Top 20 Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree | 100k Salary Jobs

Top 20 Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree | 100k Salary Jobs

Top 20 Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree | 100k Salary Jobs. Following a career that pays six figures without a degree may also be a better bet than a four-year degree. Skills and experience are more important to many employers, and there are a variety of alternative learning paths, certifications, and on-the-job training opportunities that can help you hone your skills.

Jobs that pay $100K a year without a degree are more common than you think. Many of these jobs are great for those who did not follow a traditional educational path, such as due to military service or other life events.

Top 20 Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree | 100k Salary Jobs

List of Best Jobs That Pay $100K a Year Without a Degree

  1. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager
  2. Software Architect
  3. Computer Network Architect
  4. Construction Manager
  5. Police Detective
  6. Dental Hygienist
  7. Gambling Manager
  8. Court Reporter.
  9. Fire Inspector
  10. Business Owner.
  11. Professional Athlete
  12. Web Developer
  13. Elevator and Escalator Installer
  14. Information Security Analyst.
  15. Software Developer.
  16. Real Estate Agent
  17. Air Traffic Controller.
  18. Product manager
  19. Computer and Information Systems Manager.
  20. Fire chief.

Top 20 Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree | 100k Salary Jobs

How to make 200k a year without a degree?

The jobs that can pay $200k a year are; Real estate associate. Makeup artist. Truck driver. Sales representative. Web developer. Voice-over artist. Business owner. Inspector.

How can I make a six figure income without a degree?

Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation and Relay. Pile-Driver Operators. Elevator Installer and Repairer. Air traffic controller. Commercial Pilot. Construction Manager. In-N-Out Manager. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators.

What percent of 25 year olds make 100k?

12% of 35-year-olds make over $100k per year while only 2% by 25 make $100k per year. That’s a whopping 500% increase in the share of people making $100k or more. 21% of 66-year-olds make $100k per year or more.

When Is it a Good Idea to Skip College?

Students that have no clear direction of their career path should avoid college. It’s surprising how many graduates never end up working in the field of their studies.

High Paying Jobs without College degrees That Pay $100k A Year

1. Radiation therapist

Radiation therapists work closely with cancer treatment teams to administer radiation treatments to cancer patients. They make sure machines work properly, ensure correct radiation doses, take X-rays and maintain patient records. While an individual may not work in this role as their first job, radiation therapists in the United States can complete an accredited program to become certified

2. Senior real estate manager

Senior real estate managers oversee the daily operations of a property like an apartment complex or commercial building. They typically manage maintenance teams, ensure tenants pay rent on time and fill vacancies. To become a senior real estate manager without a college degree, you can typically gain experience in entry-level positions and work your way up to this job with a high median salary.

3. Owner-operator driver

An owner-operator driver owns their own truck or trucking business. They may lease out their services or trucks to companies or individuals who transport goods, or they may operate their business under their own command.

4. Technical program manager

A technical program manager oversees various types of technical projects for a company. While exact responsibilities may vary based on the particular industry and company, many managers in this career path participate in product development, program management, people management and resolving technical issues. They may also train employees who perform technical roles, such as analysts, IT managers and web developers.

5. Computer network architect

A computer network architect designs and builds data related to communication networks. They often work closely with executive-level staff to determine where there is a need for networks within an organization. National average salary is $131,070 per year.

6. Plumber

Plumber is another one of the $100K jobs without a degree. Plumbers design, install, maintain, and fix plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties. To become a plumber without a degree, you’ll need to complete a four-year apprenticeship through your local union and then take an exam to get your license.

7. Senior engagement manager

An engagement manager is in charge of building and fostering relationships with clients after they’ve signed contracts with a company. They may provide company resources, perform the billing and invoicing for clients and work with sales teams. They also complete other tasks to ensure their team accounts for and meets client expectations.

8. Fire chief

Fire chiefs are responsible for overseeing and managing fire departments, which involves supervising personnel, developing budgets and planning emergency responses. They may also work with city officials and police officers to develop fire codes and regulations.

9. Business Owner

Entrepreneurs that choose to make a living from executing on their ideas can look forward to building a company that contributes to the country as a whole. Business owners drive employment, pay taxes, and increase GDP, and they’re valued members of any community.

10. Gambling Manager

Gambling managers are responsible for managing casino operations. Gambling managers have excellent customer service and managerial skills to look after the staff and customers. They implement house rules and policies in the casino and make sure everyone is playing by the rules. After gaining a few years of work experience, this job can pay six figures without a degree.

11. Sales Consultant.

After executives and qualified professionals, the highest paying jobs in the workforce – are sales jobs. Great salespeople understand the value of training. The only investment you need to make in sales training is your time. The more you practice – the luckier you get.

12. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists work in dental clinics where they clean teeth, check oral health, and take dental x-rays. You can become a dental hygienist with no degree, but most dental hygienists need an associate degree to meet their state’s license requirements.

13. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers direct aircraft traffic at airports and communicate with pilots about weather conditions. They need to be able to multitask safely and make important decisions quickly. You can become an air traffic controller without a degree by taking a training course with the Federal Aviation Administration and passing a skill assessment, medical exam, and background check.

14. Elevator and Escalator Installer

Elevator and escalator installer is one of the jobs that can pay $100K a year without a degree, though you won’t make that much in your first few years. The primary duties of elevator and escalator installers include installing new elevators and repairing existing elevators.

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15. Professional Athlete.

Professional athlete is one of the top jobs that pay $100K a year without a college degree. However, many professional athletes attend college to participate in a college sports program before they turn professional. To become a professional athlete you need to have natural athletic talent in a sport with a professional league.

16. Court Reporter

One of the best jobs that pay $100K without a degree is a court reporter. These professionals take notes on legal proceedings in court. To land a court reporter job with no degree, you’ll need to take the exam for Registered Professional Reporter certification.

17. Software Developer

Software developers create software applications and products to meet the demand of web and mobile applications in all industries. While some positions will require a bachelor’s degree, there are plenty of software developer jobs with no degree requirement. To become a software developer with no degree, you’ll need to learn how to code.

18. Information systems manager.

An information systems manager oversees and implements information technology (IT) within a company. They may work with the IT team to develop and incorporate new IT systems or update existing ones. Information systems managers may also be in charge of IT installations, maintenance and upgrades.

19. Virtual Assistant.

Becoming a virtual assistant to an online entrepreneur is an excellent way to earn a living. You get to enjoy the benefits of working from home – at any location in the world that has an internet connection. This level of freedom is like no other personal assistant job you’ve ever had.

20. Police Detective

A police detective is a type of police officer who collects evidence and solves crimes. They also testify in court cases. Most detectives begin their careers as police officers and work their way up to detective, a job that pays $100K with no degree. You can become a police officer without a degree, but you’ll need to attend a police academy.

How to make $100,000 a Year without a degree?

There are many high-paying job opportunities available that pay $100K a year without a degree. For the jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree, you still need advanced training. Bootcamps offer programs for those seeking these specialized career paths. 

Other jobs that pay $100k A Year Without college Degree:

1. Site Manager

Many high school graduates entering the workforce to make some cash for the summer choose to try construction. This vocation is plenty of hard work in the beginning. However, most contractors don’t require you to have a civil engineering degree to tear down walls.

2. Freelance Writer.

If you did well with English classes in high-school, and you have a natural command of the English language, going for a career in writing after you graduate, is an excellent way to earn a living. While most writers may start with minimal salaries, they can increase their pay as they improve their skills.

3. Radiologist

Considering that radiologists work in the field of medicine, it’s surprising to learn that they only need an associate’s degree to start a career in radiology. Radiotherapists receive a pay grade that’s relevant to their knowledge and experience, and senior radiologists can expect to earn as much as $116,000 per year.

4. Head Chef

Becoming a qualified souses chef or head chef at a trendy, up-market restaurant can earn you a salary of up to $150,000 per year. However, students of the culinary arts may have to attend hotel school where they learn the nuances of the service industry, including the regulations around handling food.

5. Digital Nomad

Some high school leavers may try to find their fortune on the internet. Setting up an e-commerce business, such as FBA – fulfillment by Amazon, allows you to create an online income selling other manufacturers products online.

8 Good Paying jobs without a degree

1. Database Managers.

These individuals are responsible for organizing and storing data securely using specialized software and system architecture. Accessibility, integrity, and safety take on whole different meanings in this industry. Numerous certifications are available for those not interested in spending four years at university before finding a job.

2. Commercial Pilot.

If you want to spend most of your working day among the clouds ample opportunities are available in-flight charters, aerial photography, aerial fire-fighting to name but a few. Certification takes about 12-18 months, depending on how long it takes to accumulate your 250 flight hours.

3. Underwater Welder.

Are you the first one to pack scuba gear when going on a beach holiday? Well, how about getting paid $60,000 a year for your underwater antics? If you are top-notch, that number can go up to a comfortable $110,000 package range.

5. Power Distributors

Power Distributors monitor and control steam input and electricity output in power plants. On-the-job training is common, and coursework includes electrical engineering and power production subject matter. 

6. Locomotive Engineer:

Other engineering job need a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in chemical, electrical, or mechanical engineering. Not this one, though. Locomotive Engineers need a high school diploma and a couple of certifications that can be completed while already working. Salaries bring in an average of $62,000 per annum. You will be responsible for operating electric, diesel or gas-turbine trains in the freight or passenger transportation sector.

7. Boilermakers:

A very in-demand trade primarily in food manufacturing, gas, mining, and industrial plant facilities. They assemble, install, and repair boilers, closed vats, and other large vessels or containers that hold liquids and gases. The work can be physically demanding and even dangerous at times.

8. Programmers:

Computer programmers are the brainchild behind the apps, programs, and systems we take for granted every day. Coding, coding, and more coding is your daily destiny. Programmers paid dearly for their everyday engagement with binary zeros and ones at $70,000 per year.


Top 20 Jobs That Pay $100k A Year Without A Degree | 100k Salary Jobs

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