10 Best Accelerated Online Theology Degree | Cheapest Online Theology Degree

10 Best Accelerated Online Theology Degree | Cheapest Online Theology Degree

10 Best Accelerated Online Theology Degree | Cheapest Online Theology Degree. If you want to explore the depth of the Christian theological tradition, you will enjoy the online Theological Studies degree major or minor in the Department of Theology in US universities. Kamerpower.com

It’s important to consider that the cheapest online theology programs may not always be the best. Quality curricula from accredited, reputable schools offer far more benefits than degrees from colleges that charge low tuition rates but provide low-quality education. The theology online degree is especially appropriate for those wanting to serve the body of Christ in a teaching and preaching role as a minister in a church, a missionary, someone in parachurch ministry, or whatever setting God calls you.

10 Best Accelerated Online Theology Degree | Cheapest Online Theology Degree

  • Christian Counseling
  • Christian Ministries.
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament.
  • Writing and Literature.
  • Evangelism.
  • Global Studies
  • Biblical and Theological Studies.
  • Biblical Languages.
  • Biblical Scholarship.

Building on the core elements of biblical and theological knowledge, the online theology degree program emphasizes the depth and breadth of Christian theology historically and in the contemporary world. In learning how other Christians have responded to their own cultural issues, those with the online theology degree will be well prepared to continue in the tradition of theologically robust engagement with the world.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Online Bachelor’s in Theology?

Online undergraduate theology degrees offer a manageable alternative to traditional campus-based programs. Most programs require approximately 120 credits; students who enroll full-time complete the degree in four years or less. Some schools offer accelerated programs, which take two years or less to finish with continuous full-time enrollment. Online students, who often have to juggle work or family responsibilities, sometimes choose to take one or two classes per term, lengthening how long it takes to complete the degree.

10 Best Accelerated Online Theology Degree | Cheapest Online Theology Degree

What is the highest degree you can get in theology?

A PhD in theology is the highest level of academic distinction one can earn in the field. The programs on this list focus on Christian theological systems. Often doctoral degrees in theology will have stiff requirements in foreign languages such as Greek, Hebrew, as well as, modern language.

How long is a degree in theology?

4 to 5 years. A bachelor of theology is a 120–credit course that can be completed in four to five years. In this type of program, you’ll delve into subjects like ethics and philosophy, while also deepening your understanding of biblical and historical theology.

Do theologians make money?

Theology Master’s Degree Salary Potential. MTS degree holders can expect to earn anywhere from under $20,000 to over $150,000. Some professions may not even come with a salary; they may provide a stipend or be volunteer-based.

Courses for an Online Bachelor’s in Theology

1. Introduction to Ministry

Students in this course learn about the responsibilities and challenges in contemporary church ministry. They analyze leadership principles, administrative procedures, organizational and managerial practices, counseling, and ethics. Course content addresses practical considerations such as the management of staff, volunteers, and finances, and the upkeep of buildings and grounds along with the worship and pastoral needs of congregants.

2. Church History

This course provides historical and theological training for future church leaders, ministers, and educators. It explores the history of Christianity and the church both in the United States and globally, with a special emphasis on non-Western traditions.

3. Biblical Studies in the Old and New Testament

A gateway class for undergraduates in the major, this course presents an overview of the message and context of the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments. Students acquire biblical hermeneutics skills and learn to analyze biblical language and text, synthesize biblical knowledge, and integrate principles into contemporary applications.

4. Pastoral Counseling

This course appeals to students seeking positions in pastoral ministry and provides the academic foundation for graduate studies and licensure in counseling. Students integrate and apply theological and psychological principles of pastoral counseling and care, using case studies in several areas including bereavement support, marriage and family counseling, and ministries designed for youth and other special populations. 

What Kinds of Schools Offer an Online Bachelor’s in Theology?

Christian colleges generally adhere to a Christian orientation, employing faculty who espouse a Christian worldview. They offer a variety of undergraduate liberal arts and sciences programs similar to those offered in secular schools, along with religious studies courses. Whether nondenominational or church-sponsored, these schools attract students who prefer environments that promote Christian values.

Best Schools Offering Online Bachelors in Theology Degree

1. Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University offers 3 online bachelor’s degrees in theology. Students may choose from Biblical Studies, Christian Studies, and Christian Ministries. Each program requires the completion of 120 credits and a GPA of 2.0 or higher to graduate. When applying, applicants must fill out an online form and have a high school diploma.

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2. Grand Canyon University – BA in Christian Studies Degree

Grand Canyon University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies. Online courses last for 7 weeks. A total of 120 credits are needed to graduate, and students can transfer in up to 90 qualifying credits. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0, but applicants with a GPA of 2.5 may apply if they have high SAT scores.

3. Liberty University – BS: Christian Leadership and Management

Liberty University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management. Applicants only need to prove they have graduated from high school. Courses last for 8 weeks, and the program can typically be completed in 3.5 years. Students need to complete 120 credits to graduate, and if they have qualifying credits, they can transfer in up to 75% of the required credits.

4. Southeastern University – BS in Ministerial Leadership

Southeastern University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.0. The program offers four areas of concentration that students may choose: Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, Humanitarian Ministry, and Pastoral Care and Counseling. Students must complete 120 credits to graduate.

5. American Public University – Online Bachelor of Arts in Religion.

American Public University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Religion program. The program includes a final capstone project on a related topic of the student’s choosing. To graduate, students must complete 120 credits, with up to 90 transferable credits accepted. APUS is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

6. Gardner-Webb University

Gardner-Webb University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry, a Bachelor’s in Discipleship Studies, and an Accelerated Pastoral Ministries degree. Students must complete roughly 120 credit hours to graduate. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.72 or higher and an SAT score of 1015 or an ACT score of 22.

7. Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College offers online bachelor’s degrees for mature students. Students interested in gaining a degree related to theology may choose between a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies or in Ministry Leadership. Students must complete 120 credits to graduate. Applicants must have a spiritual life reference and an autobiographical essay.

8. University of the Cumberlands – Online Bachelor’s Degree In Missions & Ministry.

The University of the Cumberlands offers an online Bachelor’s in Missions and Ministry. To graduate, students must complete 120 credit hours, with the option of 12 elective classes from the School of Lifelong Learning. To apply, interested students must submit an online application with all official transcripts.

9. Clarks Summit University

Clarks Summit University offers a number of bachelor’s degrees related to theology. Applicants must have a high school diploma. Degree options include Accelerated Pastoral Ministries, Worship Studies, Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministries, and Camping Ministries. The required credits range from 120 to 151 credit hours and courses last for 8 weeks.

10. Regent University – Divinity & Theology Degree

Regent University offers three bachelor’s degrees related to theology, including Biblical & Theological Studies, Christian Ministry, and Christian Leadership & Management. Classes range from lasting 8 weeks to lasting 15 weeks, and 120 credits are required to graduate. Students 24 and older must take the programs online, while those that are younger may take classes online or on campus. All transcripts and test scores must be submitted when applying.

Best Jobs with a Bachelor’s in Theology

1. Youth Pastor

These pastors administer youth ministries within a religious organization or church-affiliated social agency, conducting programs for young people from preschool through college. They counsel, conduct meetings and study groups, and engage young people in community outreach and mission work. Many youth pastors hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and some hold counseling licensure.

2. Pastoral Counselor

These faith-based mental health professionals integrate religious beliefs into therapy and counseling applications. They assist individuals dealing with personal challenges, including depression, substance abuse, mental illness, and behavioral disorders. Prospective pastoral counselors usually obtain a bachelor’s degree in theology or a related field before pursuing licensing and further graduate training in psychology, counseling, or pastoral care.

3. Hospital Chaplain

Chaplains offer appropriate spiritual guidance, emotional support, and counseling to patients, families, and caregivers as requested. Large hospitals often employ several chaplains representing multiple religious faiths. Most chaplains hold at least a bachelor’s degree in theology or divinity studies, and previously served in a clerical role or as a counselor.

4. Director of Religious Activity and Education

Responsibilities for religious directors include the design and implementation of religious-based programming. Religious organizations often prefer to employ directors with a bachelor’s degree in ministry, Bible studies, or a related area, plus experience working with diverse groups.

5. Clergy

Clergy are individuals who conduct worship services and perform spiritual functions related to the beliefs and practices of a religious faith. Clergy lead congregations, preside over services, direct educational programs and other activities, and provide guidance and support. Many religious organizations require clergy members to have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in ministry or a theology-related field.


10 Best Accelerated Online Theology Degree | Cheapest Online Theology Degree

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