Police concours Cameroon 2020-2021: 4840 Cadet Police Constables


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79 Responses

  1. Maureen Tah says:

    How do we get the results

  2. Mbebi Eric ebwelle says:


  3. Ntube Sylvie Ndene says:


  4. Meloko says:

    when is the result coming out
    and how are we going to get the result

  5. Tata Leslie says:

    Pls I wish to nkow the date which the results of police constable is coming out.

  6. Ngayi Nelson Mandela says:

    When will the results b?e out

  7. el menduza tanisco says:

    when will the police result be out please
    info me via samantaivo@gmail.com

  8. Che blaise che junior says:

    Plz sir i which to know when the recently written police constable cadet inspector be release

  9. rikirastard says:

    When will the result be out

  10. ngum claudia futeleh says:

    When are the results of cadet police constable 2017 coming out

  11. YUIN JOB CHONGSI says:

    when are the result to be release??????

  12. Njingulelucia says:

    How can we get the results of the just written concourse??

  13. Mr.ivo says:

    What an inspiration to work with the military

  14. GODWILL Ali says:

    What is been chanked at the medical part? Pl help

  15. Ebai says:

    what if I applied for the constable with my ordinary levels


    I find it interesting, I have already comply and deposit my document, but the procedure was not that easy, guys please be fast with yours

  17. sengka micahamos dzoelamonuyuy says:

    date line of applicant and information needed

  18. Bedika Emmanuel Nkangu says:

    What are the necessary documents needed in the process?

  19. Bedika Emmanuel Nkangu says:

    I wish to know what is being needed

  20. mbanga ndzemkwoh says:

    can i deposit my document anywhere am in nouth but for now am in douala

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