Postgraduate University of Yaounde I online registration procedures 2023-2024 (Master II and PhD programmes)

Postgraduate University of Yaounde I online registration

University of Yaounde I
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Postgraduate University of Yaounde I online registration procedures 2023-2024 (Master II and PhD programmes).

151331/UYI/CAB/R of 31 July 2022


The Rector of the University of Yaounde I hereby informs candidates wishing to be selected into the Master II and PhD programmes of the University of Yaounde I that registration procedures are as follows:

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  1. Pay your preregistration fees (10000 CFAF) into the accounts of United Bank of Africa, or via MTN Mobile Money and Express Union (this only concerns new candidates).
  2. Go to the website,
  3. Click on the Postgraduate School of you choice.
  4. Click on “Create my candidature”, then choose your Research Unit and provide your personal information.
  5. Cross check the information and save by clicking on “validation”.
  6. After validating, print out the information sheet which appeas on the screen with your identification code.
  7. Go to your Postgraduate School and drop your file containing the following documents:
    • A stamped envelope with your personal address.
    • The information sheet printed online.
    • A Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate.
    • A Certified Copy of your BA Degree.
    • Your Master I transcripts;
    • MA II transcripts for PhD candidates;
    • A Certified Copy of your MA II or your Doctorate degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontostomatology or your Diploma in Engineering;
    • A Curriculum Vitae;
    • Your MA II Transcriptfor registration into the PhD;
    • A letter of Recommendation signed by a Professor from your university of origin.
    • A Thesis Protocol not exceeding ten pages approved by your Supervisor.
    • Proof of PhD research funding duly approved by your Supervisor.
    • Any other document likely to provide more information on your academic and professional career.

A receipt showing payment of 10000 FCFA into the corresponding UBA account or through Express Union or MTN Mobile Money as preregistration fees for freshmen.

Make sure you validate your file in your chosen Postgraduate School (for freshmen in UYI).

Please Take Note:

  • Online submissions shall end on 15 September 2022.


Postgraduate University of Yaounde I online registration procedures 2023-2024 (Master II and PhD programmes).

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