Top 10 Highest Paying Finance Jobs In 2023 | Is Finance A Good Career?

Top 10 Highest paying finance jobs in 2023 | Is finance a good career?

Top 10 Highest Paying Finance Jobs In 2023 | Is Finance A Good Career? Finance jobs can be incredibly lucrative positions for people who have strong mathematical and analytics skills. If you are good with numbers or you just fancy a career in finance, you might be in a steady questioning stage of ” Is finance is a good career path”?

The finance industry is broad and includes everything from banking and investments to financial technology, or Fintech, as it’s commonly known. In finance, you are usually tasked with controlling various financially related activities like investing, budgeting, saving, and borrowing.

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Is Finance Actually A Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in finance is exciting and rewarding, and, usually, very lucrative. It attracts young people who are hugely ambitious but who also have a head for economics, accounting and the ability to quickly and intuitively grasp and process complex financial concepts and data. Finance is an exciting and very lucrative business field with lots of benefits.

List of Best Paying Finance Jobs

  • Hedge Fund Analyst: $200,000 a year.
  • Investment Banker: $90,000 per year
  • Private Equity Associate: $100,000 per year.
  • Security Trader: $88,000 per year
  • Financial Accountant: $63,000 a year.
  • Financial Analyst: $74,000 per year.
  • Actuary: $125,000 per year
  • Financial software developer: $93,817 per year
  • Chief financial officer: Average salary – $123,265 per year
  • Senior accountant: $73,547 per year.

Top 10 Highest paying finance jobs | Is finance a good career?

Is finance is a good career?

Yes, it is an exciting and lucrative career.

What career in finance makes the most money?

Financial advisor, Insurance advisor, Financial analyst, Investment banker, Information technology auditor, Compliance analyst, Senior accountant, Hedge fund manager.

Is finance a competitive field?

Yes, being of the most lucrative career options it is very competitive.

The 3 Types of Finance

1. Public Finance

The sub-category of finance known as public finance controls activities like budgeting, taxing, and debt policies, dealing with how the government pays for public services. Public finance is also part of the fiscal policy of a country. 

2. Personal Finance

The principle of financial planning generally involves the careful assessment of the financial strength of an organization, individual, or corporation in order to devise an effective strategy for the financial needs that will help in succeeding in all finance-related endeavors. Personal finance deals with financial activities like insurance, mortgages, credit cards, and individual banking. 

3. Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is a type of finance that deals with all the financial activities of a corporation or business. The main goal of corporate finance is to maximize the overall value of their products through standard financial planning. Activities that corporate finances cover include tax considerations and investments.

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What are the Best Highest Paying Finance Jobs?

1. Actuary

These professionals utilize their knowledge to measure the livelihood and severity of the risk. They also can predict and minimize the impact of upcoming risks, and this is an ability that is extremely useful for businesses.

2. Financial Accountant

They primarily deal with a company’s financial statements. These include the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, income statements and, cash flow statements. Financial accountants keep track of the company’s reports.

3. Investment Banker.

The role of an investment banker is highly versatile. They help public and private sectors issue debt and securities. Furthermore, investment bankers often advise on transactions about mergers and acquisitions.

4. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts use their research skills and knowledge of securities to advise firms on their investment decisions. They measure the risks and accordingly approve or reject investments in stocks, bonds, and other securities.

5. Hedge Fund Analyst: $200,000 a year.

The job of a hedge fund analyst is similar to that of an investment banker. The primary difference lies in hedge fund analysts managing high risk and rewarding portfolios for investors who pool their capital to make investments in hedge funds.

6. Private Equity Associate: $100,000 per year on average.

Private equity associates are professionals that help investment firms create deals. They assist in finding potential investors, assist with acquired investments, and perform due diligence for existing customers of an investment bank.

7. Chief financial officer: National average salary – $123,265 per year

Primary duties: The duties of a CFO are vast and include overseeing analysts and budgeting, making cost-related decisions about technology infrastructure and managing financial teams.

8. Senior accountant: $73,547 per year

Senior accountants are usually at the top of an accounting hierarchy and are responsible for the day-to-day duties of accounting. They perform tasks like being accountable for sticking to budgets, meeting accounting goals and overseeing corporate expenditures.

9. Security Trader: $88,000 per year

Security traders are a medium between the buyer and the seller. They help sell securities like shares or bonds to various potential buyers in the financial market. They do this either on their account or their employer’s account based on their level of expertise.

10. Financial software developer: $93,817 per year

Financial software developers work in the growing Fintech space, creating programs that meet the needs of financial institutions and end-users.


Top 10 Highest paying finance jobs in 2023 | Is finance a good career?

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