Full Guide: How to Get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Paris, France 2023-2024

Full Guide: How to Get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Paris, France 2023-2024

Full Guide: How to Get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Paris, France 2023-2024. Getting cheap student accommodation in Paris isn’t easy. Most students deal with the shortage of student housing to the heavy cost of student accommodation in Paris, France. kamerpower.com

Ultimately, studying in Paris attracts more international students and they represent 40% of students in Paris. As a result, more than 1,600,000 students seek student accommodation in Paris each year.

Every year, more students enter the student housing market. Unfortunately, the supply of student accommodation is not progressing at the same pace.

Available spots in the 1,040 public dormitories and CROUS residences are rare and quickly taken by storm.

In addition to the lack of accommodation, another phenomenon must be taken into account: almost all students start looking at the same time.

What Kind of Accommodation Should I Choose for my Student Accommodation in Paris?

The offer of student accommodation in Paris is extensive and students can choose from several options.

However, most of the students seeking accommodation in Paris is primarily looking for accommodation in the capital itself. Most student housing in the center of Paris is quite expensive.

For the student on a budget, should concentrate more on the cheap student accommodation in Paris or nearby.

You can start with the student accommodation we consider cheap, such as homestays, studios and shared apartment.

1. Shared Student Accommodation

Shared accommodation is really on high demand especially for international students and it is the cheapest way to get a more spacious and comfortable student apartment. Kamerpower.com

In cities where rents are quite affordable like Grenoble or Marseille, staying with the locals can be as cheap as €250. In comparison, a homestay in Paris would cost around €500, while renting a whole house would cost up to €800.

There are many advantages to sharing an apartment with someone else. Although a little more expensive than a room in a homestay, it is still much more affordable than private student accommodation.

2. Studio: Individual Student Accommodation

The studio apartment has become one of the most common type of student accommodation offered by owners in Paris.

Unsurprisingly, most students prefer a furnished student studio to avoid additional purchases and additional costs.

3. Private Student Accommodation for Flexible Budget

When your budget allows, some students may want more space in their student accommodation.

In fact, it is quite unusual to find two-bedroom apartments in student residences. They only represent 10% of the student residence offer.

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4. Homestays for Low Budgets

Students generally have low budget. To reduce the share of rent in their total expenses, 10% od students are happy to stay in a homestay.

With this type of accommodation, students pay almost no service charge for services such as internet or electricity.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Student Accommodation in Paris?

Paris is the most expensive student city in France. Living in Paris can cost up to twice as much as in provincial cities. The rental budget is high and monopolizes a large chunk of a student’s overall budget. For example, a budget of €823 should be planned for a 20m2 studio in Paris, including expenses.

While a student who wish to live outside Paris has an average student budget of €777. In the inner suburbs, the average student budget is €721. In Grand Paris, this budget is reduced to €627.

An individual student apartment costs around 20-30% more. The average rent for this type of accommodation for students is around €501 in private homes and €571 in private accommodation for students.

A two-bedroom apartment would cost €1,485 per month. But renting student accommodation in or around Paris varies a lot by location.

A student who wishes to live in Paris can expect to find a student rental in Paris for €842 all-inclusive. These amounts are reduced as the investigation spreads outside of Paris.

Where Can I Get Cheap Student Accommodation in Paris, France?

For student who doesn’t reside in Paris, the best place to begin your search for a cheap student acommodation is online.

1. Studapart – Get Cheap Student Accommodation

Due to the high increase in student population in Paris, it’s always difficult getting cheap student accommodation. Kamerpower.com

Sometimes Parisian students may have to change cities several times during their studies due to internships. Studapart offers you a fast, smart, and smooth rental experience.

2. Erasmusu – Best Website

Finding accommodation takes a long time if you do it yourself. Erasmusu is one of the best websites to get good and cheap student accommodation in Paris.

3. Paris Attitude

Paris Attitude offers comfortable accommodation to an expatriate family, housing students near their universities, or helping owners to make profitable their Parisian property.

Full Guide: How to Get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Paris, France 2023-2024

How can I rent student accommodation in Paris?

To rent student housing in Paris, you can have a look at our listings, connect with your university to find out about your options or even look for rooms for rent in Paris.

How big is student housing in Paris?

Student apartments or student flats in Paris are usually around 11m² to 176m².

How much does it cost to rent student housing in Paris?

If you want to rent a student residence or a student apartment in Paris, you can expect rent prices between €437and €1,450.

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