Top 7 Northeastern University Scholarships For US & International Students

Top 7 Northeastern University Scholarships For US & International Students

Top 7 Northeastern University Scholarships For US & International Students. Northeastern offers various scholarship opportunities to undergraduate students. Scholarships are a form of gift aid and do not need to be repaid.

Many awarded scholarships are guaranteed for up to eight academic semesters during your undergraduate program, provided that you maintain established eligibility criteria, including full-time enrollment, Satisfactory Academic Progress, and/or a minimum GPA. Scholarship eligibility and renewal criteria vary depending on the scholarship program.

Top 7 Northeastern University Scholarships For US & International Students | Is Northeastern University Difficult To Get Into

Northeastern University’s flagship campus is located at 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts. However, it has 11 additional locations in its campus network spread out across North America and the UK. Northeastern also offers more than 80 online programs in a variety of industries and fields that students can access from anywhere in the world.

Does Northeastern University offer merit scholarships?

Yes, Northeastern University offers various merit scholarships to prospective applicants of both undergraduate and graduate programs. These merit scholarships are awarded to select students majorly on the basis of academic excellence. Depending on the scholarship, the program, or the college, the eligibility requirements may change.

Top Scholarships at Northeastern University

1. Northeastern University National merit scholarship

Northeastern University awards merit scholarships to select students. Recipients of the prestigious Dean’s Scholarship are awarded up to $28,000 annually. All fall first-year applicants who apply for undergraduate admission to Northeastern no later than the Regular Decision deadline of January 1 are considered.

All fall first-year students admitted to Northeastern University London are considered for the Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and our expectation of superior performance.

Limited merit scholarships are also available for transfer applicants, including for members of Phi Theta Kappa. All transfer applicants who apply for undergraduate admission to Northeastern by the application deadline are considered.

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2. Stamps Scholars Program.

The Stamps Scholars Program is a highly competitive scholarship available only to the most accomplished enrolling Northeastern students. To be eligible, you must complete an application process, including a video application. Stamp Scholars receive a full scholarship.

3. Northeastern University National Merit Scholarship

This merit-based award is only available to newly admitted students designated as National Merit Finalists or College Board National Recognition Program Scholars. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must select Northeastern as their college of choice and submit all document.

4. The Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship.

The Northeastern University Boston Valedictorian Scholarship awards 10 full scholarships valued at $74,310 annually. To qualify, you must graduate as valedictorian in your

5. Torch Scholarship Program.

The Torch Scholarship Program annually provides 13 scholars with a full scholarship to Northeastern. To be eligible, you must be a first-generation full-time student and possess a nomination from an education professional.

6. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships (Transfer Students Only)

A grant recognizing high levels of academic achievement in the beginning years of college. Recipients who maintain normal progress toward a degree, with a minimum grade-point average of 3.000, may renew the award. Applicants for fall transfer admission who have earned a 3.500 grade-point average in 32 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours or units of college-level coursework. For eligibility, you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident enrolling directly from a two-year institution of higher education.

7. Boston Scholarships

Northeastern is deeply committed to working with the city of Boston and our campus neighbors. There are several additional scholarship programs available to Boston students, including: The Boston Housing Authority Scholarship, Northeastern Neighborhood Scholarship, The Boston Public High School Scholarship, Balfour Academy Scholarship, The Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship.

Boston Scholarships typically cover full tuition, or full tuition, room and board, depending on the scholarship, for up to eight academic semesters. Please note that these scholarship programs do not cover mandatory fees. Eligible students may apply for financial aid, which may assist with the cost of mandatory fees.

What are the acceptance requirements for Northeastern University?

Northeastern used to have an acceptance rate of 28%, which has now dropped to 6.7%. out of the 90,989 applicants that applied, only 6,179 were accepted, resulting in a 6.7% acceptance rate. More and more people are wanting to get into Northeastern, making the few slots available very sought after.


Top 7 Northeastern University Scholarships For US & International Students

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