Police concours Cameroon 2020-2021: 4840 Cadet Police Constables


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79 Responses

  1. Worejoh petua says:

    What are the requirements for all the coucours?

  2. Funwi Wendy Ngeniform says:

    Hello good morning I would like to be informed when next recruitment begins, it’s always been my passion.thanks.

  3. Mbruma Noella Asoh says:

    Please I wish to know more about the 2020_2021 concourse,when it will be launched

  4. Anuck Mbanwi says:

    Please what are the requirements for the 2020-2021 police concourse for constables

  5. Jennet platt says:

    Svp quant-est-ce y aura t’il le concours de gardien de la paix et aussi le concours militaire ? This is my number 658782662.merci

  6. Akongnwi cyrine says:

    Pls when is next recruitment going to be launched

  7. Neris Ndum says:

    Please may I know when police 2020/2021 will be launched?

  8. Ngembane Clinton ndingi says:

    Please when will they launch another police concur for 2020/2021 and it’s requirements?

  9. Esambe Delson ngwane says:

    When are they going to lunch army recruitment

  10. Bisong Thomas Esong Desong says:

    Greetings sir,may I know when would the 2020-2021 concourse be launch.

  11. Edie Kang says:

    Please I will like you to inform me the exact date the concour will take olpla

  12. Neba Celestin says:

    When will the 2020-2021 concourse be launch

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