10 Best Online Chemistry Courses With Lab For College Credit 2022 [Accredited]

10 Best Online Chemistry Courses With Lab For College Credit 2022 [Accredited]

10 Best Online Chemistry Courses With Lab For College Credit 2022 [Accredited]. Online chemistry courses cover both general and organic chemistry. The college credits are usually charged per credit course. Students studying chemistry can benefit from any of these online chemistry courses and apply for the credit transfer through an application form provided by their host institution. Kamerpower.com

College chemistry courses can be taken online through a variety of online learning platforms partnering with some colleges that provide chemistry courses online. College credits are important especially in advanced placement or dual enrollment courses because these courses will be included on their transcript upon submitting an online college application.

10 Best Online Chemistry Courses With Lab For College Credit 2022 | Accredited Courses

What is a College Credit?

College credit is used as a standard measurement of a student’s academic competency. It measures the number of applied hours that are recognized for the completion of a specific course. one college credit represents one hour spent in a classroom and two hours spent on homework each week.

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the branch of science that studies matter and its interaction with other matter and energy. It deals with the properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds, how they can change, and the energy that is released or absorbed when they change.

What are the Best Online Chemistry Courses for College Credit?

The two main branches of chemistry are General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, covering a wide spectrum of other chemistry-related subjects and this data is what we use in identifying the best online chemistry courses for college credit.

  • edX – Basic Analytical Chemistry by The University of Tokyo — Top Pick
  • edX – Introduction to Solid State Chemistry by MIT — Best Full-Length University Course,
  • Coursera – Introduction to Physical Chemistry by The University of Manchester — Best for Physical Chemistry Students
  • Udemy – Basic Principles of Chemistry — Best for Exam Preparation.
  • Coursera – Chemistry by The University of Kentucky — Best for High School Students.
    Organic Chemistry 1
  • Organic Chemistry 2.
  • General Chemistry 1
  • General Chemistry 1 Lab.

10 Best Online Chemistry Courses With Lab For College Credit 2022 [Accredited]

Which online course is best for chemistry?

Teaching Primary Sciences: Chemistry (FutureLearn), Exploring Everyday Chemistry (FutureLearn)., Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth. (FutureLearn). General Chemistry Condensed. (Udemy). Chemistry 101 – Part 1 Principles of Chemistry.( Udemy).

How can I study chemistry by myself?

You can self learn chemistry by reading a variety of chemistry books. The best chemistry books will help you understand the periodic table, chemical reactions, and chemical formulas. Additionally, you can learn the basic and advanced concepts of chemistry by taking online courses.

Where can I learn chemistry online free?

Edx offers both individual courses and advanced programs designed to help you learn about basic chemistry concepts and chemical science fundamentals in an engaging and effective online learning environment complete with video tutorials, quizzes and more.

Where can I find Online college courses?

Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, Alison.

Why enroll in Online chemistry courses for college credit?

Online chemistry courses for college credit will help you acquire an in-depth understanding of general chemistry and organic chemistry and gain college credits as well.

Where can I learn chemistry online free Online with lab for college credit in 2022

1. Full Online chemistry – Oregon State University’s Department of Chemistry

Your pathway to degree completion and career development runs through Oregon State University’s Department of Chemistry, where interactive teaching techniques and opportunities to hone your professional skills are brought to life in a series of rigorous online courses and labs. Delivered online by nationally ranked Oregon State Ecampus, these course and lab sequences for science, non-science and engineering majors are all developed and taught by world-class OSU, and they are delivered by chemistry faculty in a flexible online format that gives you the ability to keep moving forward.

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2. Introduction to Solid State Chemistry by MIT – edX

MIT’s Introduction to Solid State Chemistry is designed for university students, high school students, and teachers. The online course includes the same curriculum and learning materials as the on-campus course, which has been taught for over 40 years and is one of MIT’s largest classes. As the only full-length university course on our list, this option is ideal for students and academics planning to pursue a degree and career in chemistry. With high school calculus as a prerequisite, this course is not suitable for beginners.

3. Introduction to Physical Chemistry by The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester’s Coursera class focuses on the specific subject of physical chemistry to aid first-year undergraduate students in their studies. The course covers thermodynamics, kinetics, and quantum mechanics through online lectures and virtual labs. The course is free, fully online, and includes a certificate of completion.

4. General Chemistry Condensed Course online (college or high school)

For students that need a quick refresher on fundamental principles of chemistry, General Chemistry Condensed on Udemy is a great option. The course takes all of the major topics in a general chemistry course and condenses them into easily digestible animated videos, which is an appealing deviation from the standard lectures used in other online courses.

5. Basic Analytical Chemistry by The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo’s Basic Analytical Chemistry course on edX is our top pick for the best overall online chemistry course. The course is suitable for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in chemistry, and as analytical chemistry is a prominent subject in all fields of experimental sciences, it is a great option for any science student. The course is taught by expert instructors from the University of Tokyo.

6. Chemistry by The University of Kentucky

Available on Coursera for free, is perfect for high school students and students preparing for their transition to university as it is designed to cover subjects included in advanced high school chemistry courses. The course covers areas such as atomic structure, periodic trends, compounds, reactions and stoichiometry, bonding, and thermochemistry.

7. Chemistry 101 – Part 1 Principles of Chemistry

Instead of focusing on exam preparation or helping students transition to university, this online chemistry course offers an accessible introduction for anybody who wants to study chemistry, whether it’s just for fun or to advance their education. The course content is based on the International GCSE specification and teaches participants basic topics such as states of matter and chemical formulas.

8. Exploring Everyday Chemistry by University of York

Covering a range of chemistry-based topics relating to our everyday lives, FutureLearn’s Everyday Chemistry course is ideal for hobbyists with an interest in how chemistry impacts our lives. You’ll learn the chemistry behind perfume, sports products, medicine, and brewing from experts at the University of York. The course is available for free, but to receive a certificate of completion

9. Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth by University of Leeds

Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth is part of the University of Leed’s Going to University Collection — a collection of online courses designed to prepare high school students for university by introducing them to first-year undergraduate subjects. Students will learn about planetary atmospheres across the solar system, explore the possibility of life on other planets, and discover how atmospheric chemistry is communicated in the media.

10. Teaching Primary Sciences: Online Chemistry Course

While most of the courses on our list are designed for students looking to supplement their education, FutureLearn’s Teaching Primary Sciences: Chemistry focuses on helping teachers develop their chemistry knowledge to improve their ability to effectively teach their students. The National STEM Learning Centre developed this course to support the teaching of STEM subjects. The course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service and participants will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion.

11. General Chemistry I Lab Online Course – University of North Dakota

This laboratory course accompanies CHEM 121: General Chemistry I. To be successful in this course, students must effectively prepare in advance for laboratory work. Throughout the course students plan and collect data to answer a scientific question, then analyze data to identify relationships and to effectively report the data. Students will make a claim and support that claim with evidence from the collected data, and recognize whether results and conclusions “make sense”.

Students have 3 to 9 months to complete this course from the time of enrollment. You may work at your own pace and complete lessons on your own schedule, submitting up to three items per week for grading. This course contains 10 lessons which includes a non-proctored exam.

The lesson experiments include: 

  • Separation of a Mixture of Solids.
  • Acid/Base Chemistry.
  • Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction.
  • Titration for Acetic Acid in Vinegar
  • Caloric Content of Food.
  • Lab Techniques and Measurement
  • Observation of Chemical Changes.


10 Best Online Chemistry Courses With Lab For College Credit 2022 [Accredited]

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