How To Add Promotion On Linkedin & New Position 2024

How To Add Promotion On Linkedin & New Position 2024

How To Add Promotion On Linkedin & New Position 2024. Getting promoted is an accomplishment you should be proud of and probably want to share with your professional circle. LinkedIn is a great avenue for that. This article will show you how to add your promotion and new position to your LinkedIn profile.

Adding your promotion to your LinkedIn profile demonstrates that even though you don’t use the “social” aspects of the platform, you are paying attention to your profile, meaning it’s more likely you’ll see a recruiter’s message if they reach out.

How To Add Promotion On Linkedin & New Position 2024

Adding a promotion on LinkedIn by adding a new position

Adding a promotion to your profile is not as straightforward as you might think. In this case, you should add a promotion as if it were a completely new job.

  • Go to the LinkedIn website, and open the Me dropdown menu.
  • Click View Profile.
  • In the Experience section, click the plus icon.
  • Click Add position, then fill out details.
  • When you’re done, click Save.

When a new Promotion Should be Posted on Linkedin?

Post your promotion on LinkedIn sooner rather than later, but you shouldn’t add the details before it’s public knowledge. Wait until the rest of the company knows you’ve been promoted. Once your coworkers know, you can add the promotion to your LinkedIn profile, but even then, consider waiting.

FAQs – How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn & New Position 2024

Should you put every promotion on LinkedIn?

Yes. Adding your promotion to LinkedIn is important for several reasons. It keeps your work history up to date, helps recruiters find you, and shows your network you are making strides in your career.

How soon after a promotion should you update LinkedIn?

At least two weeks after you’ve started your role before updating your LinkedIn profile.

How do you announce a new promotion on LinkedIn?

You can add your new position to the “experience” section and switch on the “notify network” option. Doing so will promote your new job to your connections, the people in your immediate network, with a standardized announcement.

How do I add a promotion to LinkedIn for the same company?

1. Sign in to LinkedIn on your phone or computer.

If your promotion landed you in a brand-new role, it’s best to create a new position in the Experience section. LinkedIn will connect your new position to your previous role so it’s clear that you’ve been promoted to a higher level at the same company. If your new role isn’t much different from your old role, you can edit your current position instead.

2. Go to the LinkedIn profile.

If you’re using a computer, click your profile photo at the top-right and select View Profile. In the mobile app, tap your profile photo at the top-left, then tap it again on the resulting menu.


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  • Scroll down and click the + in the Experience section. A menu will expand.
  • Click Add position. This opens the “Add experience” window.

3. Choose to notify your network of your new position.

The “Notify network” switch will either be green or gray, depending on your privacy settings.To share your promotion with your LinkedIn network, toggle the switch to the On (green) position. If you’d rather add the promotion without making an announcement, toggle the switch to the Off (gray) position.

4. Add details of your new position.

Type your new job title into the top field, and then fill out as many details of your new role as you’d like. In the “Profile headline” section, you’ll see your current profile headline, which appears below your name at the top of your profile. If this contains your old job role, replace it with your new one before you continue.


  • Check the box next to “End current position as of now.” This tells LinkedIn to add a new end date to your previous role, making it clear that you are no longer holding your old position.
  • Click Save when you’re finished. This saves the details of your promotion to your profile.If you chose to notify your network, people in your network will see a notification within two hours of this change.

Adding a promotion on LinkedIn by editing your existing position

  • Go to the LinkedIn website, and open the Me dropdown menu.
  • Click View Profile.
  • Under the Experience section, find your current job, and click the pencil icon next to it.
  • Edit the Title, Description, Skills, and Media fields as necessary. The Description field may be a good place to mention when you were promoted and from what title.
  • When you’re done, click Save.

How To Add Promotion On Linkedin by editing your experience

To edit your experience, click on LinkedIn’s pencil icons.

  • Scroll down to your work experience. Click the pencil in the top right-hand corner of the section. This will cause pencil icons to appear by all your positions.
  • Second, find your current employer in your experience section. Click on the pencil icon corresponding to your most recent job title. This will bring up a box labeled “edit experience.”
  • On the first text box having your job title. Delete that text and enter your new title. Entering a new title should trigger a new prompt immediately below the text box you’ve just edited. LinkedIn will ask “Did you get promoted? Add a new position to show your career progression.” Click the “ + Add new position” blue text to add your promotion. ‍

How do you announce a promotion On Linkedin?

1. Create a post about your promotion on LinkedIn.

This gives you an opportunity to reflect on your previous position and colleagues and express excitement about your new role. To create a new post on your computer, click Start a post at the top of your feed. On a phone or tablet, tap the Post icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Choose your target audience.

You can make your post public to anyone on or off of LinkedIn, visible to your connections only, or share with a particular LinkedIn group.

3. Start announcing your departure from your previous role.

Start reflecting positively on your time in that position, and thank your previous manager and colleagues for helping you learn and grow. You can also point out one or two individuals in your message or keep your gratitude more general.

4. Then announce your new job role.

Include your new job position and when you’re scheduled to begin. Express your excitement about the new role, what you’re looking forward to, and even what you hope to accomplish. Try to be humble when announcing, you don’t want to evoke any eye rolls from your former or new teammates.

Share your Linkedin post.

You can first attach a photo to bring more attention to your announcement if you’d like. A photo of you with your old team, your cleaned-out cubicle, or anything else that shows your personality.

Why Should a Promotion be added on LinkedIn?

  • When you add your promotion, you’re preparing yourself for a future job search. If you apply for a role using LinkedIn Easy apply, you won’t have to update your profile in a rush. And in the event you need to download your LinkedIn profile as your resume.
  • Helps you stay connected with your professional network: Regularly updating your LinkedIn profile can aid you in remaining connected with your professional network and staying abreast of industry trends and developments. This can assist you in staying up-to-date and informed in your present role, as well as positioning yourself for future career prospects.
  • Adding your promotion to your LinkedIn profile demonstrates that even though you don’t use the “social” aspects of the platform, you are paying attention to your profile.
  • If you are active on social media, it demonstrates that you’re active on the platform. You may not be a fan of liking or posting on LinkedIn, and that’s OK. But when recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn, they want to engage with someone who is actively engaged.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities:By updating your profile, you can expand your network and connect with other professionals in your industry or organization. This can lead to new opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and career advancement. By showcasing your skills and achievements, you can establish a positive reputation within your network.
  • Improved visibility in job searches: Updating your work experience or adding a promotion can increase your visibility in relevant job searches, making it easier for potential employers to find you.

Linkedin Promotion Vs. New Position

When updating with a new job position, you can announce a career advancement in a different organization or create a new role within your existing company. The benefits of this option include showcasing your new accomplishments and responsibilities while still preserving your work history. However, if you have changed positions or roles several times in a short period, this approach may clutter your experience section. But if you decide to add a new job position, you will create a distinct entry in your experience section that includes your new job title, company name, and description.


How To Add Promotion On Linkedin & New Position 2024

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