Forestry concours 2021-2022 Cameroon: ENEF Mbalmayo 300 places available


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  1. AANA KOM ZUN says:

    hi i wish to apply for this but i have but baccalauréat in accounting

  2. what is the dateline for deposition of file or application

  3. Ekome Romanus Ehoge says:

    Am a young patriotic Cameroonian who want the best in Cameroon. Having studied law and is still studying law have an ambition to provide solution to some environmental issues.

  4. kake kangkolo says:

    Thanks for the information, please what are the requirements to write the concour?
    What are the chances of a degree holder in this concour and the possible office or rank to be held.

  5. pokam tchawa says:


  6. ngabe clive enongene says:

    just write to be keeping in touch with current information . first , i want to ask where and when are they writing the exam for the assistance forest technician . one of your applicant . thanks

  7. johnnypope says:

    please I wish to know the required documents …thanks

  8. tchadieu says:

    pls l wish to know information concerning registration

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