Gulf Field Higher Institute of Petroleum Limbe Scholarships GFNASP


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  1. NOELLA NDOH says:

    is civil engineering a part of the program taught in the school?

  2. Becky-vi Enjoh-Wanjeh Tabod says:

    what are you guys now implying,you guys can just kill off someones dream, thats harsh.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anyways,

  3. kharla zain says:

    this gulf field story is all just blasphemy and fake: they just find pleasure in extorting money from people: rubbish

  4. Diran Dionda says:

    What a wonderful institution. I must make a chance to be one of the beneficiary

    • kharla zain says:

      pls donot attempt to go there. if you really wanna study petroleum, then go to ghana or better still another school but not that rubbish school

  5. Franc says:

    Gulf field est une mauvaise école constitue que des arnaqueurs qui détruisent la jeunesse et l’éducation des jeunes ils pillent les parents ainsi que les jeunes et son directeur Kumasi Simon Powoh passe Lee temps à mentir au nom de l’état camerounais du gouvernement camerounais ainsi que de notre président son excellence Paul biya pour nous arnaqué donc toi qui pense vouloir faire dans le pétrole je te conseillerai l’IUT de douala l’IMIP de kaele etc… et j’implore l’état camerounais à ferme cette institution ainsi arrêté ce monsieur

    • kharla zain says:

      i agree: their director is a terrible arrogant illiterate: who has a phd in lies telling. he claims a lot of things when in reality he is a foolish arrogant and nasty liar who spends his time dating girls on campus young enough to be his grandchildren. he is is a thief and just wants to steal money. he knows nothing, cannot even speak good English nor french yet insult students and their families whose parents can afford 1.5 million in that school

  6. T. Felix Ashu says:

    That’s touching. Please quickly update me on; online learning scholarship opportunities at the (degree level, Computer Engineering).

  7. haggai cho says:

    my name is Haggai cho and i am a holder of the A/L with a pass in Economics, Geography and History .I wish know if i am qualify to apply into GFNASP

  8. Nkellefack says:

    I love that. Thanks
    Please update me on more information.

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