Wrong Endorsement Solutions On Back Of Check | How to Endorse a Check

Wrong Endorsement Solutions On Back Of Check | How to Endorse a Check

Wrong Endorsement Solutions On Back Of Check | How to Endorse a Check. There are several ways to endorse a check and how you endorse it depends on what you want done with the money and how the check is filled out. Kamerpower.com

Who Signs the Back of Check?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding on where signatures go. Is it your responsibility to sign the back of a check when you write it, or is it the responsibility of the recipient? When you write a check, you just need to sign on the front—right on the signature line.

How to Endorse a Check

You endorse a check on the back of the check. There may be a simple line or a box that reads: “Endorse Here.” There’s usually another line that says, “Do not write, stamp, or sign below this line.” The endorsement area is typically about 1.5” long and covers the breadth of the check.

For Deposit Only—Restrictive Endorsement

The most secure way to endorse a check is to:

  • Write: “For Deposit Only to Account Number XXXXXXXXXX”.
  • Sign your name below that, but still within the endorsement area of the check.

This method specifically instructs the bank that the check should be deposited into the account identified in the endorsement. Whether you are taking the check directly to the bank or if a friend is taking the check to your bank for you, we recommend that you use this method as a more secure option.

Wrong Endorsement On Back Of Check What to Write & How to Sign - check endorsement rules and regulations

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How to endorse a check to a third party

This is not considered a good practice to do, but it can be done. Some banks will not accept third-party checks due to the risk of fraud and most check-cashing places won’t accept them either.

If someone pays you with a check and you want to hand that check over to a third-person for a payment that you owe them, then you can do this with an endorsement. Write:

  • Pay to the order of [Person’s Name].
  • Then sign the check.

Wrong Endorsement Solutions On Back Of Check | How to Endorse a Check

Is it necessary to Sign the Back of a Check?

If you are receiving rather than writing the check, you may be able to deposit it without a signature in certain cases if it is payable to you. However, it is best to sign the check; without a signature. It may be returned to the issuer, resulting in fees and delays in receiving your money.

What happens if you accidentally endorsed a money order?

Many money order providers and cashiers won’t let you correct the mistake yourself. Changing information on the completed money order will make the order ineligible for cashing; the official policy is that money orders must be canceled and/or refunded if there is a mistake.

How do I fix a check endorsement?

To be properly endorsed, the name signed on the back of the check must match the payee’s name on the front of the check. If the name was misspelled or written incorrectly, sign it with the incorrect version, then sign again with your correct name.

What you’ll see on the Back of a Check

  1. Security Screen: This region is only for financial institutions and you cannot use it as a customer. Banks use this room to record the sequence of events that occur when they process the check.
  2. Endorsement Area: This is where you sign or endorse the check before depositing or cashing it. This may be as easy as signing the form.
  3. Security Box: A security feature that includes an alert that discourages thieves from modifying or copying the check. It also includes advice to help customers decide whether or not a search is valid. 

How do you Correct Wrong Check Endorsement?

Endorsing a check means signing the back of it. Consumers can endorse checks because this is the step required to legally transfer funds to the bank. If your bank has strict deposit rules, wrong information on the endorsement area of the check can cause problems.

For example, since your name must fit the “Pay to the Order Of” line, if anyone incorrectly fills out your name, you must endorse it with the incorrect spelling, and you may also write the correct signature in the endorsement field. Unfortunately, crossing it out would not work if you wish to change a wrong endorsement, such as switching from “for deposit only” to another endorsement type; technically, there is no way to reverse an endorsement; however, your bank may be laxer about adhering to their own laws, so you may be able to get away with making a change.


Wrong Endorsement Solutions On Back Of Check | How to Endorse a Check

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