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Health Insurance and Education: How to insure your children’s education

Health Insurance and Education: How to insure your children’s education

If you are a parent, you may already be saving for your children’s education, possibly through a Registered Education Savings Plan ( RESP ). But what if the worst happens and you aren’t there to make the contributions? Life insurance protection helps to ensure that your children’s education costs can be covered, even if something should happen to you or your spouse. 

The children’s education life insurance is as a savings tool to provide an amount of money when your children reaches the age for entry into college/University (18 years and above). The funds can be used to pay for your children’s higher education expenses, considering the fact that the cost of education continues to rise but your children’s life also insured.

Your children’s health is essential to achieving their goals. Access to health care and adequate health insurance are essential to their health. Without adequate coverage, unexpected medical expenses could alter their future dramatically.

That is why in Cameroon today there are so many insurance companies waiting for you day by day because in it, your children will benefit a lot. They offer various life insurance plans like;

  • Coverage with pre-payments and reimbursement of expenses within fifteen (15) days.
  • Coverage with third-party paymens: we pay all costs incurred for pre-approved expenses at centers under agreement
  • and many more

If you are worried about your children’s prospects of getting a good job in an increasingly competitive global environment, you are not alone. More than ever, parents now realize that insuring their children’s education and saving for their education before hand is very important because they are more likely to be employed in a full-time job and have higher incomes. 

To conclude, Education is important tool your children shouldn’t miss but it is not complete without health insurance.  

Health Insurance and Education: How to insure your children’s education


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