MINFOPRA position du dossier: Monitor your documents online at dossier.minfopra.gov.cm MINFOPRA Cameroon

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  1. Kumbong Eric Chituh says:

    There’s a lot of mix up in this ministerial department.


    monitor integration decision documents

  3. Agborante Arrey Ngang says:

    Administrator, I wish to know the present position of my documents since my posting.

  4. Agborante Arrey Ngang says:

    Good morning administrator, my name is agborante Arrey Ngang posted a teacher in GTHS Jakiri. i was informed my documents have been rejected , I really wish to know why.

  5. Mambo Adeline Suhfor matriculation number O-050411 says:

    wish to know the position of my integration file

  6. Platini Mbouwe says:

    good morning administrator. I just want to know since 2013 that I graduated and I was posted on 2014. my files are still at DGC. while the ones of my juniors are already at Daar. what can explaine that and what can I do tu change that for I recompiled it on February because the toll me there in Yaounde that they were misplaced some thing that I couldn’t understand. should I travel again from Tombel where I’m posted to Yaoune or can Somme one help me to understand tank thank you

  7. Eveline Nyemkuna Njafuh says:

    Good day, please kindly check for the malticule no of Eveline Nyemkuna Njafuh she was recruited this January in Far North Region Maroua 3 her contrat no is 002891

  8. Nesoa Abraham Mosama says:

    Good day. Please kindly solicit for the contract number of madame MUSORO née NJENGOM TABITAH AMBILICHUI mle 685047-W, whose contract number is not known since 2016 the effective year of singning her contract as cat 8. But she was initially recruited in 2012 as Agent Décisionnaire before been reconsidered to cat 8

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