Paypal Cameroon Available: How to create an Account


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  1. Akongnwi Solomon says:

    Glad PayPal is finally in cameroon

  2. Chitech says:

    hey Guys!! if you can’t withdraw what then is the need? Its useless for us businessmen who conduct online stores.
    maybe you guys should pressurize paypal to do something about that

  3. kris says:

    when u link you uba visa card to your paypal account does the money come straight into the card or remains in paypal account till you send into card ….if anyone has done a paypal transaction in cameroon he or she should contact me please 675321733

  4. nuzzo says:

    Is it safe to use Auction Essistance to help me cash out my PayPal account?

  5. Hguru says:

    Hello, It is possible to withdraw money through paypal from cameroon. I have done it and it is simple. the Only ways is to verify your card and about 1.5 euro will be cut from the card and then you are now free to send and receive through paypal. For any assisatance, call me and i will walk you through. Have a nice day. 676574464

  6. KamerPower says:

    David, pas de possibilité de retrait encore au Cameroun.

  7. Eyong says:

    First i want to congratulate your initiative; its quit innovative and informative.I think its definitely a BANKABLE idea.
    Now to my main preoccupation; I am a Cameroonian and presently based in Cameroon. I would want to know how if it is possible to withdraw from my Paypal account here in Cameroon.
    Looking forward to your prompt response; thanks.

    Kind Regards

  8. David Oyan says: voudrais retirer mon argent paypal au Cameroun je me rensds dans quelle ville?et quelle endroit au cameroun

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