Telephone numbers in cameroon are now 9 digits

Telephone numbers in cameroon are now 9 digits.

Telephone numbers in cameroon are now 9 digits. The minister of post and telecommunications (minpostel), Jean Pierre Biyiti bi essam, has officially announced the shift in telephone numbers in Cameroon from eight to nine digits.

The new nine digit telephone numbers will go operational from 21st November 2014 with MTN, Orange and Nexttel numbers will begin with “six” while Camtel numbers will start with “two”.

Minister Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam also said the introduction of a new numbering plan that is from seven to eight digits, will meet the needs of the telephone operators, who are running out of numbers attributed to them.

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He further noted that the numbering plan will not affect personal information stored in SIM cards as well as airtime.
According to information given by the Minister, the new numbering structure of nine digits will enable telephone companies to introduce services to fit the rapid technological changes.

The only extra effort expected from subscribers will be to manually update the contacts.
It is worth noting that Cameroon’s telecommunications market witnessed the first change in numbering plan in 2001, when numbers witnessed a change from six to seven digits. Another adjustment took place in 2007 when telephone numbers moved to eight digits.

Telephone numbers in cameroon are now 9 digits.

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