UNICEF Cameroon Current opportunities – Nutrition Cluster Coordinator, (P-3), Buea, Cameroon


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  1. Djuidje Domgue chancelle Chavely says:

    Iam Djuidje Domgue chancelle Chavely a holder of bachelor degree in special education and a final year student in a master’s program.I have longed to have a job and will be glad if Iam accorded the opportunity to assist people who are in difficult situations

    re in difficult situations

  2. Wacka Ekwilli Sakomna Chia says:

    Good morning I will be very pleased if selected to help others.

  3. Ngon Shuka Tangwa Diane says:

    I am Ngon Shuka Tangwa Diane, a holder of a bachelors degree in educational psychology. Will be glad if I’m taken for the job. And wish my application is given due consideration.

  4. Vubo Nelly Newuuawen says:

    My name is vubo Nelly Newuuawen and am a masters degree holder in human rights law it will be a pleasure to work with your organization so that I may also contribute i. Caring for less privilege children

  5. Nkieh Chanela Fonge says:

    I’m Chanela Fonge , holder of bachelor degree in economics.its with great previllage that I seek to be employed by your institution. I pray my request be look upon. Thanks

  6. Fongyen Valdwin says:

    I’m an IT technician, I’ll be glad to have an experience working with the organization

  7. ASHIMA says:

    I’m a bilingual Engineer in Telecom & Networkning. I have been a computer monitor (office automation and programming)for 6 years. I wish to share my experience with your company so that together we”ll benefit each other.
    yours faithfully

  8. Marie Pascal Ngang says:

    Hello, i am Marie Pascal Ngang, a nursing student and a volunteer with Rural Women Development Center Buea. I would appreciate any opportunity given to me which enable me back to the communities. It’s my passion to be the voice of the voiceless and Hope to the Hopeless

  9. Nakeh Ambrosia says:

    I’m an HND holder in Banking And Finance and I wish to apply for a position

  10. Joël Bofia says:

    Where do I apply? Can find the link for applications.

  11. DELPHINE MABI says:


  12. Ambe Peter says:

    It’s with great honour that I seek to be employed by your office. I wish my application will be granted.

  13. Tabe charles says:

    Am call Tabe Charles holder of HND aand bachelor degree in Banking and finance. I wish to work with your organisation so that together we shall educate children on thier nutrition

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