Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon: cycle A Financial Division recruitment 50 students

Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon: 


ORDER N° 005761 / MINFOPRA /OF 11 JUNE 2022.

To announce the competitive entrance examination for the recruitment of fifty (50) students into cycle A of the Financial Division of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), for the 2023-2024 academic year. Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon: cycle “A” DRF.


Mindful of the Constitution.
Mindful of Law N°99/016 of 22 December 1999 bearing the general rules and regulations governing public establishments and enterprises of the public and semi public sectors.
Mindful of Decree N°75/776 of 18 December 1975 bearing the special statute governing the corps of personnels of Financial Services.
Mindful of Decree N°84/157 of 18 April 1984 bearing the special statute governing personnels of the corps of Prices. Weight and Measures, together with all the amendments thereto;
Mindful of Decree N°94/199 of 7 October 1994 regulating the general status of the Public Service, together with all the amendments thereto.
Mindful of Decree N°2005/154 of 6 May 2005 to organize the National School of Administration and Magistracy ( Concours ENAM 2021 Cameroon: cycle “A” ) and the amendments thereto.
Mindful of Decree N” 2011/408 of 9 December 2011 to organize the Government.
Mindful of Decree N°2011/410 of 09 December 2011 to reshuffle the Government.
Mindful of Decree N° 2012/537 of 19 November 2012 to organize the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform.
Mindful of Decree N°2000/696/PM of 13 September 2000 regulating the general rules and regulations for government Competitive Entrance Examinations.
Mindful of Order N°004831/ MINFOPRA of 10 October 2012 regulating Studies and Schooling in the Administrative and Financial Divisions of the National School of Administration and Magistracy.


Article 1:

(1) A competitive entrance examination for the recruitment of fifty (50) students into Cycle “A” of the Financial Division of ENAM, is hereby announced for the 2022-2023 academic year.
(2) The places available are reserved exclusively for the Customs Section. Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon:

(3) The syllabus for the examination is appended to this order. Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon:

Article 2.

The examination shall be open to all Cameroonians who meet the following conditions:

  1. fulfill the general requirements for employment into the Public Service as well as the conditions laid down by the general rules and regulations of the Public Service. 
  2. be holder of a bachelor’s degree issued by a state university in Cameroon. or a professional degree in law. economics. accounting and management, issued by a University or Institution recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education or any equivalent diploma issued by a foreign university. 
  3. be thirty two (32) years of age at most, as at 1st January 2023.

NB: The civil servants of any category are not allowed to apply.

Article 3.

  1. Application forms are obtainable from ENAM (
  2. Examination fees stand at FCFA 15 000 (fifteen thousand francs) for external candidates.
  3. Examination fees shall be paid to the Accounting Officer of ENAM for those who deposit in the Centre or the Regional Delegations of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform for the others, against a receipt attesting payment of the said fees.
  4. All documents shall be deposited in ENAM or the Regional Delegations of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform excluding those of the Centre Region. Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon:
  5. Application forms shall be deposited in ENAM for those who deposit In the Centre or the Regional Delegations of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform not later than Friday, 13th August 2022.

(6) The documents required are as follows

  • an application form bearing a CFA 1000 fiscal stamp.
  • a certified true copy of the required academic certificate.
  • an attestation of the presentation of the original of the required certificate signed by the Governor or the Senior Divisional Officer.
  • an attestation of presentation of the original of the G.C.E. A/L or an equivalent diploma.
  • a receipt attesting payment of the registration fee. issued by the Accounting Officer of ENAM for those in the Centre or by the Regional Delegates of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reforms for the others: Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon:
  • a certificate of non-conviction of not more than three (03) months issued by the competent Judicial authorities;
  • A medical certificate of not more than three (03) months on the date the application form is deposited and signed by a medical doctor of a public hospital.
  • a certified true copy of a birth certificate typed and signed by the competent administrative or council authorities.

N.B. All incomplete files or files containing fake or falsified documents shall be rejected.

(7) The lists of candidates authorized to sit for the competitive entrance examination shall be pasted at ENAM on Wednesday 22nd September 2022 at the latest. The publication of the list shall serve as individual notification to candidates.

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Article 4 :

(1) The written part of the examination which shall take place at the Yaoundé Centre (ENAM) only, shall be done according to the following schedule:

a) Common core: Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon:

General Knowledge:
Duration: 4 hours, coeff. 3
Date: Saturday, 25 September 2022; from 7:30am to 11:30am.

Constitutional Law:
Duration: 4 hours, Coeff. 4
Date: Saturday, 25 September 2022 ; from-.1:00opm to 5:00pm.

Economics :
Duration: 4 Hours. Coeff. 4
Date: Sunday, 26 September 2022 ; from. 7:30am to 11:30am.

Statistics and Econometry:
Duration: 4 hours, Coeff. 05 
Date. Sunday, 26 September 2022 , from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

(2) Candidates are expected at the examination halls at 7 a.m. at the latest for papers that shall be written in the morning, and 12:30 p.m. for the afternoon paper. Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon:

Article 5 :

The oral part of the examination which shall take place in Yaounde (ENAM Cameroon) shall comprise an interview with:

  • a grand jury : coeff 2 
  • a language jury : coeff 2.

Article 6 :

All National Identity Cards receipts obtained less than three months before the latest date of application for the entrance examination shall not be accepted.

Article 7:

Any case of fraud recorded before during or after the competitive entrance examination shall be sanctioned in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Article 8:

This order (Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon: cycle “A” DRF) shall be registered and published in the official Gazette in English and French.

Concours ENAM 2023 Cameroon: cycle A Financial Division recruitment 50 students.

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