Instructions to candidates for examinations organised by the Cameroon Baccalaureat Board 2022

INSTRUCTIONS (Cameroon Baccalaureat Board)


It is strictly forbidden:
1) to admit a candidate to the examination room 15 minutes after the start of the examination . To this end, a candidate absent for a mandatory test, written or practical, whatever the reason, is considered to have resigned and excluded from such examination.
2) to enter the examination sub-center with:

  • a mobile telephone or other telecommunications device (organizing, handsfree, show radio transceivers even miniaturized etc.);
  • a portable computer.

3) to provide any kind of paper, notebooks, books other than authorized dictionaries or lexicons (cf. Bonds and Recommendations overleaf).
Those who would have brought inadvertently papers, notebooks, books, or other contraband unreported in paragraph 2 must submit the supervisors before the start of the exams under pain of exclusion;
4) to use the dictionary during the change of foreign languages, except for Arabic; bilingual dictionary,

5) exchange instruments whatsoever between candidates for the duration of the test;
6) to communicate with its neighbor and / or watch on his copy.
7) to go out of the examination room during the test. (In case of real and serious illness, the candidate will be allowed to leave, but his name and the time will be recorded and must be accompanied by a supervisor);

8) to write on the test paper unless requested to do so.
9) use correction fluid.
10) to write on the concern the part of the sheet reserved for the composition any indication likely to identify the candidate (name, institution, city, address, phone numbers or other distinctive signs).
11) to appear at the examination center equipped with dangerous objects (knives, guns, clubs …)


1) Dress

  • The regular uniformed candidate consist of its establishment, with the exception of a seminarian whose school map will prevail.
  • The independent candidate and that of evening classes arise in proper attire, without extravagance.

2) Documents shown at the entrance room:

  • the school identity card or national identity card (regular candidate).
  • national identity card (free candidate or evening classes).
  • the registration receipt.

3) Materials and writing document 

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  • The candidate will use only the writing papers and scratch paper provided by the Administration; he will enter his name and table number before the start of the exam; the room supervisor will ensure it.
  • He carefully read extracts from texts governing official examinations top of inside page of the sheet composition or the page inserted.
  • Two to three pens (or ballpoint pens) blue ink, purple or black only, an ordinary pencil, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a ruler.

B.2- Recommandations

Applicants are allowed to use:
1)  scientific and technical events
Non-programmable scientific calculators, ordinary calculators tapeless log tables, tables of natural values of the trigonometric functions, the new digital tables for common functions, tables of numerical calculation, slide rules, graphs and tables the abacuses, OHADA plan.

2) Technology and Drawing
The drawing materials (ruler, square, side, compass, gum, etc.). The candidate may use drawing paper, graph paper 5×5 which he will have to get himself. This sheet of graph paper or drawing should not contain any name or signature. It will be inserted in the answer sheet provided by the Administration.

3) Four ancient languages
The Latin and Greek dictionaries without grammatical appendix.

4) In Arabic
The bilingual dictionary (French-Arabic, English-Arabic).

These materials and documents are strictly personal, are not the subject of an exchange between candidates.

Note that any fraud or attempted fraud before, during or after the course of a session, is liable to a suspension of 1 (one) to 3 (three) years for all examinations organized by the the Cameroon Baccalaureat Board.

Instructions to candidates for examinations organised by  the Cameroon Baccalaureat Board 2022.

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