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Kamerpower is a Cameroon Base company founded in December 22, 2014 by Alondi Commanda, with its Head Office in Bamenda, Mile 2 Nkwen, North West Province, Cameroon. Kamerpower is dedicated to producing the best guides and how-tos including latest Educational Resources, orientation to students, latest job offers and many more.

Today, Information and Communication Technologies enhance development. They have become the main factors of progress, and even the new form of emergence as mentioned in the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP), Vision 2035 and the Millennium Goals.

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In order to consolidate the efficiency of our Educational system in  Cameroon, the entire world is resolutely resorting to electronic procedures and exchange methods. Each country is striving to develop its electronic  system to improve its productivity, management mechanisms and more.

Cyber accessibility in  Cameroon has  become very necessary for everyone,  since majority of Cameroonian seek for Education both in public and private institutions; public higher education institutions are what Cameroonians target the most because they might end up working in the Public sector, the individual has to pas through a filtering competitive examination (Concours) system before they can gain access into these institutions. So Kamerpower then contributes to the development of Cameroon  by making available to the general public and development partners useful information on public and private  higher education in  Cameroon.

This website ( Kamerpower ) is like a portal for public and private education institutions and also a guide for users seeking for information related to education in  Cameroon. Everybody including students, staff in Educational institutions in  Cameroon and our supporters has to contribute to this website’s ( Kamerpower ) development periodically by sending your feedback and also asking questions by commenting on articles that you do not clearly understand. A support team is always there to answer you.

To this end, our individual and collective commitment endeavors shall undoubtedly enable our education here in Cameroon to develop with a view to promote academic excellence as well as the professionalization of the Educational System whose Professionalization/Employability Module is one aspect of academic governance. Development efforts should be backed up by training based on relevance, fairness and the assessment culture. Cameroonian universities should fully benefit from the multiplier effects of the development of Internet networks. This is the indispensable condition to be fulfilled by them to become modern, efficient and competitive in a globalized academic environment. It is time for us to see the power of Our nation Kamerpower.

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