Top 30 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well [Part-Time]

Top 30 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well & Part-Time

Top 30 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well & Part-Time. The reasons to look for a weekend job can be either to supplement your income from their Monday through Friday position. Also, students with heavy class schedules during the week may choose to allocate weekend hours to paid employment.

There are many ways you can supplement your income, and one increasingly popular way is through the weekend job. If you’re searching for weekend jobs, it’s important to find a job that, Offers flexible hours and work location, requires few or no credentials or costs to get started and has high income potential.

Top 30 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well & Part-Time Jobs

What is a weekend job?

A weekend job is a side job that helps raise extra cash outside of your primary source of income. A weekend job or a side job shouldn’t interfere with your primary job. When looking for a side job you should steer clear of any company that requires you to pay a fee before you start earning.

Advantages of a weekend job

  • It’s more flexible than a traditional job and won’t interfere with the schedule of your primary job.
  • It can lead to a new career or much larger opportunities than you initially planned
  • You can learn new skills that could help you professionally.
  • You’ll earn extra income.

Top 30 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well & Part-Time

Where to Find Weekend Jobs?

Most weekend jobs are part-time jobs and can be found in retail, food service, child care, and medical care.

Can you get a job only on the weekends?

Yes. Most weekend jobs are part-time jobs, including retail, food service, child care, fitness, customer service, teaching, tutoring, and medical care positions. Whether you only need a part-time job or you need to supplement your full-time income, there are countless weekend jobs available nearly everywhere.

How can I make money on the weekend?

Look for a Part-Time Work. Check Traditional Job Websites. One-Off Gig Websites. Check Weekend Temp Jobs. On-Demand Staffing Apps. Gigs.

Can you make a living on weekend jobs?

Yes, it is possible to make a living on weekend jobs depending on the position’s title and schedule. However, this won’t be true for all jobs or situations.

How to look for a weekend job?

When it comes to finding the perfect weekend job, there are tons of different sites, apps, and programs to check out, depending on which particular jobs interest you. It’s imperative to verify the legitimacy of any route you choose. Finding the right weekend gigs can come down to the effort you put into searching for them. Like regular job searching, weekend job searching can often be half the battle.

30 Best Weekend Jobs To Supplement Your Income | Weekend Jobs Near me

1. Delivery driver or Rideshare

If you enjoy driving, you’re a safe driver, and you’re good with directions, this is the job for you. As an independent contractor, you’ll be able to work a flexible schedule that works for you. Weekends are the prime time to be available for rides and food delivery services.

2. Freelance Graphic designer

If you are skilled in coding and web authoring tools, consider offering freelance web designing services. There are always companies and organizations looking for an artistic and tech-savvy person to design their website. This job is only recommended for those with knowledge of graphic design and photo editing software such as Photoshop.

3. Customer service representative

This is another great job that can be done right from home, customer service representatives speak with customers and process orders for retailers. All you need is a good headset, and you’ll be able to remotely take calls as per your desired schedule.

4. Retail Sales Worker

Stores in many areas experience peak volume of shoppers on the weekend when they allocate staffing more extensively. Retail sales clerks need strong customer service skills and attention to detail to process transactions accurately. Retail positions require staff to spend long hours on their feet.

5. Receptionist

Nail bars, gyms and hair salons use front desk receptionists to welcome customers into their establishment. You’ll need a friendly personality to make customers feel at ease. It’s a good idea to become a receptionist in a business you have an interest in, so you can use your weekend job to make valuable contacts.

6. Wedding Videographer/Photographer

Weddings are mostly scheduled on weekends, so this job can be perfect for photography and videography enthusiasts. You may need to meet with prospective clients during the week, but most of the work, including building a website with portfolio samples and editing photos and videos, can be done on the weekend.

7. Re-seller

A re-seller is someone who – you guessed it – re-sells items they’ve bought at higher prices in order to turn a profit. You can sell anything from furniture to antiques, to clothes, and even repurposed materials. If you frequent thrift stores, antique stores, and flea markets, this gig is ideal for you. There can be some unexpectedly valuable things in those places.

8. Landscaper

Landscaping gardens is an ideal way to get extra cash if you want to find weekend jobs near you. If you’re handy with a lawnmower and have mowed and trimmed your own garden, walk around your neighborhood, introduce yourself and offer your landscaping services on weekends.

9. Tutor

If you have teaching experience, did well in school, and/or are knowledgeable about a particular subject, this is a great option. You can make more money with certain specialized subjects. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam. Tutors help students of all ages learn subjects at school or prepare for big tests. There is also a large market for tutors who teach English to kids learning it as a second language.

10. Barista

Coffee shops are a regular fixture in any local community. Consider approaching a coffee shop near you to get a weekend job as a barista. You’ll learn to make coffee that customers love and get to know the regular customers.

11. Private chef

Some families don’t have the time to prepare healthy balanced meals for the week. If you have experience cooking for a large number of people, why not consider working as a private chef on weekends?

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12. Bartender

Bars experience high traffic on weekends. Sports bars are very busy around weekend sporting events like college and professional football. Wedding and event venues will also provide weekend-based opportunities. Bartenders need to have knowledge regarding mixing drinks, a lively personality, good listening abilities, and customer service skills.

13. Janitor

Buildings need to be properly cared for in order to keep them in good condition. As a janitor, your duties will include cleaning floors, emptying trash, and stocking up bathrooms with the necessary supplies. Being a janitor is ideal for weekend work since weekends are a good time for office building owners to make sure everything is in place for Monday morning.

14. House cleaner

Modern families are getting busier and find it more difficult to make time for some vital tasks. Most people want a clean home but aren’t willing to sacrifice the time. Take advantage of time-poor families to offer house cleaning services on the weekend.

15. Wedding DJ or Musician

Weddings are typically weekend events, and bands can also schedule much of their practice time on the weekend. You might need to schedule some time to meet with prospective clients during the week, but most of the work can take place on the weekend.

16. Registered Nurse

There is a high demand for registered nurses to supplement regular staff and to work weekends.

17. Web Designer

Web designers analyze the needs of businesses, individuals, and other entities to represent their operations to the public through the internet. They create web pages using coding and formatting tools. Web designers incorporate content, graphics, and video into websites. They must have a strong knowledge of desktop web authoring tools, as well as writing and graphic design skills.

18. Ski Instructor

Ski resorts experience peak traffic on weekends and need an expanded roster of instructors to meet demand. Ski instructors assess skiers’ abilities, as well as explain and demonstrate an appropriate technique to enhance performance.

19. Tax preparer

This is a great weekend job that helps accounting services run smoothly and continue processing requests. This job is in exceptionally high demand during tax seasons and other peak times. Tax preparers help individuals using tax services to gather and document all of the necessary information in order to prepare their taxes. It involves interviewing clients and passing relevant information along to those who will be doing their taxes.

20. Proofreader

Proofreading is a great example of a job that needs no certification. It’s a job where, if you want to, you can land your first client today. And with the recent explosion of web content, it’s also a job that’s highly in demand. As a proofreader, you’ll take content others have written and read it over with a fine-toothed comb. In other words, if you hate it when bloggers like me use incorrect grammar, you’ll love this job. 

21. Handyperson

Most working families would prefer to have home repairs done on the weekend, during their off-hours. Potential customers often don’t have the skills or the time to complete jobs like minor carpentry, installing light fixtures, painting, repairing drywall, or light plumbing work.

22. Tour Guide

Passionate about your city? Do your out-of-town family and friends turn to you for advice before they visit? Consider turning that knowledge into some extra cash as a local tour guide for visitors. Tour guides are paid pretty well, which makes it a great part-time job (especially if you’re looking for weekend work).

23. Housesitter

For people planning to go away for the weekend, the experience will be more relaxing if their property is in the hands of someone they trust. Weekend work as a house sitter involves making sure the property is safe while the occupants are away.

24. Food truck staff

Weekends can be busy times for food truck owners. These restaurants-on-wheels will provide you with a distinctive weekend job. Depending on whether the food truck travels to different locations, you’ll meet new and interesting people every time you go to work.

25. Sign spinner

Sign spinners draw attention to a particular business. Stores with an event to promote, such as a grand opening, use people to hold signs that point potential customers to their business.

26. Transcriptionist or data entry worker

A transcriptionist is someone who transcribes audio files, including general, medical, and legal. Data entry workers similarly take a given piece of data and put it into official records. There are a variety of data entry and transcription jobs available for different assets.

27. Dog walker/Pet sitter

A pet sitter is someone who essentially “babysits” for others’ pets while they are away, ensuring that they are fed and cared for. Similarly, a dog walker walks and cares for others’ dogs when they are unable to. People need dog walkers and pet sitters quite often when they are at work, on vacation, or have any plans away from home.

28. Baby sitter/nanny

Babysitting is a time-honored tradition for making extra cash, especially as a student. Nannying is a more involved form of babysitting that requires consistent and frequent care for a child or children, which also means a more consistent cash flow. Both routes can be great weekend jobs.

29. Online Coach

If you have expertise others find valuable, you can create an online course and sell it. This used to be very hard, as you had to build your audience from scratch. But websites like Udemy now have an audience of people looking to learn.

30. Retail associate

If you enjoy selling and meeting new people, then weekend work as a retail associate could be for you. It’s very likely that you’ll receive training, which will give you useful transferable skills. Most people look for part-time weekend jobs at a retailer they like because they not only get to make extra cash.

Disadvantages of a weekend job

  • It may be an energy drain trying to juggle this job with your primary job.
  • You may end up having less time to focus on your primary job.
  • You’ll have less free time and leisure time on the weekends.


Top 30 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well & Part-Time

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