Top 15 Best Evening Jobs Working From Home Part-Time

Top 15 Best Evening Jobs Working From Home Part-Time

Top 15 Best Evening Jobs Working From Home Part-Time. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most workers do their jobs during the day, between 5% and 10% of workers are on the job in the evenings.

Students find part-time jobs a good fit for their needs, as do many retirees, working parents, even entrepreneurs who need their days free to launch new ventures. 

Top 15 Best Evening Jobs Working From Home Part-Time

What are evening jobs?

An evening job is a job that you perform outside the standard eight to four or nine to five work shifts. This means you’ll either be working the evening shift or the night shift. Evening jobs refer to work done between 4 PM and midnight, whereas night jobs refer to work done between midnight and 8 AM.

Types of Part-Time Evening Jobs

1. Security

Many offices, event spaces, college campuses, hospitals, and more need security guards who are willing to work evening shifts. If you like working on your own, an evening security guard position might be the ideal job for you.

2. Hospitality

The hospitality industry is a broad category that includes everything from jobs in hotels to restaurants to casinos to amusement parks. Many of these places are open in the evenings and require employees to cater to guests at all hours of the night. Examples are Flight Attendant, Front Desk Associate, Gaming Dealer, Valet Attendant, Waiter, Guest Services Associate, Bartender, Bellhop, Chef, Cook, DJ, Hostess, Housekeeper.

3. Driving

If you enjoy driving in the evenings or at night, and enjoy solitude, you might consider a job as a delivery driver. Many companies need people to make deliveries late in the day or need people to drive through the night. If you like to interact with people, consider a job as a chauffeur, taxi driver, or rideshare driver.

4. Teaching

While most teachers work a typical workday, there are many positions that involve teaching in the evening hours. For example, you might teach a particular skill or activity to students (such as dance, music, etc.). You might also work as an evening tutor for students at a tutoring center or in an afterschool program. 

5. Customer Service

Customer service jobs range from assisting shoppers at a store to answering customer questions over the phone. Many companies need employees to fill the evening and night hours. If you like to talk to people on the phone or in-person and enjoy helping solve problems, this might be a good job for you. For example Customer Care Manager, Receptionist, Customer Service Agent, Dispatcher, Call Center Representative, Cashier, Client Relations Assistant, Help Desk Worker.

6. Healthcare

Hospitals always need people who are willing to work evening and night shifts. Often, these positions pay more because fewer people are willing to work them. Whether you are interested in working directly with patients or working on the administrative side of things, you can find an evening job in healthcare that is right for you.

Top 15 Best Evening Jobs Working From Home Part-Time

What are the top cities with open work at home evening jobs?

San Francisco, CA, Richmond, VA, Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, Washington, DC.

How can I make money part-time evenings?

The Best Night Jobs to Make Extra Money are Rideshare Driver. Bartending. Hotel Front Desk Clerk. Babysitting. Freelance Writer. Virtual Assistant. DoorDash Delivery Driver. Store Stocker.

What is the most hours in a part-time job?

Working 30 hours or less per week is typically considered part-time. However, part-time workers might work more or fewer hours than this per week overall.

What companies are hiring for work at home evening jobs?

1. Appen

At Appen, you can choose to do long-term or part-time work. The company just needs you to be able to commit to at least 20 hours per week. You’ll be responsible for performing several micro-tasks of varying natures whenever the company requires them.

2. ModSquad

ModSquad offers online jobs as moderators and social media agents. You get complete flexibility regarding location and time. Your role will include moderating forums and social media activity, managing communities, and chatting to customers.

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3. Rev

When you work for Rev, you can be a translator, transcriptionist, or captioner and can work from anywhere in the world at any time. It pays you weekly via PayPal for all the projects that you complete. 

4. ORC International

ORC International offers market research positions where you’ll be responsible for carrying out telephone research interviews on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. Their hours are flexible, meaning you can work in the evenings if you prefer to do so.

5. Textbroker

If you love writing, then you can get a job as a freelance writer at Textbroker. It has thousands of writing orders available worldwide every day, and you get to choose how much or little you write. Your hours are completely flexible, and you get paid for your articles as soon as the clients accept them.

6. Scribie

Scribie offers transcriptionist positions that, again, provide complete time and location flexibility. It pays $5–$25 per audio hour. As a benefit, it also offers career advancement opportunities as you can become a reviewer or proofreader if your performance is outstanding

7. U-Haul

U-Haul offers remote customer service representative positions. You can work anytime from 4 AM. through to 5 PM. However, the hours are flexible, so you get to choose how long you work.

8. Working Solutions

Working Solutions offers call and sales agent positions. The company would prefer it if you have previous call center experience and excellent communication skills. Be sure to include both your hard and soft skills in your resume when you apply. It offers day and night shifts that pay an average of $15 per hour.

9. Liveops

At Liveops, you can get a job as a remote call center agent, and you are free to set your own hours. With this position, the company doesn’t hire you. Rather, you become an independent contractor (self-employed), and it simply connects you with opportunities that suit your unique skills and availability.

10. VIPKid

If you love teaching children, you can get a job as a tutor at VIPKid. You’ll be responsible for giving children one-on-one online tutoring on your own work schedule. It offers competitive pay, and you can earn up to $22 per hour.

Tips For Finding Part Time Jobs from 6pm to 10pm Near You

1. Search Locally

If you are looking for a job close to home, use a variety of methods to find local night jobs. For example, if there are specific local businesses you are interested in working for, visiting their offices and ask if they have any evening jobs available.

2. Ask Your Boss if You Can Work Evening Hours

If you already have a job that you like but are either looking for extra work or a different schedule, ask your boss if you can make some changes. Perhaps they will let you do some extra work at night or change your hours. You won’t know until you ask. 

3. Use Job Search Sites

Most job search sites allow you to search by type of job. The advanced search options usually let you check off parameters like “part-time only” or even “night jobs.” Check out the advanced search options on your favorite job search site to see if you can narrow your search this way.

4. Consider Working Freelance

Depending on your industry, you might consider freelancing. This is a great way to work from home, and it generally allows you to work your own hours (including evening hours). Jobs like a writer, editor, virtual assistant, programmer, web designer, and more, can all be done freelance.

Advantages of work-from-home jobs from 6pm to 10pm

1. Creates healthier work-life balance

Remote work comes with flexible schedules, meaning that you’ll finally have the time to run your errands without breaking out in a cold sweat. Working remotely in the evening means that you’ll be able to do whatever you want during the day, which will also give you more time to spend with your loved ones.

2. Provides location independence

Most work-from-home workers get to work from anywhere in the world. This gives them maximum freedom to move to different cities or countries if they want to – all the while keeping their jobs.

3. Saves time and money

People who work from home save a lot of money. Since you’ll be working from home, you won’t have to worry about these transportation fees. Also, you get to save money on parking fees, your wardrobe, bought-out work lunches, and more.

Top 15 Best Evening Jobs Working From Home Part-Time

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