How Many Jobs Are Available In Ophthalmic Goods In 2023

How Many Jobs Are Available In Ophthalmic Goods In 2023

How Many Jobs Are Available In Ophthalmic Goods In 2023. There are 500+ jobs available in ophthalmic goods but the field has very low competition when compared to any other field. Nowadays this field is going to trend because many people are searching for ophthalmic goods jobs.

With a diploma in ophthalmic technology, students can find ample job opportunities especially in eye care areas. There is a good demand for skilled professionals especially in eye protection. They are largely hired in eye hospitals, optician shops, lens factories and many more. There are also a good number of job roles available for diploma in ophthalmic technology students.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Ophthalmic Goods In 2023 | Is Ophthalmic Goods A Good Career Path | Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Ophthalmic Goods

How Much Does an Ophthalmic Medical Technician Make?

Ophthalmic Medical Technicians made a median salary of $37,940 in 2020. The best-paid 25 percent made $47,490 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $31,030.

What are ophthalmic goods?

Ophthalmic goods are goods of a group of components that is related to optical departments or optical material. Some of the ophthalmic goods are sunglasses, Glass frames, Contact lenses, Eyeglasses, spectacles, Anti-glare lenses, Parts of eye frames, etc. Let us see some of the ophthalmic goods jobs below and I explain each ophthalmic good job.

What are Best paying jobs in ophthalmic goods?

  • Ophthalmic business manager
  • Technical support (Ophthalmic)
  • Ophthalmic Product designer
  • Ophthalmic product developer.
  • Ophthalmic customer care executive
  • Ophthalmic Inside sales executive
  • Ophthalmic Bill agent
  • Entrepreneur in the ophthalmic field
  • Ophthalmic goods importer
  • Ophthalmic Assistant
  • Ophthalmic sales executive
  • Business development associate.
  • Ophthalmic goods manager.

The Highest Paying Optical Jobs in 2023 | Jobs Available In Ophthalmic Goods

1. Glaucoma Specialist

A glaucoma specialist is an ophthalmologist, or eye doctor, that specializes in glaucoma management. As a glaucoma specialist, your job is to diagnose glaucoma and develop effective treatment programs for patients. Typical duties involve examining a patient’s eyes, diagnosing the specific issue, and offering preventative advice. Salary range is $43,500-$237,500 per year.

2. Optical Engineer

An optical engineer oversees the scientific application of optics and light in an industrial, research, or manufacturing setting. As an optical engineering professional, your responsibilities include the design of instruments and products that rely on optics, from space telescopes to DVD players. Salary range is $86,000-$132,000 per year.

3. Licensed Dispensing Optician

A licensed dispensing optician helps select and fit patients with prescription eyewear in an optometrist’s office. As a licensed dispensing optician, you work with customers to choose the best type of eyeglasses or contact lenses for their eye health and lifestyle habits, ensure they fit comfortably, and coordinate with ophthalmic laboratory technicians to create the eyewear. You also educate patients on how to insert contact lenses and care for them properly. Salary range is from $44,000-$58,500 per year.

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4. Certified Ophthalmic Technician

A certified ophthalmic technician (COT) assists an ophthalmologist with various eye care tasks in a clinical setting. As a certified ophthalmic technician, your responsibilities include taking the patient’s medical history and other information, performing preliminary eye tests and measurements, and providing the ophthalmologist with any additional support they might need. Salary range is from $36,500-$46,500 per year.

5. Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

A certified ophthalmic assistant works alongside eye physicians, or ophthalmologists, offering medical and administrative support. Essential duties include administering eye exams, recording patient information, providing customer service, rooming patients, and cleaning exam rooms and equipment. Salary range is $34,500-$45,500 per year.

6. Ophthalmology Assistant

An ophthalmology assistant, or ophthalmic assistant, works for a licensed ophthalmologist, providing care related to the eye. Their responsibilities can include taking patient medical histories, helping with eye tests or measurements, informing patients, and logging notes regarding the doctor’s treatments. Salary range is $33,500-$42,500 per year.

7. Optometric Assistant

An optometric assistant is responsible for assisting a licensed optometrist with patient vision care. They are considered medical assistants but do not have a medical certification or qualifications like physician’s assistants. Your job duties vary from office to office, depending on the size of the practice. During your career, you gain experience performing front desk duties such as scheduling appointments, filing records, calling patients, and handling insurance claims. Salary range is $26,000-$34,000 per year.

8. Optical Laboratory Technician

An optical laboratory technician works in a laboratory setting, producing eyewear such as glasses and contacts based on the prescription from an optometrist. In this career, your duties start with selecting the appropriate lens based on the prescription standards set out by the optician. You then cut, grind, and polish them so that they meet the prescription criteria and fit within the frames. Salary range is $20,500-$29,000 per year.

9. Optometric Technician

Optometric technicians assist an optometrist during eye exams and other optometric procedures, providing eye health tests and consultations. In addition to working with the dispensing optician, your duties include taking patient medical histories and conducting any pre-tests ahead of the exam. Salary range: $26,000-$33,500 per year.

10. Exterminator

The responsibilities of an exterminator, also called a pest control worker, include identifying the pest problem, using pesticides, or choosing, mixing, and applying a chemical solution to get rid of pests such as rodents, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more. Other strategies include setting mechanical traps and placing bait, and then removing dead animals after the process is complete. Salary range is $31,000-$40,500 per year.

Types of ophthalmic goods companies:

  • The ophthalmic medical device companies
  • Ophthalmic laser companies
  • Ophthalmic lens companies
  • An ophthalmic mutual insurance company
  • Ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies.
  • Ophthalmic instrument company
  • Ophthalmic device companies.
  • Ophthalmic equipment companies.
  • Ophthalmic supply companies.

Is Ophthalmic a good career path?

Yes, ophthalmic goods is a good career path because there are more companies that are ready to hire jobs in this field. So the competition is very low by comparing to any other fields and also helps to build your strong career. In these fields gives you several knowledgable ideas which help to grow in future.


How Many Jobs Are Available In Ophthalmic Goods In 2023

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