GREEN LIGHT AWARDS is a musical event created in 2012 in Cameroon with the objective of Promoting urban music and Afro urban Cameroon. It is rewarding the best artists that stand out throughout a year by the quality of their video recordings, their music, and many other criteria.

This interactive event, involves both the organizers and the public; The public plays the bigger role by submitting their  vote via our website (www [dot] greenlight [dot] com) then we identify the winners for each of the awards in 08 categories presented.


Best Artist of the Year

Best video recording of the year

Best Male Artist of the Year

Best beat maker of the year

  1. Dejay Pazzo ;
  2. DJO ;
  3. P.A.P ;
  4. Any kind beatz ;
  5. Phil John.

Best Female Artist of the Year

Best Group of the Year

Best collaboration of the year

Revelation of the Year

Artist Nominated By Categories

The award will be presented during a “Red Carpet” event attended by more than 1000 prestigious guests, followed by an animation incorporating scenic benefits for about 3 hours.


The “Green Light Awards” aims to bring music players to Cameroon to produce more video recordings, for better visibility media and better promotion of their artistic works. For this second edition, the “Green Light Awards” means:

  1. To improve the results, thanks to the experience of the first edition Given the encouraging results of the first edition, the team of “Green Light Awards “wants to go well beyond what has been done in the previous edition, organizational and media point of view.
  2. Retain the public and partners of the event
    By perpetuating the “Green Light Award” through an annual edition of the same period, we want to retain the public and all partners.
    It is question for us to make “Green Light Awards” a cultural event wingspan. The goal is to involve many people as possible, to make a confident that together we were going to meet discoveries in unique setting.
  3. Interesting offers
    The “Green Light Awards 2015″ is an accessible event. We offer the public a access to a competitive price of 5000 FCFA (VIP) and 3000 FCFA (Classic).

The event will take place in a secure and pleasant environment; in addition to an atmosphere that is friendly, we offer our guests a relaxing and sharing atmosphere.
The 2015 edition will offer a variety of programs, usually far from monotonous events, in order to arouse the curiosity and interest of a wider audience.


The target audience of the “Green Light Awards” is made up of urban and African urban artists, producers, promoters, young people and lovers of urban music in general.
Event preparation is done so that all stakeholders (creation production, dissemination and appreciation of urban music) work to its interest.

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Although set out above, it is important to clarify the basic principles governing our initiative.
The “Green Light Awards” is:

  • A promotion and cultural meeting open to all (Admission: 5000 CFA
    -VIP And 3000 FCFA-Classic) to reach a broad and diverse audience;
  • A sumptuous living and enjoyable event for all (hereinafter an overview of podium that will host the 2015 edition of our event). Media coverage of the event will be provided by different media>CRTV, Canal 2 International, Boom TV, STV, DBS, Rhythm TV Are nominated for LIGHT GREEN AWARDS 2014 artists whose names follow.


Best Artist of the Year:

  1. Stanley Enow ;
  2. Jovi ;
  3. Museba ;
  4. Magasco

Best video recording of the year

  1. Shamak Alhramadji ;
  2. Febuary 16th ;
  3. Adah Akenji ;
  4. NS Pictures ;
  5. Adrenaline ;
  6. Nkeng Stephens

Revelation of the Year

  1. Leo NG ;
  2. C Prime
  3. Daphne ;
  4. Tilla ;
  5. Fluri Boyz ;
  6. Ciana ;
  7. L’Bel.

Best Collaboration of the Year

  1. Magasco ft Duc-Z ;
  2. Jovi ft Renise ;
  3. Gasha ft Magasco ;
  4. Sine ft Meiwey ;
  5. Museba ft J-Martins

Best Male Artist of the Year:

  1. Sine ;
  2. Stanley Enow ;
  3. Jovi ;
  4. Magasco ;
  5. Micheal Kiéssou

Best Female Artist of the Year

  1. Museba ;
  2. Gasha ;
  3. Denise Naafa.

Best beat maker of the year

  1. Jovi le montre ;
  2. Dejay Pazzo ;
  3. DJO ;
  4. P.A.P ;
  5. Any kind beatz ;
  6. Phil John.

Best Group of the Year:

  1. X-Maleya ;
  2. Mballe-Mballe ;
  3. Tizeu No Name Crew
  4. Rythm ;


Stanley Enow ; X-Maleya ; Richar King ; Dinasty le tigre ; Jovi ; Duc-Z ; Mballe-Mballe; Micheal Kiessou ; Daphne ; Gasha ; Prety Boy ; Fluri Boy ; Magasco ; West Don ; Za’ayox ; Bagne.A ; etc.


The first edition of the “Green Light Awards” held on February 10, 2014 the French Alliance of Bamenda was a success and was the beginning of a new era. It brought together more than 1,000 participants and generated great media interest. Media  such as Horizon tv, RTN, Soul Africa, Meet the stars,

The targets for the first edition of LIGHT GREEN AWARDS were largely achieved, including:

  1. An “Event” giant;
  2. An “Event” user-friendly;
  3. An “Event” accessible to all;
  4. An “Event” in a unique setting;
  5. An “Event” of musical discovery.The second edition scheduled for February 6, 2015 at the French Alliance Bamenda, aims to bring to life the audience a memorable quality evening.



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