16 Best Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 | Easiest high paying College majors

16 Best Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 | What are the easiest high paying College majors?

16 Best Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 | What are the easiest high paying College majors in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Finding an easy major depends on a lot of factors. Also, it’s important to note that just because some major is easy to complete and offers a lot of respectable-paying jobs, nothing but yourself, your resume and skills guarantee that you’ll get a good job. Kamerpower.com

A college major is an academic discipline an undergraduate student formally enrolls in and successfully completes all courses required in the major. This qualifies the major for an undergraduate degree. So, choosing the right college major is crucial and tactful, all factors must be considered before concluding on the best college major to go for.

16 Best Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 | What are the easiest high paying College majors in USA UK Canada Australia

What are the easiest high paying majors?

  1. Education Major
  2. Religious Studies Major.
  3. Social Work Major
  4. Sociology Major
  5. Creative Writing Major.
  6. Psychology Major
  7. Criminal Justice Major
  8. English Major
  9. Anthropology Major
  10. Linguistics Major
  11. Music Major
  12. Humanities Major
  13. Communications Major
  14. History Major.
  15. Health Major
  16. Liberal Arts Major.

How to know if a college major is easy?

What you classify as an easy college major is up to you. It’s a subjective term mainly determined by your high school performance, dedication, and GPA. Depending on your devotion, hobbies, and interests, you may find some college majors easier than others. It’s a commonplace that a student will choose a college major that they were excelling at during their secondary education. Moreover, students will find the easiest degrees among the subjects they had the best GPA at.

16 Best Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 | What are the easiest high paying College majors?

What are the easiest high paying majors?

Philosophy Major, Health Major, Sociology Major, Creative Writing Major, Communication Major, History Major, Religious Studies Major, Education Major.

What are English language proficiency requirements?

It is an English test to ensure that candidates can read, write, and communicate fluently in the English language.

Can students work and study simultaneously in the United States?

International students can work on campus up to 20 hours/week in their first year with permission from the International Students Office. And in subsequent years, they will be granted permission to work off-campus.

What is the easiest degree to earn?

Creative writing, Communications studies, Liberal studies, Theater arts, English literature, Sports management.

What are the Easiest College Majors in 2022?

1. Creative Writing

A creative writing degree teaches you how to use useful communication skills such as analyzing existing writing, making your own new work, and giving and receiving feedback from your peers. A creative writing major can be time-consuming (especially when you experience writer’s block). However, a creative writing major doesn’t have anything to do with spending time in the lab or doing advanced math.

2. Health Major

A Major in Health, either a Health Science or Health Administration degree, prepares you to help others without actually going to a medical school or nursing school. 

3. Computer Science major

Computer science major has some of the best career prospects and is available for those who love mathematics, analytical thinking, and problem-solving. Individuals like this tend to thrive most in this field and are particularly inclined to utilize various forms of technology. They also tend to enjoy learning in general. 

4. Marketing Major

Marketing majors is also one of the easy college majors focus on how to develop and brand products or services for the companies or organizations they will work for. A high school student who does best in subjects like finance and communication in high school usually goes for a marketing major. They are also good at math.

5. Foreign Language

Foreign language is another easy college major that involves learning to speak another language and learning about the culture of the place where it is most commonly spoken. Students who choose to pursue a foreign language degree often have a strong interest in a particular foreign language and a passion for a specific region in the world. They may have greatly enjoyed a foreign language course in high school or grew up speaking two or more languages at home.

6. Psychology Major

Next on the list of Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 is the psychology major. A psychology major focuses on the workings of the human psyche and knowing how to understand the behavior of individuals within culture and society. 

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7. Education Major

Education Major is a broad educational path and it allows the right candidates to utilize their learned skills to teach and make this world a better place. Teachers are with us throughout entire education and can impact how our education is impacted and how we grow as individuals.

8. Religious Studies Major

Next on the list of Best Easy Majors That Pay Well is Religious Studies Major. Religious studies aren’t for everyone, but those who have always been interested in theological research and want to land a great job without studying too much of math and chemistry can find various benefits at this job position. If you’re interested in finding answers to questions that haven’t yet been found, this major is the right for you.

9. History Major

History is often called the major of life and is often considered easy because it consists of various chronological facts that reveal how humanity survived all these centuries. Students of this major have to interpret the meaning behind various historical events and public figures that molded their time. If you love to read and write, this major widely focuses on that. The good part is there is no complex technical writing and confusing report.

10. Communication Major

Have you ever thought about the impact communication and media have on our world? People have different opinions and perspectives about the major actions in the world, and more often than not, they’re not afraid to present them to the world. If you think your communication skills can move people and events, perhaps, the communications major is the right place to start at. If you like reading and learning, there is a lot of theory, so students get to have an easier comprehension of terms.

11. Anthropology Major

Anthropology explores the processes that led to the development of humankind. It uses statistical data to predict what anthropology projections will be for the future. In a way, it’s similar to the history major because civilizations develop and this science follows that. It also explores fields like archeology and uses objects found throughout the history to explain human activities of that time.

12. English Major

English Major is just much more than literature major. You find yourself immersed in novels, poetry, and prose with ease, you enjoy reading and exploring the boundaries of human creation. English Major not only perfects your knowledge and practice from the English language, but it also teaches you how to analyze literature, and is all about reading all the greatest books ever written.

13. Social Work Major

If you want to help others and make a difference in the world, then a Social Work major may be what you want.

14. Sociology Major

Sociology majors focus on the study of human behavior through observation and collecting data.

15. Music

Music majors have different career opportunities such as being performers or music teachers. However, a music major can be time-consuming and mentally difficulties you will have to practice a lot and deal with your end-of-semester performance evaluations. But the good news is that music majors do not involve any difficult math or science courses. It also doesn’t require a ton of reading or writing, thereby making this quite major easy.

16. Business / Management

A major in business and business management focuses on the development of skills that are useful in numerous industries and can be transferred from one position to another. The major is quite broad in nature and covers a wide variety of related topics.

What are the Benefits of a College Major?

There are numerous benefits associated with completing a college major. Some of the most popular reasons to pursue a major include expanding your knowledge base, getting better career opportunities, and achieving job security.

1. Better career opportunities

Universities and Colleges design their curriculums, on-campus regulations and activities, to improve student development. Therefore, bachelor degree graduates enjoy better career opportunities. Regardless of their major. anyone enrolled in a major or a bachelor degree program is likely to attain and enhance a wide range of skills that can be utilized in various fields.

2. Strong career outlook

Many others bachelor degree graduates get more relevant in other aspects of their life. This include strong career outlook, easily transferrable skills that create competitive candidates in the job market and good financial compensation.

3. Desire to earn more money.

Though graduates who complete college are given various entry-level jobs, most employers still offer graduates who just completed a specific maor reasonable salaries. However, master and doctorate level degrees frequently lead to management and executive positions.

16 Best Easy Majors That Pay Well in 2022 | What are the easiest high paying College majors?

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