What is a Six Figures Job? Top 20 6 Figures Jobs You May Not Know In 2023

What is a Six Figures Job? Top 20 6 Figures Jobs You May Not Know In 2023

What is a Six Figures Job? Top 20 6 Figures Jobs You May Not Know. Six-figure salary jobs are the mark of success. While formal education is often necessary to earn a six-figure salary, trade schools, coding bootcamps, and other alternative education programs can train people for high-earning positions. Kamerpower.com

Earning a salary of $100,000 a year is a major financial milestone for many Americans. The good news is that with steadily rising wages and increasing demand for skilled jobs, the goal of earning a six-figure salary is more attainable than ever before. The U.S. Census Bureau shows that the percentage of individuals with a total income of $100,000 or more per year (in 2018 dollars) has increased dramatically over the past several decades. While only 3.5 percent of earners in 1980 had the equivalent of a six-figure salary, that number rose to over 11 percent in 2018.

What is a Six Figures Job? Top 20 six Figures Jobs You May Not Know In 2023

What is “Six Figures”?

A six-figure income can range from $100,000 to $990,999 per year. This income level is commonly referred to as a six-figure salary. In general, six figures is the cut-off point for mid-level professionals: doctors, lawyers, accountants, and so on. This income range is also common among self-employed individuals who are earning a high income from one or more sources. The vast majority of people who earn a six-figure income have a mix of salaried and self-employed work. 

How Do You Earn Six Figures?

To earn a six-figure salary, you need to know which jobs offer six figures. Next, you can start to research the set qualifications and requirements. One example of a six-figure job is a software developer; the average salary is $107,510 per year. Software developers assess user needs and then design and build software. To pursue this role, you’d need to obtain a degree in computer science or a similar field.  

What is a Six Figures Job? Top 20 6 Figures Jobs You May Not Know

What is a 6 figure salary?

Basically, any career that earns more than $100,000 in a year but not over a million dollars is considered a six-figure salary. As you see the range is quite wide when you consider what a 6 figure income is.

How common is a six-figure salary?

6-figure salaries are more common than most people think. This is especially true in the tech industry. Typically, six-figure jobs require workers to have advanced technical skills. These can be learned at bootcamps or universities.

Is 100k still a good salary?

In most parts of the US, a $100,000 salary is considered good; maybe even very, very good. It can be more than enough for an individual or even a small family to live comfortably.

Is 6 figures considered rich?

A six-figure income is the epitome of success for many. Typically, earning a six-figure salary means you are one of the elite employees in your profession. Six-figure jobs come with various benefits such as job security, dental and medical insurance, and pension schemes.

How To Make 6 Figures?

  • Start by looking at what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing.
  • Pursue a career in what you love doing.
  • Work hard on a company that pays employees based on meritocracy.
  • Search for jobs that pay well and plan a career change or improvement.
  • Work on a side project to make extra money.
  • If you are a freelancer, be flexible and take on different gigs with the same skill set in different sectors.
  • Create a marketing plan for yourself that includes online, social media, and blog posts about your freelance work and how it helps people as well as how it helps your business grow.

Top Six-Figure Jobs With No College Degree In 2023

Going to college can be expensive and time-consuming, and not all six-figure jobs require you to have a college degree. You can pursue these six-figure roles whether you’ve been to college or not:  

1. IT Managers:

As an IT manager, your role would involve planning and leading IT activities within a business. IT managers can earn between $146,360 and $185,610 per year.  

2. Plumber:

Perhaps you’re more suited to a hands-on job? According to Building Talk, plumbers in the USA can earn up to $101,810 per year.     

3. Real Estate Broker:

If you have a keen interest in property, you might think about a career in real estate. As a real estate broker, you could stand to earn up to $180,000 annually.

What Is a Nine-Figure Salary?

If your salary per year is a nine-digit number, this means you’re earning a nine-figure salary. So how much is nine figures exactly? It’s a minimum of $100,000,000 and a maximum of $999,999,999. A nine-figure salary is rare, and it’s incredibly difficult to reach nine-figures unless you’re a top CEO.    

1. Data Scientist

Data scientists decide what questions their team should be asking and then work out how to use data to respond to those questions. They frequently create predictive models for forecasting and theorizing. They also work on spotting trends in data. They use AI and ML algorithms to enhance services or product offerings. Data scientists make more than $115,000 a year on average.

2. Information Security Analyst

An area with a large number of positions and job titles is the technology sector. Information security analysts are trained personnel. They work on designing and implementing security measures for systems and networks. They also study the most recent security technologies, keep an eye out for breaches, and instruct system users on security procedures.

3. Computer Network Architect

They run the foundations on which computer systems are built. Also, they design network architectures and strategies, pick network gear, and perform updates as new technology becomes available. It’s a technical job that often requires a computer science bachelor’s degree and professional experience.

4. Ethical Hacker

A certified ethical hacker is arguably one of the most significant roles in the technology and cyber security business. Still, since these hackers operate covertly, you probably haven’t heard of them. All sectors of the economy require ethical hacking experts.

1. Anesthesiologist

During medical operations, anesthesiologists give local and general anesthesia and keep track of the patient’s vital signs. It’s a good idea to start preparing for your future profession as an anesthesiologist in high school. To do this, one must enroll in advanced biology and chemistry courses and do volunteer work in hospitals. An anesthesiologist requires four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, an internship, and three to four years of residency.

2. Sports Chiropractors

Sports chiropractors earn more than $175,000 a year on average. They specialize in diagnosing and treating ailments connected to sports/athletic performance. They have experience developing treatment regimens that enable athletes to return to their sport more quickly and are experts in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

3. Periodontist

A dentist who focuses on the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease is known as a periodontist. In addition to being trained to install dental implants, a periodontist is a specialist in their maintenance and repair. These specialists are masters in treating oral inflammation but also manage trickier dental issues, including severe gum disease.

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4. Clinical Ethicist

To assist physicians, patients, and families in making educated decisions, a clinical ethicist must have an objective stance on specific medical matters. People frequently have wildly divergent but vehement beliefs on topics like cloning and stem cell research. As a clinical ethicist, you would offer a fair analysis of a situation to assist everyone involved in making the best choice.

5. Veterinarian

A veterinarian is a doctor who safeguards the health and welfare of both people and animals. Animals that are ill or damaged are treated, and diseases are identified and controlled. They also advise owners on how to take care of their animals and pets.

6. Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers are employed in the healthcare industry. However, they do not deliver clinical treatment. Instead, they focus on the management and control of healthcare and related organizations. These professionals, often referred to as health care executives or administrators, may create budgets, supervise hiring choices, and establish strategic objectives for a hospital, clinic, or other related institutions.

7. Proctologist

These doctors examine and treat problems with the rectum and colon. Patients may experience tears or terrible constipation. People also know proctologists as colorectal surgeons. They have some of the highest salaries of any profession in medicine.

Six-Figure Jobs You Never Knew About It

1. Airline Pilot

Before every flight, they check that the aircraft is entirely operational and secure and that the weather is suitable for takeoff. They submit flight plans and modify them in response to the weather, delays that arise before takeoff, and other variables. The other responsibilities of an airline pilot include communicating with air traffic control and checking fuel levels before takeoff. The median salary of an airline pilot is close to $135,000 a year.

2. Makeup Artist

A makeup artist enhances human beauty using cosmetic procedures and techniques. Its most basic form involves utilizing cosmetics to improve someone’s look by emphasizing their features and colors while concealing or minimizing defects. Extreme makeup applications can provide innovative characters and special effects for theatre, cinema, television, and other visual media.

3. Astronomers

They investigate the cosmos’ origins, development, and potential futures, including its galaxies, stars, planets, and solar systems. These astronomers research models of galactic and stellar evolution, planetary formation, and interactions between stars as well as develop and test hypotheses like string theory, dark matter, and dark energy.

4. Cruise Director

The calendars on cruise ships are packed with events, including sports competitions, concerts, trivia contests, cooking lessons, parties, board games, story time for youngsters, and happy hours for adults. Cruise ship directors make $ 65,000 on average. However, their salaries can go up to $200,000 a year or more.

1. Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers help to develop renewable energy sources, maximize the use of already-existing materials, and optimize the utilization of natural resources. They create systems and procedures for reducing pollution and eliminating contamination.

2. Golf Ball Divers

Golf ball divers are skilled recyclers who recover golf balls before cleaning, repackaging, and reselling them. They have a formal meeting with the golf course’s owner or management to discuss the job’s details before they start working there. Golf ball divers can earn up to $150,000 a year. However, it is not a stable income.

3. Diversity and Inclusion Managers

You will create plans to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture in your capacity as a diversity and inclusion manager. Developing new corporate rules that support the diverse group will also fall under your purview. You should know about labor and human rights laws to be successful in this position.

1. Business Operations Manager

To oversee departments and daily operations, every business needs an operations manager. Business operations managers may be tasked with various duties, such as employing staff, keeping an eye on finances, and creating long-term strategies. Anyone considering a career in business should give these attractive positions a second look, given the low unemployment rate and typical six-figure compensation.

2. Chief Listening Officer

You monitor all social media platforms to find out the social media chatter about your business. You then communicate client feedback, suggestions for new products, or complaints to the various divisions within your company. Chief listening officers must have excellent active listening abilities since they must listen objectively to customers and staff. These officers should be very analytical in assessing employee and customer feedback and offer pertinent advice.

3. Petroleum Engineer

This personnel is compensated well to assist businesses in safely and effectively extracting oil and gas resources. Many petroleum engineers hold specialized bachelor’s degrees in the field. However, those with degrees in other engineering specialties like civil, mechanical, or chemical engineering might also be able to find employment. However, some employers may prefer people who have a master’s degree.

4. Marketers

A marketing career path can take you to top dollars. Starting as a marketing intern you can go up to CMO, but already as a manager or as a director, you can make six figures. A director of marketing can make up to $150,000 a year.

5. Toy Designer

A toy designer develops and puts into practice toy ideas. Usually, he gets his inspiration from his imagination or observing another toy or product. A toy designer could be a freelancer, a contractor, or an employee of a small or big toy factory. Toy designers make more than $65,000 a year on average.

6. Training and Development Managers

They devise, organize, and oversee employee skill- and knowledge-upgrading initiatives. Training and development managers work in practically every industry. Usually, they have jobs full-time and interact with others frequently. Some people work over forty hours a week.

Are Six Figures Enough for a Comfortable Life?

A six-figure salary is certainly enough for a comfortable life. You’ll be able to cover your monthly expenses and plenty of extras. But of course, spending lots of money on luxury items can quickly eat into your salary. As long as you set a budget, you’ll live comfortably on six figures and avoid overspending.    

Do you need a 6 figure salary to build wealth?

Many hope to achieve the six-figure salary dream, but most do not. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for all working Americans over the age of 16 is $908 a week or $47,216 a year.  

The median rises slightly for 25 to 34-year-olds to $1,022 a week or $53,144. However, both figures are a far cry from $100,000. It is entirely possible to build wealth on a much smaller income. Building wealth is more about what you save than what you spend.

What is a Six Figures Job? Top 20 6 Figures Jobs You May Not Know

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