HTTC – ENS Bambili Entrance 2021-2022 Online Registration procedure – process


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  1. Cheh Franklin says:

    Please can I have past questions in biology ens bambili.

  2. Ndong Gisela fueh says:

    A worry. I wish to Chanel this worry some of us, I in particular had an Advanced level in 2016. I did the new syllabus containing Across the mongolo, the way of the world, but I’ve discovered that questions in literature are being taken only on the old syllabus of no way to die, Anthony and Cleopatra. Its really an issue for some of us. I wish the exams could have three sections. 1 with general questions on English for all, 2 those who did the new syllabus and 3 for those who did the new syllabus. Thank you

  3. Mosoko Cecilia says:

    good day. please how can one hav access to the ENS form online

  4. MUNGWA Rudolf says:

    How does one apply to do private ENS in economics as major subject?

  5. Lesly yong says:

    Please for past qoutions on maths

  6. Basembaka Samuel Diyaniyi says:

    For all who have been demanding for the launching date of the 2019/2020 ENS Bambili, i wish to inform you that it was yesterday the 11/07/2019 launched. thanks, i care.

  7. Nkematabong Anastersia says:

    Please I wish to know when the ENS competitive exams will be launched

  8. Basembaka Samuel Diyaniyi says:

    Good morning. Please when will ENS Bambili 2019/2020 be launched? I wish to go in for the competitive exam. Thanks

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