in whole or in part, through the generous contributions of individuals and foundations.

Emma Willard School is proud to offer the following named scholarships. No additional application material is required.


What is Tuition at Emma Willard School?

Annual boarding tuition covers:

  • health and wellness center privileges,
  • use of laundry facilities,
  • physical training and athletic privileges,
  • use of laboratory and computer equipment and
  • Instruction,
  • room,
  • board,
  • all meals in the dining room,
  • admission to all school concerts,
  • assemblies,
  • plays and athletic contests.

Emma Willard School Academics & Programs

The Emma Willard School faculty develops advanced course offerings that inspire students to think deeply and foster students’ love of learning. These Advanced Study courses are part of a plan to eliminate and replace AP course offerings with a unique curriculum developed specifically for Emma’s students.

Their academic program offers more than 140 courses, including advanced placement options, where girls participate in speech that puts high-level concepts and an understanding of the world in which we live in context.

Student Life at Emma Willard Boarding School

At the heart of the Emma Willard School, the experience is a celebration of what makes each Emma girl a person. They create a platform for you to know who you are, love what you’re doing, and feel that you can conquer the world outside the school walls. While each girl’s Emma experience is unique, girls develop empowering bonds within the supportive community.

Whether it’s cheering each other off from the bench at a track and field event, working together on a complex mission, listening and offering advice, or exploring downtown Troy on weekends, the fraternity formed between Emma’s smart and motivated girls will make it happen throughout your life. The bonds created between Emma Girls in residence and dining rooms, while training for an athletic match or artistic performance, in one of the many cherished traditions, and all the little moments in between, define the Emma experience for many girls.

Emma Willard School Acceptance Rate 2021 | Programs, Scholarships, Admission, Tuition

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