HTTTC Concours ENSET Kumba Entrance 2019-2020 Year One 2nd Cycle University of Buea MINESUP Concours.


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  1. Ndukong Clinton koyoh says:

    I will like to enroll into the field of agriculture , what are the requirements needed , how can I get the communque for entrance exams to enset kumba

  2. Tabe brandon says:

    What are the requirements and subject taught at enset

  3. Agahbi mildred says:

    Please I have a professional bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. Can I enroll into second cycle ENSET

  4. Agines kamanyi ako says:

    Thanks very much

  5. Ngoh fese Ruth Bokeng says:

    Please I want to enroll
    I need the form

  6. Asangwa Marie Portia Ayamba says:

    Please I need the communique of 2nd cycle of Enset kumba 2019/2020 academic year.

  7. Tenjek fundo rossline says:

    Result of ENSET of kumba first cycle

  8. Mpg says:

    Please when are the results of enset kumba 1st year 1st cycle 2018-2019 available… If available can I know how to get them?

  9. Leonel says:

    please i need the list for second cycle enset kumba 2018/2019

  10. Sandrine Banenyuy says:

    Please I need the list of candidates into first cycle of Enset kumba for 2018/2019

  11. TADOH WENDY AYEN says:


  12. neba lydia says:

    Like to enroll,I need registration requirements.

  13. eta kelson says:

    will like to enroll

  14. Efuet fabiola says:

    Gudmorning, as a holder of English language degree from university of buea and a A holder of A3 series advance level which course can I take in Enset kumba

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