20 Best High Paying Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry in 2022

20 Best High Paying Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry in 2022

20 Best High Paying Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry in 2022. Natural Gas Distribution refers to the distribution pipelines and regulating equipment at metering-regulating stations that are operated by a Local Distribution Company within a single state. Kamerpower.com

Working in this industry can be a beneficial career choice not only because of the high salaried positions available but also because of the practical experience you can gain in these positions.

Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path? | 10 High-Paying Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry

Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

If you’re looking for a career that is growing rapidly and offers a lot of opportunities for growth, then a career in natural gas distribution may be a good option for you. Distribution company employees need strong technical skills, as well as the ability to manage people and projects smoothly.

They also need to be well-informed about environmental sciences, as natural gas distribution involves working with gas pipelines and other systems that can be dangerous. However, the job market for natural gas distributors is healthy and continues to grow. So, if you’re interested in this type of career, you can learn more by attending accredited training programs or colleges specific to the industry.

20 Best High Paying Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry in 2022

Is natural gas easily transported?

A big volume of natural gas is difficult to ship over oceans because of its low density and hence high volume.

What is the difference between gas transmission and distribution?

Compressor stations and storage facilities provide their natural gas to regulators via transmission pipelines, which transport it to final destinations. Pre-distribution regulators reduce pressure before it reaches the system.

What does gas distribution mean?

The gas distribution system is a large network of pressurized pipes in the ground. The utility does not directly send gas from a starting point to a particular customer, but instead ensures that the distribution system, in its entirety, maintains the correct pressure to deliver gas to customers safely and reliably.

Best Highest Paid Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry

1. Designer : Average salary – $62,419 per year

Designers work in a variety of fields and are typically responsible for planning creative solutions and systems. In the natural gas industry, designers work with drilling and construction teams to create timelines and delivery systems. They may work on creating pipeline systems that allow natural gas to be distributed from its source to the destination facility.

2. Operations manager : National average salary – $63,595 per year

Operations managers are professionals who coordinate the various teams involved in the production of a product or service. They ensure that development goals are reached on schedule and within the budget. In the natural gas industry, operations managers communicate with the teams that create gas pipelines to ensure they have necessary equipment and materials.

3. Construction manager: National average salary – $77,238 per year

Construction managers supervise construction sites and keep their teams organized. They’re responsible for delegating responsibilities and creating work schedules for their employees. Construction managers are experts in construction practices and can train employees in proper operation of the heavy machinery and equipment necessary for their construction projects.

4. Project engineer : National average salary – $75,818 per year

Project engineers are responsible for the engineering and technical aspects of project development. They calculate what materials are needed, do research on construction sites and develop cost-effective solutions. Project engineers typically work on-site rather than in an office environment so they can communicate with their team more effectively.

5. Project manager: National average salary – $73,922 per year

Project managers supervise all aspects of a project from start to finish. When working with natural gas distribution, project managers coordinate logistics with the pipeline team, distribution team and utility facilities.

6. Distribution manager: National average salary – $70,741 per year

Distribution managers are professionals who supervise teams that work in distribution factories. They conduct tests and perform repairs on goods leaving their facility to ensure quality control. In the natural gas industry, distribution managers work with construction teams to provide any necessary materials for the building of pipelines and distribution of gas to consumers.

7. Transportation manager: National average salary – $63,449 per year

Transportation managers supervise a team of transportation professionals to ensure that goods and materials are being transported efficiently. This team usually includes drivers and operators. In the natural gas industry, transportation managers work with their team to get the materials required by a construction team to build pipelines.

8. Project accountant: National average salary – $61,016 per year

Project accountants are the financial professionals who manage a project’s budget and finances while it’s operational. They communicate with project managers and engineers to ensure that each stage of the project is completed under budget.

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9. Construction supervisor: National average salary – $60,549 per year

Construction supervisors are the managers of construction sites. They work closely with their construction team to ensure that a client’s design specifications are being met. They also work closely with architects and engineers to ensure that the building is up to code and without fault.

10. Distribution center supervisor: Average salary – $58,771 per year

Distribution center supervisors are professionals who oversee facilities that distribute goods. In the natural gas industry, they coordinate logistics with the construction company and utility facilities to ensure that all equipment is delivered on schedule.

11. Drilling contractor: National average salary – $54,833 per year

Drilling contractors are a type of contractor who specializes in operating drilling equipment. Because they work as a contractor rather than part of a large construction company, drilling contractors are usually responsible for providing and maintaining their own equipment.

12. Distribution specialist: National average salary – $54,710 per year

Distribution specialists work with transportation networks to deliver products. They load and unload vehicles, operate machinery and communicate with suppliers. In the natural gas industry, distribution specialists work with construction teams to help source the materials and equipment needed to complete a job.

13. Driller: National average salary – $50,862 per year

Drillers are construction professionals who operate the heavy drilling machinery. They learn and adhere to safety protocols for equipment operation.

14. Gas technician: National average salary – $53,682 per year

Gas technicians work with the piping, faucets and appliances that use natural gas. These technicians install and repair the machinery and equipment used by homes and businesses.

15. Engineering program manager: National average salary – $103,216 per year

Engineering program managers design strategies that promote the development of business objectives. They often work for large companies and supervise a variety of engineering teams. The engineering program manager ensures the coordination of all engineering teams through effective communication and leadership.

16. Petroleum engineer: National average salary – $88,378 per year

Petroleum engineers design methods for extracting raw materials, such as natural gas and oil, from beneath the ground. These engineers often work on-site to determine the tools and equipment needed for a successful project.

17. Geographer: National average salary – $83,447 per year

Geographers are scientists who map global positions and explore uncharted territories. They search for points of interest, such as raw material deposits and rare animal species. In the natural gas industry, many geographers help search for natural gas deposits.

18. Geologist: National average salary – $84,955 per year

Primary duties: Geologists are scientists who study the earth’s composition and history. Geologists conduct field research in sites of geological interest such as volcanoes, mountains and other landforms. They also may work in a lab, studying samples and writing papers.

19. Environmental health officer: National average salary – $76,036 per year

Primary duties: Environmental health officers ensure compliance with health and safety codes. They inspect facilities and job sites to make sure employees are not at risk from unsafe practices. Environmental health officers are knowledgeable about local and federal building codes and can determine if a facility is safe to occupy.

20. Reservoir Engineer: Average annual salary of $172,000

Reservoir engineers estimate the amount of oil or gas that can be extracted from subterranean deposits called reservoirs. They examine the properties of the reservoirs in order to decide which extraction techniques will provide the most oil or gas. The optimization of the flow of petroleum oil and gas via reservoirs is the responsibility of a professional known as a reservoir engineer.

Education Requirements for a Career in Natural Gas Distribution

If you`re interested in a career in natural gas distribution, you should know that certification can be helpful. For example, the National gas pipeline safety administration (NGPSA) requires personnel working with natural gas pipelines to have a certificate from the American National Standards Institute. However, most employers prefer candidates with a four-year degree in engineering or a related field.

Furthermore, experience working with gas distribution systems and safety regulations is often preferred. If you meet all of the above requirements, your career in natural gas distribution is definitely an option!


20 Best High Paying Jobs in the Natural Gas Distribution Industry in 2022

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