Cameroon GCE board O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus

Cameroon GCE board O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus.

575 Additional Mathematics

Kamerpower team always have its viewers best interest at heart, so we always make sure we bring to your door step any article that will be of help to you all, especially as all GCE candidates preparing for their registered subjects this year. Cameroon GCE board O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus.


This syllabus is intended essentially for mathematical knowledge, ability and skill for further studies in Mathematics, Social Sciences and Engineering. Knowledge of 570 Mathematics syllabus will be assumed and questions will be set on any section of its contents. The syllabus is designed to broaden the Mathematics experiences of candidates whose aptitude, ability and inclinations are such that they experience a high attaining level. Such candidates may continue their study of Mathematics to the Advanced Level.
Candidates will be required to use non programmable electronic calculators.


The syllabus aims to enhance numeracy and literacy in Mathematics. The 575 syllabus should also enable candidates to:

  1. provide an advanced insight for progression into Advanced Level Mathematics 765 and 770.
  2. apply Mathematical knowledge in other subject areas, particularly in the Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology.
  3. develop the ability to reason logically, classify, generalise, prove, solve a wider selection of problems, present the solutions clearly and interpret the results.
  4. appreciate patterns and relationships in areas of Mathematics, produce and bring out imaginative and creative work arising from additional areas, especially those around the learner’s environment.


The objectives of the examination are as follows:

  1. To demonstrate confident knowledge of the techniques of Pure Mathematics specified in the syllabus.
  2. To apply the knowledge of mathematics to solve problems in Mechanics or Statistics and Probability.
  3. To apply the knowledge of Mathematics to solve problems for which an immediate method of solution is not available and may involve knowledge of more than one topic in the syllabus.
  4. To write clear and accurate solutions to mathematical problems.


The scheme of assessment will require the candidates to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Mathematics terminologies and principles in a variety of context (AO1).
  2. set out mathematical work, including the solutions to problems, in a logical and clear manner using appropriate symbols and terminology (AO2).
  3. make logical deductions for given mathematical data and interpret Mathematics in terms of daily life and in diagram form, interpret, transform and make use of mathematical statements expressed in words or in symbols.(AO3).
  4. organise, interpret and apply mathematical knowledge in a variety of context, present information in written, tabular and graphical forms and estimate work to degrees of accuracy appropriate to the context; i.e. analyse a problem, select a suitable strategy and apply an appropriate technique to obtain its solution.(AO4).


  • Assessment Objective Weighting
  • Knowledge (AO1) 30 %
  • Understanding (AO2) 40 %
  • Application of knowledge (AO3) 20 %.
  • Higher level abilities (synthesis, analysis and evaluation) (AO4) 5%
  • The assessment objectives are weighted to give an indication of the relative importance. The percentages are not intended to show the precise number of marks allocated to particular assessment objectives.

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The examination will consist of two papers.

Paper 1 will examine topics in Pure Mathematics only and will consists of about 50compulsory
multiple choice questions to be answered in 1hour 30 minutes. This shall be 40 % of the total subject marks

Paper 2.This will be a paper of2hours 30 minutes and cover 60 % of the total marks. It will examine topics in Pure Mathematics with Mechanics or Pure Mathematics with Statistics and Probability, and will consist of three sections: A, B and C.

Section A will consist of a number of questions in Pure Mathematics and the candidates will be expected to attempt all.
Section B will consist of three questions in Mechanics for which the candidates will be expected to attempt two questions.
Section C will consist of three questions in Statistics and Probability for which the candidates
will be expected to attempt two questions


  • Candidates are expected to answer a combination of Section A and Section B OR Section A and Section C, but NOT a combination of all the three sections.
  • Nonprogrammable electronic calculators and formulae booklets may be used.

SECTION A: PURE MATHEMATICS(Compulsory for all candidates)

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Cameroon GCE board O Level Additional Mathematics syllabus.

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