What is the highest paid sport in America & The World | Highest-paid sport 2022

What is the highest paid sport in America & The World | Highest-paid sport 2022

What is the highest paid sport in America & The World | Highest-paid sport 2022. The highest-paid sports stars are among the wealthiest people in the world. Every year, several lists are published to evaluate the worth of the players. But here we will give you brief details about the highest paying sports in the world. Kamerpower.com

These lists support the fact that athletes are among the highest-paid entertainers in the world. Be it the salary from the games, the prize money they get, or the amounts they receive from their endorsement deals.

What is the highest paid sport in America | Highest-paid sport 2022

Highest Paid Sport in The World in 2022

1. Baseball

Baseball is one of the most played games in America. It is also one of the highest paid sports in the world due to its wide acceptance.

2. American Football

Lovers of the National Football League (NFL) will have something to smile about as American Football earns its rightful place on the list of highest paid sports in 2022. Considering the demanding nature of this sport,  many will consider it as befitting that the salaries of these players keep growing. According to the latest report by overthecap.com, 32 NFL players now make at least $20 million a season in average annual salary.

3. Golf

The club-and-ball sport takes fourth place as the highest paid sport in 2022. According to Forbes, Mr Tiger Woods remains the highest paid golfer in 2022, According to Sportico.com, Mr. Woods’ earnings is a whopping $62 million as his earning for the year. The report revealed that Golf’s top 10 earners made an estimated $300 million over the last 12 months, and only 29% was from prize money. An average salary of a professional Golfer is estimated to be around $628,079.

4. Ice Hockey

The fast-paced, physical sport, Ice Hockey, is often cited as the nickname “The Fastest Game on Earth.” Ice hockey is also widely known as one of the highest-paying sports in the world. And the participants have frequently achieved decent positions in the Forbes list of Richest Players.

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5. Auto Racing

Several racing events such as the Grand Prix of Formula1 or NASCAR earn its reputation for being one of the highest paying events in the sports universe. The involvement of risks is compromised by great winning amounts and several endorsements of reputed brands. F1 legend Michael Schumacher achieved first place on the Forbes list of Richest Players in 1999 with a total income of $49 million. He again achieved the same in 2000 with $59 million.

6. Boxing

The game of boxing has also made its mark among the very best paying sporting event. It also earns its place as one of the most dangerous sports of modern days. Well-known boxers earn huge amounts as their tournament prize money. They also get good amounts of profit from Pay-Per-View commissions, betting, and endorsements.

7. Basketball

Famous basketball tournaments such as the NBA received compliments for being among the highest-paying sports leagues. The participants get huge amounts of salary from their respective teams. Besides, they also earn millions from numerous of their endorsements. They have their signature shoes and jerseys to boost their yearly income. Basketball player Michael Jordan tops the Forbes list of Richest Players with $35.9 million.

8. Tennis

It is viewed by many as one most popular recreational sports played by millions across the globe, Tennis players count themselves among the top sports earners in the world. This news might not come as a shock because studies have proven that tennis is the second most demanding sport that will test your stamina to its limits.

Here are top ten most valuable basketball teams in the world

  • Los Angeles Clippers; Value – US$2.75 billion
  • Boston Celtics; Value – US$3.2 billion
  • Chicago Bulls; Value US$3.3 billion
  • Los Angeles Lakers; Value – US$4.6 billion
  • Golden State Warriors; Value – US$4.7 billion.
  • New York Knicks; Value – US$5 billion.
  • Toronto Raptor; Value – US$2.15 billion
  • Dallas Maverick; Value – US$2.45 billion.
  • Houston Rocket; Value – US$2.5 billion
  • Brooklyn Net; Value – US$2.65 billion.

Forbes has also released the top 10 highest-paid sports athletes in the world in 2022.

  • LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers: $96.5 million.
  • Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain: $95 million.
  • Roger Federer, tennis: $90 million
  • Lewis Hamilton, F1: $82 million
  • Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $76 million
  • Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets: $75 million.
  • Conor McGregor, UFC: $180 million
  • Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Barcelona: $130 million.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus: $120 million.
  • Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: $107.5 million.

What is the highest paid sport in America & The World | Highest-paid sport 2022

What are the most popular sports in the world?

The most popular sports in the world are basketball, American Football, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, and Volleyball. These are also the highest paying sports and millions of people around the world are highly interested in these sports, invest decent amounts in them.

What sport is the hardest?

Boxing, Ice Hockey, Football.

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