Entrance CRESA University of Dschang 2021-2022 4th year master professionnel

Article 3.-

(1) The entrance examination is open to candidates of both sexes, Cameroonians and Citizens of other African countries and Indian Ocean. There is no age limitation. kamerpower.com

(2) Candidates should commit themselves to pay tuition fees of 1,000,000 (one million) CFA F, and other charges of their cost of living.

(3) The training in CRESA is at the fifth year level of the PROFESSIONAL MASTER, and last one year (12 months). Candidates must be holder either of a Master I (Maîtrise), or an Engineer diploma (BAC + 4 years or more), or an equivalent Certificate in the following fields:

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  • For Industrial Valorisation of wood
    • Engineering sciences: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering,
    • Forest Sciences.
    • Forest Engineers.
  • Participatory Management of Forest Resources
    • Forest Engineers
    • Plant Biology
    • Geography.
  • For Environnemental I mpact s Assessment
    • Environnemental Sciences,
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Forestry
    • Agronomy,
    • Economies
    • Law,
    • Humanities: Geography, Sociology, Anthro pology, Psychology.
    • Sail Sciences.
    • Engineering sciences.

Article 4.-. The application file will include the following:

  • Form to be completed online on the website of the University of Dschang: https://sigesonline univ-dschang.org
  • A certified-true photocopy of birth certificate (issued not more than 3 months old).
  • Two passport photo (4×4).
  • A medical certificate. 
  • A certified-true photocopy of ail university diplomas obtained.
  • Certified-true photocopy of transcripts and the diploma presented for admission.
  • For civil servant candidates, a letter signed by the employer to give the candidate authorisation to apply
  • A large (A4 size) self addressed stamped envelope (postage determined by the weight of the file).
  • The receipt of a 20.000 (twenty thousand) CFAF application fees
    through postal money order addressed to the Chief of the Administrative and Financial Service of CRESA Forêt-Bois. Or a receipt of the same amount issued at the “Société Générale de Banque au Cameroun, Agence Hôtel de Ville Yaoundé” at the account N° 22 0000 41764 /25.

The dateline for application is Saturday 20 September 2021.

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